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Photoshop Key Terms To understand how Photoshop works and why it is important, it’s helpful to understand some of the technical terminology used in Photoshop. (You will learn more about terminology and other tools throughout the course of this book.)

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Changelog: Version 9.4 [Released October 17, 2018] Added: Exposure compensation bracketing Text wrapping with auto-constrain text option Better resolution options for exporting JPEGs and exporting multiple images PICTURES: Ability to export and export multiple images as vector layers in a single file Allows exporting JPEG pictures as SVG (vector) files with vector shapes SMOOTHNESS/SEPIA: Smooth filter added that can be switched on/off or set to a different motion and can be applied for any number of pictures in the same or different layers SEPIA: Reduced noise on high ISO sensitivity picture The amount of noise reduction is now controlled by a slider in the picture properties. So, if you dislike a lot of noise reduction from pictures at a high ISO setting, you can reduce the amount of noise while keeping more detail from the picture. Pro tip: You can also add a grain filter in order to get a different effect. ACTIVITY LIGHTING, COLOR TEMPERATURE AND CONTRAST: Added the new concept of an “activity lighting” in the picture. This concept will allow you to adjust the color temperature on the picture with many different settings. If you have an HDR picture and want to prevent that nice red-orange color temperature that makes the picture so interesting, you can change it. You can also use a slider in order to increase or decrease the lighting on the picture and adjust the contrast. CONTRAST: Added a slider to make the black-and-white selection of the image even more accurate LIGHTING: Added new types of light, such as daylight, regular room light and midnight light Added new settings for each light that you can adjust in the picture properties. For example, if you have a sunset picture, you can move the sun in and out of the picture in order to make the sunset look like it’s happening at a different time. TAB SELECTION: Many people like the idea of having a tab for each layer in the picture. They might be able to quickly switch between layers. Our new version has this feature as well. You can now quickly switch between picture tabs. So, if you change the active layer, you can also easily switch the 388ed7b0c7

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