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A faithful remake of the celebrated game, complete with the original story and the same world. You can play the game without limiting your choices to the original. Enjoy the RPG-like features of the original and create a new adventure. 1. Customize your character and equip your weapons in battle You can freely customize your character’s appearance, such as increasing the amount of various stats and equipping unique weapons. Select the character and outfit that suits your play style. For further customization, you can apply white magical effects to your character by equipping the accessory shop. 2. Encounter a variety of challenges and encounter all sorts of huge bosses Using strong attack skills and clever tactics, you will have to struggle with huge bosses that are not only mighty, but also multiple. 3. Enjoy a rich story and experience the story of each character The story in this game is unique to each character, so enjoy the story of the characters you play as you journey through the Lands Between. ■ CONTENTS Main Character (Ja Eil) A young man who lives in the Lands Between. After he accidentally drinks the dark magic of the Mist Fiend, he turns into a demon. Elden Lord A young man who is the successor of the Elder Lords. Thane A successor of the mighty elder lord. A young girl who wields the power of legendary Thane. ■ GAME FEATURES 1. Customize your character and equipment You can freely customize your character’s appearance, such as increasing the amount of various stats and equipping unique weapons. You can also apply white magical effects to your character by equipping the accessory shop. 2. Create your own action RPG You can create your own story by defining what kinds of quests you will do or altering the order of the events. You can even create a storyline different from the original script. 3. A vast world where you are free to explore After you complete your adventure in the game world, you can freely travel to the neighboring world and engage in other activities.


Features Key:

  • Open World: A vast world where you can explore.
  • Three-Dimensional Environments: Environments that range from simple to complex.
  • Huge Dungeons: Dungeons of varying sizes and design.
  • Enormous Scale: Up to 100,000,000 NPCs and hundreds of monsters.
  • Customize your character.
  • Asynchronous Online Game.
  • Upcoming Events.
  • Key Features of the Mobile version:

    • Unstable Mode.

      You will still experience the exciting and action-packed atmosphere, but some elements are harder to control and may cause you problems. You should also be prepared for the chance of sudden rebalancing and restarts.

    • Online Ad-Hoc.

      You can directly connect with other players and travel together. However, it’s limited by the data that is available.

    • De-synchronized Content.

      New game content will be added only after the daily maintenance. Additionally, game balance and any issues with game data may delay the addition of content. It may change or be modified between the time of release and the time it appears on the game. New content will be added only after the maintenance.

    The game will be scheduled for the following schedule:

    Wednesdays at 11pm JST: Open for new players.

    Wednesdays at 2am JST: Open for new players, feature updates. New content can be added every week.

    Monday: Readymade & Statistics Update 

    Monday to Wednesday: Multiplayer Open (10th character creation)

    Thursday: Goodbye Group Open (10th group creation)

    Wednesdays at 3am JST: Open for new players, special game events. Your main class may be changed once every week.

    Thu, 26th Nov – Sun, 15


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    – 11/10 – RPG Site “In the world of Game of Thrones, the world of Lord of the Rings, and the world of Azeroth, don’t put that on your armor unless you are ready to use it…. If you like the dynamic visuals, you’ll like the character customization and the gameplay. Definitely give this game a look if you’re looking for a fantasy experience to give a try.” – 9.5/10 – Shadow of the Wolves “The most fun I’ve had on my Vita since Gravity Rush. The story is epic. The characters are interesting. The combat system is addictive and refined. And the multiplayer is not only the best online feature on the system, but a bit of a sequel to Mario Party, with its own set of mini-games.” – 8.5/10 – Siliconera “Throughout my time with the game, I encountered several instances where the music paired nicely with moments when I needed a little bit of a helping hand. This is also where I’d say the game’s biggest shortcoming is: the lack of a full voice over for the dialog. Until now, the only voice ever uttered was a soft warning of impending danger. But when I was genuinely surprised by what I was about to see or do, the lack of a voice-over hindered my immersion and I could only scream or shout out the dialog.” – 4/5 – Destructoid SIDENOTE: We are afraid that if you play through one player, the difficulty will be too high for the multiplayer mode to be recommended in the case that you don’t spend money to upgrade parts during character creation (instead of completing the game and then upgrading at 2K per month, you’ll need to begin a new game to participate in the multiplayer mode; if you get lost along the way, you can re-purchase the parts at any time), because there are a lot of enemies for the combat areas. BRUNETTE / BLONDE ## MAIN CHARACTER ## KAMUI YORI (23) – Light Armor/Heavy Weapon KAMUI is a regular young man from the class of the Imperial Army. He appears gentle, but he also has a harshness in his eyes. He is willing to listen. YASUO ISSHINO (21) bff6bb2d33


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    This is an online game. To play in the network, you must have your own copy of the game and be able to access the internet, or have the permission of the Internet Service Provider, etc., etc. This game is a free-to-play game. During the online game, you can purchase additional items by watching the “Magic Box” icon on the game menu. You can purchase additional items only in a certain period after the start of the server. Note that the price differs depending on your region. Any data that you have created in this game are limited to data that you can view. They will not be transferred to other games. In the event of hacking, unauthorised access, or misbehaviour by our users, we will determine which measures should be taken depending on the severity and on the will of the creator of the data. The special conditions for the players who played the game from the beginning of the service and did not have the chance to create the data yet will not be included in the above. This game is subject to the Terms and Conditions found on and the End User License Agreement found on Concerns regarding the End User License Agreement can be sent to our mail address at support@neogaf.com. Copyright © Nova Interactive Group All Rights Reserved. NOSL Copyright © 2015-2017. [Game name] and [game title]. Made in South Korea. As if it weren’t already enough that bankers and their


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    1 – Extract game with “Winrar” 2 – Install with “Innocent Cracked Game” 3 – Play and have fun *************************** *************************** In the mid-1st millennium, the world was gripped with the evil power unleashed by the shattering of the “Great Stones” that sealed the Abyss. The first massive earthquake brought the world to a standstill, the second caused the decline of great civilizations, and the third created a flood from which the world took great power. The world trembles and shakes as the Destroyer, the Lord of Decay, turns against the world again in the world where a creature named “Beast” dwells. -greetings- Story: The world in the mid-2nd millennium was plunged into darkness after the “Great Stones” that sealed the Abyss were shattered. The first great earthquake brought the world to a standstill, the second brought the world to its knees, and the third created a tsunami that brought about a great flood. The world trembles and shakes as the destroyer, the Lord of Decay, shuns the world once more. A story of the beginning of the end. System: An artful combination of action RPG elements with a fast, fun and free to play online experience. Our most important concept is to make the player feel as if they are playing in an accessible, charming world. (System specifications: PS Vita, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360)Portable electronic devices, such as cellular phones, personal digital assistants (PDA), and digital cameras, are becoming more powerful, smaller and lighter, and include more features. Such devices include internal electronic components that often generate significant amounts of heat. This heat must be dissipated to avoid damage to the electronic components and to maintain device performance. A heat sink is often used to transfer heat away from these components to an ambient air flow over the heat sink. Heat sinks are typically made of metal or a heat conducting material and include a mounting plate that is mounted to the device for contacting the heat generating electronic components. A thermal interface material (TIM) is typically used between the heat sink and heat generating electronic components to reduce thermal resistance therebetween. To effectively dissipate heat from a heat sink, it is important to


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  • Extract Elden Ring to any dir
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  • Done. Note: If you encounter any issues, check the readme.txt file inside the decompression folder.
  • License:

    Elden Ring is a shareware game. The game is free to download and try; however, you may be charged a small fee if you wish to acquire the game via purchase. You can disable this option in the help menu.

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Supported OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 Mac OS X 10.7 or higher Minimum RAM: 256 MB Java: JRE1: Java version 1.6 update 21 or higher JRE2: Java version 1.7 or higher Please note: Any previous Java version will not be supported. Minimum CPU: 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Quad 1.6 GHz Intel Core i3 or higher 2