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If you are looking for to organize a baseball or a softball match, and you would like to bring a professional feel to the game, the most noticeable thing it's the scoreboard and Baseball&Softball Scoreboard can help with that. Professional looking interface The Baseball&Softball Scoreboard's mainframe is found under the "Control Panel" tab. From there you can manage the game's score just by simple clicks. There are no input fields, so in order to manage the score use the "+1" buttons and select the innings from the listed number. From the "Settings" tab you can change the graphic details. For example, upload the team's logos, pick a color, run ads, and even choose the clock's design. Also, there is a log tab that will record any action performed by the application. In case of mistakes or misunderstanding, the log will provide all information Quick and simple score manager To be able to use this tool accordingly, first, you need to make sure that you a have a projector. After the scoreboards were projected and all settings were picked, you are ready to go. During the match, any change in the score can be instantly modified by a "+1" that adds one point for the respective inning. Also, bats, ball, strikes and out actions are manageable and will be displayed on the scoreboard. During brakes, you can run ads or any video you want by using the "Additional Screen" and "Video" tabs for Settings. Easy-to-manage scoreboard In conclusion, Baseball&Softball Scoreboard will help you add the professional feel to any organized game. Just use your laptop, and a projector and the scoreboard is up in no time.


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Changelog: v1.0.3 (9/11/2017) * Tested and Works on Windows 7, Windows 10 and Ubuntu 14.04 * Bug fixes * Updated directions, included a picture of the inside of the case for a visual reference * Full disk encryption options now available in the Credentials menu * Export/import of keys now available in the Credentials menu * Added configuration file option for encryption * Last modified date is now shown when the list of users is refreshed