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Category:Battlefield (video game series)
Category:Video game franchises introduced in 2003Rebel soldier overcomes soldiers in shocking game of ‘chicken’

by · August 23, 2012

A rebel rebel soldier has overcome a pack of soldiers in a game of chicken. The rebel soldier was reportedly attempting to flee his army stronghold in Abidjan, Ivory Coast as the army moved in to surround the town. However, he met opposition on the rooftop of a building while fleeing the army.

Sometime during the game of chicken, he managed to take out his AK-47 and “play chicken” with the soldiers, who were waiting below. The rebel soldier, whose identity has not been disclosed, managed to escape the soldiers and got away. The video has since been viewed almost one million times on YouTube. One commenter even wrote, “Excellent man!”Q:

Have a second [spring-boot] tag?

We have a spring-boot tag. What is the difference between that and spring-boot2? It’s not clear how it should be used?


I think that the two different tags are about the same, but that you should use one or the other.
We do not really want two different questions that are about “spring boot”, but only one about spring boot and another one about Spring Boot 2. By the way, the spring-boot2 tag is also exists and also belongs on Stack Overflow as per the same page on Wikipedia that I already quoted.
Since we are now using Spring Boot 2, then the existing spring-boot tag should be “synonymized” to spring-boot2.


To be explicit: you should only have one spring-boot tag, and synonyms should be created to ensure there is only one spring-boot2 tag.


Compare dates with JS but not working

I’m trying to compare dates with Javascript but it’s not working. This is my code:
var current = new Date();


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