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Note For more information about layers and how they work, see the box on Working with Layers. * * * * **Comprehensive capabilities**. Photoshop has extensive effects, tools, and other capabilities that enable you to transform your pictures into works of art. A Photoshop class or tutorial can introduce you to the many features that enable you to customize your images. * * *

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Packing a lot of power into a smaller and less complicated interface, Photoshop Elements is a powerful image editor. Every professional photographer and graphics artist should check it out, and try it out for yourself to experience Photoshop in a different light. PSD files are highly editable and open. They keep a higher file size, but are easy to edit by text tools. For an experienced Adobe Photoshop user, it is easy to open PSD files in Photoshop Elements as well, and manipulate, rotate, and crop them with precision. But if you are a beginner, Photoshop Elements might be easier to learn, because it has a much simpler user interface. You have to understand that a powerful tool won’t necessarily make your work better. If you are a graphic designer, and you need to Photoshop a logo, it’s best to use the local copy or the web version because it is faster. If you are a photographer, you need to print the final product, so having access to a printer is important. If you are a web designer, working in Photoshop Elements instead of the web version could help you save some bandwidth because it is a large file. To compare and contrast with other image editors, check out our comparison of Paintshop Pro and Adobe Photoshop. #1. Photoshop Elements is for artists who don’t have a Mac. Every version of Photoshop has offered simple graphic design features. However, the most recent version, Photoshop Elements 12, is designed with photographers in mind. Photographers need to see their photos in many different ways. For example, they need to view their final photos in order to print. They also need to see what they’re doing in the editing process and get feedback on the work they are doing. The last thing you should be doing is playing with layers to find the right effect. Photoshop Elements is ideal for those who want to edit and create images in a way that is more simplistic and enjoyable. #2. It is fairly easy to use. Photoshop Elements, like the other versions of Photoshop, is designed for graphic design artists. Like Photoshop, it has dozens of tools that can help you edit, move, rotate, crop, and add new layers. With Photoshop Elements, it is easy to browse and view your images. Instead of having to select files and navigate through folders, it is easier to click anywhere in the a681f4349e

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