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Whether you can use Photoshop depends primarily on your computer graphics skills. For most photographs, you can use Photoshop to crop, enhance colors, reduce colors, increase or decrease contrast, add special effects, and so on. Photoshop is much more than a simple picture-editor tool, and most beginners can get by with the stock version.

Photoshop Elements

Adobe’s suite of software including Photoshop has a new cousin in the form of Photoshop Elements. It’s designed to be a simple image-editing and graphics program for use at home.

As this edition of the book is being written, Photoshop Elements v13 (2012) is available. Though it has some significant differences from the newest version of Photoshop, it still competes with Photoshop in that it is a freebie and comes with a number of basic image-editing features, including the ability to crop and rotate images, fix flaws in photographs, apply basic selections, draw free-form shapes, and create basic graphics.

Photoshop Elements’ relative lack of features and steep learning curve may leave you slightly frustrated. On the other hand, Elements is an easy program to learn and use, plus it is free. This edition of this book covers the basics and has a few specially designed chapters for Elements users.

Producing a Series of Images with Bridge

If you want to create a collection of images, you need a good photo organizer. To organize your images, you can use Bridge (``). This software is included in many Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements products.

Like most image-editing programs, you import, organize, modify, and export photos by using layers.

In Bridge, you organize your images by grouping them together, just as you did with the same images in the Organizer. You can then crop them, rename them, adjust the colors of individual images, and do other kinds of editing to group photos together.

After you finish editing your images, you export them to your hard drive, the Web, and even to a CD or DVD (with the right software) using the same set of features that are available in other image-editing programs, such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements. You can also upload images to online sites such as Flickr (``) and SmugMug (``), easily creating a mini gallery of your work.


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