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Query Help for Active Directory Composite Fields

I am writing a management GUI for AD based on the Composite Name descriptor. My username is
I’ve created my form with 2 combo boxes:

one combobox with
one combobox with

Next I’ve enabled the LDAP attribute userPrincipalName (which is at, ie the AD computer) so that the results in the 2nd combobox contain all the computer accounts under that domain, ie:

Finally, I want to be able to enable a button which will query the AD server for the nearest account according to the selected domain.
So the selection for the first combo box will then be:

I would like my query to then return the first one in the list.
I have found this link:

This is what I have so far:
$groups = “dom=” + $ComboBox1.SelectedItem + “,” + $ComboBox2.SelectedItem + “,” + $ComboBox3.SelectedItem

$users = get-wmiobject -class win32_user -Filter “givenName=$($ComboBox1.SelectedItem)+’*’+OU=$($groups)

I think my real problem is I don’t know how to amend this to return the closest value in terms of distance.
I can append the combobox selection to the $groups variable but that then returns all the local users for all the domains.


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Object serialization and deserialization

I have a class where I store some configuration parameters. The class looks like:
[DataContract(Name = “Configuration”)]
public class Configuration : ISerializable

This class is serialized/deserialized with a BinaryFormatter. During serialization, the Name property of the class is stored as a string in the serialization stream.
My question is, how do I have this serialization behavior during deserialization? I would like to have the deserialization to be able to look up the PropertyInfo’s using the Name property…
I have a class Test which looks like:
public class Test
public string Name { get; set; }

This class is serialized like:
var test = new Test() { Name = “Name” };
MySerializer.Serialize(stream, test);

Then, I would like to deserialize it like this:
var test2 = MySerializer.Deserialize();
var name = test2.Name;

What is the best way of implementing this?
I can hack this together using:
var name = test2.GetType().GetProperty(“Name”).GetValue(test2, null);

But I am wondering if there is some better way of doing this.


Have your serialized class contain a private serializedName field that is set in the constructor. Something like this:
[DataContract(Name = “Configuration”)]
public class Configuration : ISerializable
private string m_serializedName = string.Empty;
public Configuration(string name)
m_serializedName = name;
private Configuration() { }

Now serialization (both serializing and deserializing) has some integrity, because Name is not simply a string but rather a serializedName. You don’t need to worry about deserialization because

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// Package mltoken provides some utility functions that are about making
// Go source compatible with elasticsearch’s jsonml parser.
// TODO: Consider making this go-compatible entirely with the zip-layout
// the elasticsearch team is working on for releases in the future.
package mltoken

import (

const c_maxTokenAllowed = 255

var utf8RuneCount = strings.Count(string(utf8.RuneError), ‘\uFFFD’)

func maxErr(err error) error {
if err == nil {
return nil

msg := errorsMapping[err]
if msg!= “” {
return errorsMapping[msg]
return errorsMapping[“%v: %v”]

// UnmarshalText unmarshals a blob of text encoded by utf8Runes.
func UnmarshalText(blob []byte, wantToken bool) ([]byte, error) {
if blob == nil || len(blob) == 0 {
return nil, nil
if len(blob) < 2 {
// This is a generous error message because 0 and -1 take a lot more
// space than "Invalid utf-8 rune"
return blob, utf8.RuneError
if blob[0] == '{' {
if len(blob) == 9 {
const first = true
return strings.Fields(string(blob[1:])), nil
return blob, utf8.RuneError
if blob[0] == '