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1. **Open the** `05_Photoshop_Lesson1.psd` **file.** 2. **Arrange and resize the artboard to the size and proportions you desire, or pick the icon in the upper-left corner and then drag it in.** ## Using the Layers panel Photoshop can create a clean and modern look to your images. The workflow to do this is actually very easy. But it requires a little set-up. That is, first you need to know how to create, arrange, arrange, arrange, and arrange the layers. 1. **Make sure Photoshop is running in the Layers panel mode, as shown in** **Figure** **13-6** **.** If you are using Windows, you need to click the Layers panel icon in the upper-left corner of the Layers panel window (shown in the margin of Figure 13-6) and then select it for that view. You can also choose the Edit Layers mode in the File menu. If you’re on a Mac, just click the Layers button in the upper-left corner of the image area. In Windows, it’s labeled with a painting brush icon. On a Mac, the icon looks like the wrench icon (shown in the margin). 2. **Click the New Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers panel to create a new layer (** ******Figure** **13-6** **).** On a Mac, just drag down to add a new layer to your image. On a PC, choose Layer | New Layer. A new layer appears in the Layers panel. 3. **Type** Mobile **in the name field.** If you want, you can customize the layer by clicking the little padlock on the right side of the name field and then typing the new name, as shown in Figure 13-7, or you can move the layer using the Move tool. Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac) the name you typed to select it. To move a layer, hold down the Shift key and drag the layer to where you want it. When you let go, Photoshop creates a separate layer beneath it with that name. \(You can do the same thing with Layers panel icons.\)”), next. Figure 13-6: Choose Edit Layers mode from the File menu to have this

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To learn how to use Photoshop elements effectively, read on and we will show you five basic things you need to know about using Photoshop Elements. 1. The Import Process Before you can start editing, you need to first import the images to your computer. Steps to import images to Photoshop Elements The first thing to do is to select an image you would like to edit in the main folder. The image selected will appear in the content bin. Then click on the new image icon at the top of the panel. A dialog box will appear asking you to select the source of your images. Depending on whether you are importing from the camera or a storage device, you will have different options and settings. The fastest way to upload an image to Photoshop Elements is to use a storage device connected to a USB port. If the image came from your storage device, you will select the option to upload an image file to the computer from a storage device. The built-in CD drive will be listed as an option. Select the image to download to your computer. If you are using a camera, use the import option for images captured from your camera. Select the desired camera setting. Then select the correct destination. A dialog box will appear asking you to select the import method and destination folder. After selecting the source, the storage device or the camera, click OK to select and import your image. 2. Workspaces and Organizing The workspace in Photoshop Elements is similar to the workspace in Photoshop. You can have multiple layers and each layer can have different settings. To change the workspace, click on Workspace icon on the top right hand side of your panel. There you will see a drop down menu with a number of options. Choose Workspace, Folder, or Hot Corners. You can also change the workspaces by pressing F4 on your keyboard. You can switch between the workspaces by clicking on the workspace icon. Folders in Photoshop Elements By clicking on the New Folder icon, you can create folders for your projects. While in the workspace, you can create as many folders as you wish. By default, the image may be stored in a new folder and a default name will be applied to the image. By clicking on the down arrow in the upper right hand corner of the workspace you can add a new folder or move the 05a79cecff

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#[Basic Settings]: IPTC Information – Advanced Settings – Basic Settings

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