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★ Online Play For Two Players – A “Play by myself” experience is no more necessary. Online Play allows you to play with friends in both the 3D-rendered maps and the dungeons, enjoy the various game modes, and experience a truly new online gaming experience. ★ Play with Friends with Direct Connect – Enjoy the thrill of being with friends who are far away in the same world without having to wait. ★ Interactive With Friends and Simple Party System – When you play with friends on your own, you can do the same with friends who are playing together, even if they are in different cities. With the simple party system, you can form your own party and play together by simply clicking the “Join Party” button. ★ Role Reversal. Make Every Role Playable – The rules of Elden Ring are designed to allow every player to play every role. (1) Party Dungeon Battle – You can form an 8-person party and play the dungeons together as a group. – You can freely switch your party members, and even change the order of party members in the party. – You can choose the type of game you want to play. – There is no limit to the number of games you can play in a row or the number of times you can switch party members. (2) Character Ability and Skill Upgrade – The character advancement feature allows you to make your character more powerful. – As you level up, you will increase the amount of experience points that you earn each time you move to a new level. You can always increase your experience points, even if you have already reached level 99. – The essence of leveling up that you regain after you reach a new level is called the Gold. You can freely spend the Gold on upgrading the abilities of your character. This feature is called the “ability upgrade.” – To level up or upgrade an ability, you need the minimum amount of “skill points.” The skill points is gained by leveling up your “talents.” You can also gain skill points by using the “special talents,” which differ by the character you choose to play. – You can freely purchase or sell equipment, such as new weapons or armor. You can also freely purchase items that contain the essence of equipment, such as weapon, armor, and character gems. (3) Customizable Character Appearance – You can customize your character’s appearance by spending the Gold you earn. –


Features Key:

  • A Vast World Full of Excitement – Open World Map: Travel with ease between vast open fields and huge dungeons to discover threats and gain new abilities. – Downloadable Map: Navigate to the town of Laverine. – Dungeons: Having a theme with deep complexity that can be explored over and over. – Overflow: When you finish exploring a dungeon, proceed to the final room to reach the floor you were not aware of, thus revealing a secret dungeon. – Tunnels: Dig underground to gain new abilities and power up traps. – Boss: Fight your way to the top! Have a minimum of eight players. – Boss Power: When you are at the final stage of the boss battle, the monster displays its unique special ability and becomes more and more monstrous, and as it disintegrates, you are given a reward.
  • Create your Own Character – Fully Customizable Character: Customize with all the finesses. – Five Styles of Play: Different playing styles can be experienced by selecting one of the five play styles and changing your image. – Allies: Develop your companion and gain powerful abilities based on the combination of your four created companions.
  • An Epic Drama Born from a Myth – An unfolding storyline with four separate story lines that intertwine, illustrating our tale from the beginning. – Accessible story elements and key parts: A multilayered story is told in a manner that anyone can access without needing to understand the language used in the game. – Seven combinations of battle: During the battle, you can fuse and redistribute your energy among each of the four companions, and each companion can also grant bonus effects for the ally.
  • Unique Online Play that Loosely Connects You to Others – Multiplayer, allowing you to directly connect to your friends and travel together in real time. – Asynchronous Online Play, allowing players to feel the presence of others.
  • Epic Achievement Rewards – Story Mode: The main scenario can be played in one sitting. – Multiplayer: Take on the challenge of clearing a dungeon with friends. – Endless Labyrinth: Explore a complex maze with the power of three companions!
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    Choose your class and equip a weapon and armor. Use your magic and battle allies and monsters. Grow your pride and experience as you progress deeper into the game. StellarCraft Fusion begins. Choose your class and equip a weapon and armor. Use your magic and battle allies and monsters. Grow your pride and experience as you progress deeper into the game. StellarCraft Fusion begins. Art & Design Design Team Isaki Ito (Character Designer), Yukikazu Matsuyama (Character Designer), Yusuke Hasebe (Character Designer), Daiki Morimoto (Character Designer), Masashi Isogai (Art Director), Toshiharu Hongo (Director), Shunsuke Hayashi (Director), Shiho Takebe (Director), Nami Miyazaki (Character Artist), Mitsuyoshi Maekawa (Art Director), Hisataka Fukushima (Art Director), Hideki Kamijyo (Art Director), Atsuko Yamaji (Product Manager), Hiroki Okuda (Game Producer), Hiroki Ishiguro (Game Producer), and Tamaru Oono (Game Producer) CLOUD CITY EX, which is the Western localization of StellarCraft, is an action role-playing game in which players create their own character to explore a vast world. Rise, Tarnished, and become guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between in this new fantasy action RPG. Choose your class and equip a weapon and armor. Use your magic and battle allies and monsters. Grow your pride and experience as you progress deeper into the game. Choose your class and equip a weapon and armor. Use your magic and battle allies and monsters. Grow your pride and experience as you progress deeper into the game. ■ Game Producers Isaki Ito (development team lead) Daiki Morimoto (character designer) Yusuke Hasebe (character designer) Masashi Isogai (character designer) Shiho Takebe (director) Hideki Kamijyo (art director) Atsuko Yamaji (product manager) Hiroki Okuda (game producer) Hiroki Ishiguro (game producer) Tamaru Oono


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    anime(Katakana) Sep 9, 2011 QUESTION QUESTIONS ON “THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG” 1. How can I play this game offline? It’s possible, by importing. 2. Which character is stronger? For example? Their strength depends on their class. 3. Can I transfer my game data? Of course. 4. Will your game update soon in Japan? It’s possible, and planned for later this year. 5. Your profile description is a bit vague. Will it be updated? 6. What is currently being improved on? Things that we want to be improved upon in the user interface and game effects. Things that we want to improve the feeling of the game. 1. How can I play this game offline? You can play without a network connection. 2. Which character is stronger? For example? They have different levels of strength, but depending on their class, high or low. 3. Can I transfer my game data? Yes, you can transfer it on an external storage like an SD Card. 4. Will your game update soon in Japan? We plan to release the game in early summer, so please look forward to it. 5. Your profile description is a bit vague. Please show more detail. 6. What is currently being improved on? We want to improve the user interface, the feeling of the game, the UI, and so on. 1. When is the beta test plan out? Thank you very much for your continued support. Also, please let us know if anything is unclear with regard to the beta testing plans. (←→) What happens if the Japan-bound MC server is not installed at the same time the game is launched? I can’t do anything from Korean language installation. ○ 川本悠香です 2. After step 1, the option to select my PS3 doesn’t appear. (←→) How do I install Japanese servers. Do I have to install Japanese language support or PSN ID registration? Thank you. ○ 川本悠�


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