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# PC users When you open Photoshop CS6 for the first time, you’re taken to a “Welcome Screen,” as shown in Figure 2-1. You’ll notice the words “Copyright Adobe.” You’re looking at a screen that tells you what’s about to happen and informs you that you’re starting Photoshop CS6 on an NTFS drive, which is correct, as you’ll soon see. FIGURE 2-1: The first screen you see after opening Photoshop CS6. To close this screen and go to the program itself, click the File tab. Here you see an icon with a gear icon on it. Click that and select Exit from the drop-down menu. If you have some questions regarding what you’re doing or want to explore some of Photoshop’s features before actually using them, click Help on the menu bar to open a Help system window. If you don’t have Photoshop already on your computer, you can download it from Adobe (``). Just select the CS6 option at the top of the window in Figure 2-1 and download the program.

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Photoshop, by far, is the most popular editing application. It has more than 70% of the pie and the loss of that is a big deal. Photoshop is expensive and its features are vast. Photoshop professionals can cost thousands of dollars to hire a single employee to use the software, but it’s still the standard and you need to be on top of the latest Photoshop updates and features. There are also many free and relatively inexpensive alternatives to Photoshop. Some are designed for specific purposes and some are simply meant to be alternatives. With the variety of features available, these free alternatives are more than enough for hobbyists and photographers on a budget. Photoshop alternatives Photoshop alternatives to Photoshop are usually free photo editing applications which have almost all the features of Photoshop. Some are a Photoshop-inspired look, but they have many different features or offer additional features when compared to Photoshop. Here we’ll take a look at some of the most popular and popular photo editors and photo editing software alternatives to Photoshop. We will compare them in terms of features, pricing and overall quality. 1. Pixlr By far, Pixlr is one of the most popular choices of free image editing software alternatives to Photoshop. It has a simple and easy to use interface and a massive library of high-quality image editing filters. Pixlr has a really popular instagram filter that’s free, and even more free filters are coming soon. You will need to have an instagram account to use Pixlr’s filters. Pixlr is now available on iOS, Google Play and Mac, so you can use it no matter where you are. 2. GIMP Probably the most popular open-source alternative to Photoshop, GIMP is free and available on all major OSes. It’s also used by hardcore professionals. We’ll skip over GIMP’s workflow and explain it in more detail in the workflow section below. 3. PicsArt PicsArt is a photo editing app with many features that will appeal to photographers and graphics designers. It can be used on its own or as a Photoshop alternative. Some of its features include: create custom colors, brushes and palettes, layers, powerful built-in filters, and the Picasso filter, which can save you a lot of time when you’re creating advanced effects. PicsArt is easy to use. And remember that anything you do in the a681f4349e

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Brushes Brushes are made up of different sizes and types, such as erasers or pencils, gradients, stamps, textures, and various special brushes. Brushes are used to paint and retouch images, or to make various effects. Eraser brushes remove unwanted marks or objects from an image, and can also be used to create an artistic effect. However, you should use this tool sparingly in case you wish to remove something from an image. Pencil brushes are helpful for creating smooth, soft lines and details. You can use this brush to fill in areas that don’t have enough contrast. Other common brush types include gradient and texture brushes. What are gradient brushes? Gradient brushes are brushes in which the thickness and colour value of the strokes change, producing a smooth transition between colours. Gradients allow you to create various effects, such as creating marble patterns. A nice touch for a gradient is to use the Dodge tool (D), which lightens or darkens an area. This tool is used in such cases to add more contrast. You can also use the Burn Tool (B) to add sharpness to the image. The Gradient tool lets you create a smooth, soft transition between colours. You can adjust the size, opacity, and angle of the stroke by moving the mouse. How to use the Gradient tool Drag the cursor within the rectangle and adjust the colours. Use the Gradient panel to adjust the direction, and angle of the stroke. Use the Gradient panel to adjust the size of the gradient. Use the Gradient tool to create various effects, such as marbling, mottling, marbleizing, and snow. How to use the Gradient tool 1. Choose the Gradient tool by pressing G on your keyboard. 2. Drag the cursor anywhere in the image to create a gradient. 3. Adjust the gradient by using the Gradient panel. 4. The Gradient panel will open automatically. Use the Dodge tool (D) to highlight or shadow any area. Use the Burn tool (B) to lighten or darken a selection. To turn on the Dodge tool, hold down the Shift key. To turn off the Dodge tool, release the Shift key. How to use the Dodge tool Double-click the Dodge tool (D) to open the cursor and highlight or shadow an area. Hold down the Shift key to make the

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Windows 7 (64-bit) or 8.1 (64-bit) Intel Core i3/i5/i7 CPU (AMD equivalent) 2GB of RAM 10GB of free hard disk space 2GB of VRAM DirectX 11 graphics card DVD drive, CD-ROM, USB keyboard, and mouse Internet connection Installation & Support: The full version of the game requires a UK IP address. Changelog: v1.1 – New features: