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Clear Files is a small-sized and powerful cleanup utility capable of freeing up disk space to make room for new files by eliminating junk, unnecessary or unused data. It is backed by many other extra features too.
Portability benefits
Since installation is not a requirement, you can drop the app directory to any part of the hard disk and just click the executable to launch Clear Files. There is also the possibility to move it to an external removable device to run it on any machine seamlessly.
In addition, unlike most installers, Clear Files does not modify Windows registry settings, so it doesn't boost the risk of system stability issues.
Simplistic interface with numerous options
The GUI does not contain visually impressive elements, yet it is simple to navigate. You can view the Clipboard history since the app's last startup, clear Internet cache and cookies, as well as clean up browser components, such as URL history, cookies, ActiveX, and plugins.
What's more, you can examine a history of TCP connections, customize the Windows logon settings and theme in great detail, listen to online radio, ask the tool to automatically run at Windows startup until further notice, as well as back up projects and modules in another location for safekeeping (e.g. in case of data loss).
Evaluation and conclusion
Clear Files carried out tasks in reasonable time in our tests while remaining light on system resources, using low CPU and RAM. No error dialogs were shown, and the program did not hang or crash.
Taking everything into account, Clear Files is just not just a cleanup utility, but it also offers support for a versatile range of customization preferences. Make sure to take the time and explore all its features.







Clear Files Download For PC

With Clear Files you can free up disk space and make room for new files by eliminating junk, useless or unused data. It also cleans the Windows temporary files to make more space.
It also has a built-in FTP client to quickly transfer files from and to your computer.

App Features:

– Clean up email in the inbox, outbox, sent mail, drafts, and delete-all mailboxes.
– Delete personal files like old documents, music, videos, pictures, and other items.
– Clean out web browser cache, cookies, and history.
– It also cleans the Windows temporary files to make more space.
– Quick and simple, it lets you access the Internet anonymously and clean up the internet search history.
– In addition, you can view a history of TCP connections, customize Windows logon settings, and theme in great detail.
– Enable the clean up of File Explorer, Favorites folder, Windows address bar, Clipboard, Recent Documents, Recent Documents, Default Folder, etc.
– You can also back up projects and modules in another location for safekeeping (e.g. in case of data loss).
– You can even use the FTP to transfer files from and to your computer
– You can remove auto-play music, videos, and audio files
– You can use single-click to completely delete documents and other files
– You can easily remove Chrome and Firefox cookies
– It is safe to use because it does not change Windows’ registry settings.
– It does not require an installation. You can launch Clear Files from any folder on the hard drive or on an external removable device.

Due to a very small size, this file cleaner was poorly reviewed. This is probably due to the fact that very simple interface and no advanced functions. All we would like to see is more informative analysis of the program.

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Efficient Cleaner 6.0.90 — Cleaner is an efficient disk and registry cleaning utility, which
is used to remove temporary and redundant files. It’s easy to use and will speed up your
computer. It is able to scan all files in one click and then you can choose
which files you want to be cleaned.

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Clear Files Crack Free

With Clear Files all unnecessary and unnecessary data can be removed safely and without any problems. This is a very nice and handy utility.
Clear Files features:
* Clean history of operations and documents
* Clean status bar or title bar text
* Clean browser (IE, Chrome, Mozilla) cache
* Remove shortcuts, tools and other more
* Clear internet history and cookies
* All windows items (bookmarks, favorites, tools and folder windows)
* Directories, executable files, and much more
* Remove all open files
* Clean up Windows folder
* Roll back Windows registry
* Email

Clear Music is a very easy to use smart music player which can be used for any type of music, from any type of source, like CD, hard disk, and even streaming services. It is equally intuitive for both Windows and Mac users.
More features
The slick interface and its clear icons are easy to navigate and work in-out without any fuss. It has been optimised for various formats. You can control how much RAM Clear Music uses by managing settings in the left-right bar (up to 50%). It is also possible to have the program stop refreshing songs if it has not been moved for a period of time.
User reviews
So far, 4,500 people have given this a positive review on the Mac App Store, with an average rating of 4.5 stars out of five.
Evaluation and conclusion
Clear Music definitely seems to have a great potential, but a few of its functions may need some improvement.
Clear Music Description:
An easy to use music player with many playlists. This program works well with any kind of music. Use it to play any song, CD, or streaming music like that from Netflix, Pandora or Spotify.
More features:
* Remember the last moved song
* Control the RAM used by Clear Music
* Show/Hide playlists
* Add/Remove/Change playlists
* Play songs from the hard disk or add new playlist
* Clear the view from the keyboard
* Remote play
* Support more music streaming services
* Windows and Mac

CMAudioPlayer is a simple and efficient audio player that manages to be lightweight on system resources and of simple operation. It is also super easy on the eyes. CMAudioPlayer supports the following audio formats: MP3, WAV, AIFF, AA, OGG, and MOD.
User reviews
So far, 94 users have

Clear Files With License Key

Clear Your Files and Free Disk Space is an easy-to-use file cleaning utility that has proven to be a favorite among the editors at Soft Ware Today for its simple design and intuitive interface. Not only is it easy to use but it also features a wide range of features, including the ability to clean program files, cookies, temporary files, browser history, and Internet history. Cleaning files is quick and easy with this simple utility. You can customize your settings, use customizable templates, or perform advanced cleaning operations.

System Requirements:

This software is freeware and it has no system requirements.

Most Important:

Please feel free to write the SoftWare Today support if you have any problems with this software.

General Data Cleaner is a simple data cleaning tool for Windows that was specifically designed to reduce the size of drive data with ease. What’s more, it has a unique feature known as the Smart Cleaning System that automatically deletes all unnecessary data and unneeded files.
Portability benefits
Its simple interface (and at the same time, a rather high-tech one) allows novice users to handle the app without any issues.
The program comes with a small installation package, which, as before, can be placed on any drive without requiring extra installations.
Simplistic interface
The GUI lacks visual delight, yet it is easy to use. You can view every file and folder that has been cleaned, get an insight on their creation and modification dates, and restore the original version.
What’s more, this program does not modify Windows registry settings, therefore it does not risk system stability issues.
General Data Cleaner Evaluation and conclusion:
General Data Cleaner does everything it is supposed to do in an efficient way. In our tests, the size of the drive data was reduced by between 39.2 percent and 54 percent. The performance remained stable, and no errors were shown.

Your Name:

Evaluation and conclusion
Even though General Data Cleaner is very basic in nature, it does its job efficiently, significantly reducing drive space. However, the performance may be affected depending on your specific settings.
General Data Cleaner Description:

My PC Cleaner is a powerful utility designed to clean the hard disk on your computer, leaving it much cleaner than it was before. It is extremely fast, and therefore can be run simultaneously on multiple computers. What’s more, it has a variety of attributes, including the ability to delete temporary internet

What’s New in the Clear Files?

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System Requirements:

Windows XP or Windows 2000
10 GB HD space
128 MB DirectX
1 GB OpenGL
1 GB Free HDD space
DirectX 9.0c or later
OpenGL 2.0c
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