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The BGFAX application will help you send faxes from the command line and return specific status codes back to the user via errorlevels. Everything is driven by simple batch files making it very easy to automate faxing of purchase orders, memos, messages from answering services, etc. BGFAX can also let your bulletin board software accept both fax and data calls on a single telephone line. Your fax modem must have a feature known as adaptive answering.







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BGFax Full Crack is an application that sends/receives faxes from the command line. It can be used to send either analog or digital faxes via GQS or CCIR schemes. Communication protocols can be configured by a DOS batch script. The application can be used to send a variety of message types (including both text and graphics), can be adapted to use a variety of modern modems, can be used from the command line or from the desktop in any supported operating system and can be used with both Winsock and NIS servers. BGFax Product Key Features: Allows you to send and receive faxes from the command line and return specific status codes back to the user via errorlevels. BGFax contains a variety of options including: Support for modem faxing via the GQS or CCIR methods, both V.29 and V.90 (as well as custom protocols as long as they use the recommended V.8/V.11 protocol) A modem pool for global/local modems for each user Complex options and definitions for both text and graphic messages Localized display of detailed feedback for both external and internal faxes Unlimited number of simultaneously active faxes Unlimited number of simultaneous external modem users per computer Unlimited number of simultaneous internal modem users per computer Customized queries can be added to allow returning specific status codes from the faxes. A status list is included to help you keep track of where you left off during a multi-user task. BGFax is also a fully multi-user system. You can create users and passwords and have them control from their desktop just as if they were active on a modem-computer network. BGFax also includes an internal modem pool to allow users to connect multiple modems from any computer to their computer without being connected to a network. Once the fax modem is connected to a computer the number of simultaneous active faxes can be increased just as if the modem were connected to a network with a custom modem pool. BGFax can be run as both a standalone app or part of your existing bulletin board software. It was created to work with the Smalltalk based WebServerFlex. You can also use BGFax with an earlier version of WebServerFlex and WebServerFlex Open. WebServerFlex Open: WebServerFlex Open is an alternative to WebServerFlex with an Open Software License. WebServerFlex Applet: WebServer

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BGFax was designed to be a simple, easy to use application. However, it offers all the sophistication needed to make you a more efficient user and more efficient business partner. The dialpad menu is more than simple – it is very easy to use – and its ability to accept and modify phone numbers has put an end to frequent problems people have in trying to access those numbers. Anyone who accesses a PBX system via computer can now dial into that system using BGFax. BGFax allows the user to dial over a 128Kbps or 56Kbps modem with any standard telephone line. The program offers an easy to use dialpad interface to quickly dial into any number. Since the program can answer calls directly from the dialpad without any need to enter or try numbers, dialout is very fast. The user can also setup their own dialpad of characters that come to a special keystroke or button on the front of the unit. These digits can be used in conjunction with the program’s telephone extension feature. With BGFAX, answering services (answering machines) can be dialed directly from the dialpad using the user’s telephone number. This allows the user to save money on long distance calls by not having to pay to access a long distance carrier (a competitor of long distance carriers) who is not connected to the answering service. With answering services connected to BGFAX, the user simply dials up the answering service and goes about their work or enters a greeting. Using the computer system or the BGFAX program, the user is able to make outgoing calls directly from the answering service. The program’s file system allows the user to save both voice as well as fax messages. This allows the user to retrieve the messages later. BGFAX also allows the user to enter a call back number for a call that did not get through. This call back number can be dialed into the answering service when a message is left. For the computer user, the program permits the user to send a fax from their own computer. This allows the user to write the fax message and then send it to the answering service where it is converted into an analog signal. The analog signal can then be automatically sent to a fax machine or sent directly to the answering service. The dialpad permits the user to enter voice and fax data directly into the program. This allows for a customized dialpad of user selected characters. The dialpad can be configured with your own telephone extensions. Once the extensions are b7e8fdf5c8

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The BGFax application is a batch file executable that performs various processes related to sending faxes and returning specific status codes back to the user via errorlevels. BGFAX is a Delphi component with multiple features that include: * Comprehensive COM support: not only is BGFAX properly registered as a COM object and contains a complete COM interface that is easily accessible, it also performs various other COM functions native to Delphi. The application is capable of interfacing with many different native windows applications via the native window messaging model. * Built in status bar: BGFAX includes a full status bar which displays, among other things, your fax number, call-back number, date/time, error levels, etc. * Flexible call back mechanism: BGFAX includes a call-back system that allows you to have your batch file continue to execute even when it gets a special request. * Response time optimization: BGFAX has a very low response time even with complex jobs involving a number of chained commands and numerous simultaneous users. * Script file support: BGFAX contains a very complete file description system for easily scripting the application. Includes calls to a CMD file, various DLL and EXE files, and an HTML page that provides a menu for performing a simple search-engine to allow selection of a file description from a generated list. * Unlimited simultaneous users: BGFAX includes a built in support for up to 32 simultaneous users that perform in a completely virtualized environment. Each user is completely isolated from the others and can even be assigned to a remote location. This capability allows you to configure BGFAX to accept both real and virtual users. * Batch file executing on Windows NT, Windows 95, and Windows 98: BGFAX has been tested successfully on Windows NT, Windows 95, and Windows 98. There have been no known problems and no reported performance regressions with these operating systems. * Support for a wide variety of fax-server products: BGFAX is designed to be compatible with a wide variety of different fax-server products including WinFax (Quantix), Direct Fax, and Zixa. THe testing of BGFAX for this application has been performed extensively by our developers and the results of these tests have always been positive. * Crystal Reports support: BGFAX supports the reading of several different Crystal Report formats with the exception of Crystal Reports V7 and above which is not supported. This deficiency is planned to be rectified in

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This software provides a complete faxing application that includes the ability to transmit and receive faxes. It also includes a way to configure and re-configure your fax modem. Program Features: This is a fully functional faxing application that provides all the basic functions of a fax machine, such as the ability to send and receive faxes. It also includes an answer prompt function to allow reception faxes to be answered over your telephone line. There is also an internal modem for receiving faxes over your telephone line. To enable the Fax Mode button, you must have a fax modem with an SCTEL Adaptive Answering Modem. The Software is completely integrated with the Windows messaging system. Sending an email message will automatically invoke the BGFAX program and send out your fax. The program also keeps a log of all received faxes which you can print and fax manually. BGFAX also has a special feature where it will let you configure and re-configure your modem using a GUI instead of just batch files, allowing BGFAX to be used to successfully send and receive faxes even on windows 95 computers that may not have a modem or a true fax module. You can easily do this using the System Browser function of BGFAX. BGFAX also has an internal XML parser. You can parse and create tags from XML documents, or you can create your own XML documents and parse them with BGFAX. The BGFax program is very easy to install on any Windows based PC and comes with full and complete documentation. BGFax Cost: Price: $79.95 BGFrame – an open source project that will allow you to design and print your own frames for your personal photo wall. Frame Description: BGFrame is an open source project, written in Java, that will allow you to design and print your own frames for your personal photo wall. Each of the frames and framesets is built using CSS style display. The frames are animated for you to preview before they are printed. If you need to you can use your own images, or use our standard frameset (FS15) which comes with a number of standard photo frames (and many more) included. To use your own images, you just need to load them into the frames in the Frameset. Once the frameset is built you just need to print them. BGFrame screenshots: Frame Preview (Frame must be selected): Frame Preview (Frame must be selected):

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