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* **Basic** Photoshop offers several options for creating raster images. You can change the black-and-white of an image to make it grayscale or color, as well as change the colors to add shading. Add text to an image to add style to a Web graphic. You can even apply a graphic, or a filter, to change an entire image.
* **Enhanced** Adobe Photoshop offers more extensive options than the basic mode. You can add layers to your image and delete, combine, and move layers to create complex composites. The Enhanced mode also includes the ability to change color, remove objects from an image, and enhance the sharpness of a photo.
* **Professional** The Premium version of Photoshop offers several features that are not available in the Basic or Enhanced modes. These include very sophisticated retouching tools and a number of advanced layer-based effects that allow you to blend various elements together, such as text and graphics, add a spray of water or mist to your image, and much more.
* **CS6** Photoshop has evolved since the current version, Photoshop CS6, first was released in October 2012. Photoshop CS6 offers a number of different features, including the ability to edit an entire image (similar to the enhanced features in CS5) and a user interface that is as easy to use as a tablet, which has its own unique set of keyboard shortcuts. Also, changes have been made in the way Photoshop organizes its features and tools. A complete list of Photoshop CS6 features is on the Adobe website at

## Getting a Head Start with Photoshop

Here are some tips for getting a good start in Photoshop, including some tools and tips that will be familiar to users of the free GIMP and Paint Shop Pro graphic-editing software. Many of these tips are fairly subtle, and you may not notice any difference right away, but they will help make your work more consistent and less likely to have discrepancies.

* **Make sure that your monitor is calibrated,** especially if you’re using one with a variable screen angle.

You can calibrate your monitor with a calibration software program such as Capture One’s Focus Adjust for Macintosh ( or PC/Adobe Photoshop Elements for Macintosh (, or with settings on your monitor itself.

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This article shows how to edit images in Photoshop Elements 10.

Open Image

You can open any image with Photoshop Elements, but in most cases you will open your image in the Organizer. There are many ways to open an image in the Organizer.

When you open an image, Photoshop Elements creates a new image in your Library. This new image is called the ‘new’ version of the original image, so the original image is called the ‘original’ version.

The ‘original’ version of the image contains the original image.

The ‘new’ version of the image is the edited version of the image.

When you open a photo in the Organizer, it has its own ‘master’ version, which is the largest version of the photo. This is the ‘home’ version of the photo.

When you save your edited image from Photoshop Elements, it only saves the edits you have made and not the original image.

Editing a photo

In this article, we’ll edit an image with four steps:

Open the image. Edit the image. Save the edited image.

The image you want to edit in this article was named ‘dresses’. It is a colour image of a dress.

Open image

Select your image in the Organizer and open it.

To open the image, click on the image, then select Open in Photoshop Elements > Open (from the upper right hand corner of the screen).

To select your image, click on it in the Organizer. Then, on the image, click on the Open button (the one with the two arrows pointing downwards) in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Edit image

In this section, we will use the basic tools available in Photoshop Elements to edit the image.

In the Tools panel on the left side of the screen (the panel with all the tools), you can see the basic tools that are available in the Organizer.

There are tools for adjusting colour and white balance, for changing shadows and highlights, for correcting red eye, and for cutting and pasting.

If you want more features for editing your photos, you can click on the buttons in the left side of the screen to open the following menus:

Filters – With the Filters button, you can get access to over

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Using non validating attribute value with jQuery validate plugin

I am using jquery validate plugin and trying to send non validating attributes.
I have checked the documentation and tried adding the following code, but it does not work.
In my sample below
Show progress bar

here is my JS script.
$(function() {
$(‘.MyClass’).click(function() {
$(‘.toggleProgressBar’).attr(‘data-original-title’,’This is not a validating attribute’);


My JSFiddle


You can set the data-title attribute in the click handler.
$(function() {
$(‘.MyClass’).click(function(e) {
$(‘.toggleProgressBar’).data(‘original-title’,’This is not a validating attribute’).data(‘title’,’This is a validating attribute’);


Updated fiddle
That works because you are, which is often much faster than.attr()…


This is the Most Important Reason to Start a Food Blog

Samantha, my daughter, is in the first grade and she’s interested in food. She’s interested in everything food. She is at the starting line of taste, texture, and smell. She’s practicing crafting food from raw ingredients and making them into a new food.

It’s normal to want to cook, it’s normal to want to bake, it’s normal to want to cook, and bake. But to take it a step further

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Three Steps to Help You Organize Your Contact

Three Steps to Help You Organize Your Contact

If you have a contact management program that doesn’t sync to the cloud, you need to start getting in touch with your contacts and making sure that you get them into the right places.

Here are some steps that you can take to manage your contacts better.

Let Your Brain Wander

Taking the time to think about your contacts and plan for them makes it much easier to organize the information you already have. You’ll notice that when you plan ahead for your contacts, you can begin to make more strategic decisions in terms of which contacts you choose to work on.

Why is this helpful? Let me tell you. One of the main reasons why people lose their contacts is because they realize that they don’t have them on their calendars. Also, they don’t realize that the people they work with are often within the radius of people they can call.

Plan Ahead For Them

First off, start by planning your day and look at who you’re working with for a week. What time zone are you in? Do you have some time during the day when you’re feeling most creative and productive? Do you have a really busy period of the day that you don’t want to deal with?

Do you have more planning to do in the evenings? Do you have meetings in other timezones? Have you scheduled some time that you typically go off to do all of your planning?

Set Up Your Calendar

Then you want to set up your calendar to automatically add people to your calendar. If you’re not scheduling people into your calendar, they won’t show up in your task list. Another method for doing this is to use Gmail contacts to make sure that people are added to your calendar automatically based on their email or phone numbers.

Finding Your Contacts

You’ll find that once you make a regular practice of planning for your calendar and finding out who you’re going to work with, your contacts will be more well-organized than if you just start diving in.

There’s nothing like a Google Doc to help you plan ahead for your contacts. Not only will you add all of your information to Google Docs and then go through that, you can also synchronize them with your phone, making it much easier to work on your contacts

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10
Processor: 1.6 GHz Dual Core
Memory: 1 GB
Graphics: 1GB Video RAM
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 7 GB
Sound Card: DirectX9 or above
DirectX: Version 9.0
Keyboard and Mouse: Windows/Mac compatible
Supported Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Romanian, Russian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Slovak, Turkish 2021 Sustainability Report_Updated.pdf