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Organize all of your birthdays by account and calendar. Birthday Reminder is a free application to remind you of special occasions for you or your family and friends. Fully customizable Birthday Reminder makes your life easier by remembering your significant occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, graduations, and anniversaries. With Birthday Reminder, you don’t have to hunt down important dates and memories. You can also set reminders of your significant events. Birthday Reminder remembers all your birthdays, birthdays of your relatives, anniversaries, wedding, graduations and other occasions. Birthday Reminder provides you with a great overview of the birthdays and special dates of your relatives, friends and acquaintances. You will find it very easy to send a birthday message and wish a happy birthday, along with a gift. For all the family members and friends in your life Birthday Reminder will help you to celebrate birthdays and important occasions. Birthday Reminder is a free application to remind you of your birthday and your family and friends’ birthdays. It gives you a great overview of your family and friends’ birthdays and special dates. You can send birthday wishes to all your family members and friends. Birthday Reminder is a feature rich application providing you with great details about the birthdays and special occasions of your family, relatives, friends and acquaintances. It is a well designed application that is easy to use. Some of its features are described below: 1. An easy-to-use user interface 2. Save favorite holidays 3. Birthdays of your family members and friends 4. Birthdays of your relatives 5. Birthdays of the festive month 6. Birthdays of the week 7. Cross references and detailed information about holidays 8. Birthdays of your relatives 9. Birthdays of the month 10. Birthdays of the week 11. Birthdays of the festive month 12. Birthdays of the year 13. Birthdays of your religious festivals 14. Holidays with the US State and Country flag 15. Reminders of birthdays and holidays for all your family members and friends 16. Reminders of birthdays and holidays for all your relatives 17. Reminders of birthdays and holidays for all your friends 18. Birthdays of your children 19. Birthdays of your grand children 20. Birthdays of your classmates 21. Reminders of birth

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January 11 is Valentine’s Day! With this addin you can remind him and her on that happy day. It’s very easy to use! Just install the addin, import a sample text and set the trigger! (But don’t forget to send and get your Valentine’s card on that day, otherwise your valentine will get mad!). In this example I used the trigger “It’s Valentine’s Day” The addin was designed in a way, that it supports several ways to use it. Adding a new trigger: You can add a new trigger by clicking on the + button in the “add trigger” dialogue. Editing a trigger: After adding a trigger you can edit it. Click on it and open the “edit trigger” dialogue. Importing a template: To add a template with your own wording into the addin, copy the file with the name of the addin (in the.vsto file of the addin) and open the “import template” dialogue. You can use the automatic-import as well as the manual-import function. Importing a text: To import an text file with your own wording into the addin, click on the + button of the “import text” dialogue and choose the.txt file. The addin supports several ways to use it. To use the “up-down” arrows of the addin-window you can use the hotkeys Ctrl+1/2/3/4/5 or click on one of the buttons/lists from the file list, depending on the current context. This addin also supports the possibility to run macros by invoking the macro-editor (if applicable), the last used trigger and the last used context. The example for this addon is a simple triggering of a macro with multiple (return) code elements. On the right side of the addin there is another example with code elements (but no macro). Features: • User selectable trigger (or context) • Adding new trigger • Editing a trigger • Importing a text template (simple use) • Importing a text template (manual use) • Export: Export a template with user-input as XML or VSTO addin • Include in a Word document • User-triggered macros • UI-designer: Designing the UI-interface Regards A: Microsoft asks that these be used for evaluation purposes 91bb86ccfa

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Send Birthday reminders right on your users’ desktops and on Mobile devices. Track birthday dates, send birthday reminders, set birthday events and much more. Birthday Reminder features: · Keep track of birthday events and send a birthday reminder as required. · Birthday reminder page with birthdays for the past week, month or year. · Birthday reminder events for birthdays, anniversaries and other events that need to be send. · Birthday reminder events for holidays that need to be send. · Send birthday reminders and birthday events. · Free Add-on for Mozilla, Google Chrome and Safari. · Mobile version for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Bouncer is a powerful directory-based web management utility that protects your site from spam, brute-force attacks, and business customers with automated email addresses. Bouncer is a powerful spam-filter, which can run in parallel with your website. This program monitors the incoming traffic to your site and, if any malicious patterns are detected, it blocks the IP address of that IP. Simply install, configure, and set options. When you have a moment, simply glance at Bouncer and relax. Once your site is protected, all you have to do is activate the new feature on your site. Additionally, Bouncer can be set to log the user name of the prohibited IP addresses. Bouncer has been thoroughly reviewed by the community to ensure its integrity and security. The program is simple to install, easy to use, and comes with an advanced capabilities. Overall, Bouncer is the best directory-based web management utility we have ever reviewed. It’s free, open source, and a must-download for your website. Business Objects Business Explorer is a centralized data viewing application that allows you to interact with large amounts of data in an efficient and intuitive way. Business Explorer is an easy to use, data-management utility that combines reporting, dashboarding, and analytics into one application. Read, view, compare and analyze in a single application. Business Explorer is optimized for easy data access and provides a simple, interactive viewing experience. Business Objects Business Explorer allows you to drag and drop tables, analyze totals, and filter and sort data in real time. Business Objects Business Explorer supports a variety of languages and is available in SPSS, EBSCOhost, Kx Systems and TauData formats. Business Explorer is a customizable, data-driven solution that works in concert with your

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Scheduling birthdays has never been easier, and scheduling holidays and significant events is just a click away. Build your own Reminder Plugins Create the best invitations, greeting cards, birthday celebrations, and any other contact card possible.With our plugin you can build the perfect cards with an extensive range of holiday themes and backgrounds, or create a series of greeting cards for a special occasion. To make this simple for you, we have included a range of professional template and animated examples to get you started. Create your own themes Apply your own art work and share it with your guests. Or have a look at our fun and silly thematic backgrounds. We have a wide range of festive and special themed backgrounds for you to choose from.Build your custom stamps Share your own photo stamps with your guests, and create your own shareable collection of cards.We have included a selection of different photo stamps to help you easily design your own. Graphics options Add your own images, buttons and other graphics to create the perfect Contact or event card. Choose from a range of card designs A great selection of themes to choose from, including Merry Christmas, Happy Easter, New Years or Seasonal. The TIPSoft AntiVirus package includes a total of three antiviral utilities. In the case of this package, two of them are dedicated to the Trend Micro family of antiviral solutions. Trend Micro Total Security 2011 is a comprehensive antiviral solution that can detect and remove all viruses, such as MS-Office ActiveX, Flash Player ActiveX, Java applets, screen savers and browser add-ons, as well as any other downloaded and executable files and attachments. In order to ensure optimal performance, the utility offers the ability to analyze and exclude different URLs and URL types automatically. In addition, the product can minimize the time needed to scan a computer and can automatically update its database of quarantined malware. The second program included in the package, Trend Micro Internet Security 2011, is a web filtering solution that can block access to Internet content that is harmful to your system. The application can prevent the installation of malicious software by preventing system clicks on spammy links and URLs, plus provide you with the ability to block or allow specific websites as you wish. Plus, the application can automatically detect and block up to 1,000 types of malware. The next tool included in the package is the Trend Micro Windows Antivirus 2011. This program can detect and remove viruses, including the ones listed

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