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ExeDesk Professional Edition Free Download [2022]

ExeDesk is a powerful PC application designed to manage your multiple desktops. Choose between a Windows-like workspace or virtual desktops, organize your desktop objects, assign hot keys to your favorite applications and easily create desktop themes.
Create and organize desktop objects
ExeDesk lets you create new objects and organize these into various categories. For example, the objects can be stored in a desktop, desktop folder, toolbar, category, all objects, icons, buttons, text, text link, file manager, music player, web browser and media. You can drag and drop objects from one area to another.
Themes can be easily created and saved. Each desktop theme consists of desktop objects and adds a unique graphical treatment to the desktops. Themes can be linked to similar desktops and add an element of visual continuity and customize the appearance.
Hot keys enable you to launch frequently used applications without using your mouse. You can assign keyboard shortcuts to launch applications with a single mouse click. Hot keys can be organized in groups and global settings can be used.
Create and edit desktop themes
ExeDesk lets you import and export themes. Themes have additional settings and can be enhanced using skins, styles and fonts. Multiple desktops can easily be linked to a theme so that the same theme looks similar across desktops.
The tool has a simple interface that allows you to view the contents of each desktop, choose items and switch between objects without modifying the window.
Get more workspace control with ExeDesk
ExeDesk is designed to let you easily navigate between multiple desktops without losing focus of the current open application. This frees your mouse and your eyes from unwanted input.
Change the look of the desktop
ExeDesk provides a wide range of settings to customize the look of the entire tool window. Choose from over 150 themes, set a different background picture for each desktop, manage window positions, choose your application color and much more.
Change your mind and go back to the Windows desktop
You can easily switch to the desktop with the default Windows-like interface. You can also choose between the original Windows desktop or the enhanced version.
The tool also lets you control and manage multiple desktops at once. For example, you can quickly switch between multiple desktops and have several applications running simultaneously.
Manage open windows with ExeDesk
You can easily manage and organize windows using ExeDesk. Arrange and position the windows as you want. Drag and drop windows and hot keys can be used

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ExeDesk Professional Edition Full Version Free [2022-Latest]

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What’s New in the ExeDesk Professional Edition?

1. Virtual Desktop Environment
2. Create up to 9 screens
3. New Layouts, customizable
4. Add, configure, customize, rename, delete, create, lock and save objects
5. Create new icons or import/load existing PNG, PSD, PDF, BMP, GIF and JPG files
6. Add and organize windows
7. Access the OS built-in display settings
8. Grab objects from or save them to the clipboard
9. Send objects to the clipboard
10. Browse the system and customize the desktop
11. Interface with Windows files, including batch files, shortcuts,.lnk files, and HTML pages
12. Multithread application on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10
13. Supports Unicode characters
14. Screen capture
15. Dynamic icons, choose a theme, save and load
16. Open system registry settings
17. Display, set the position, the size, name and text of all icons
18. Interface with Linux files, including.xsession,.xinitrc and.desktop files
19. Compatible with Mac OS X 10.2 and later
20. Default border color
21. Multiple language support
22. Usage recording
23. Start / stop recording / graphically view (by clicking on a recording icon)
24. Export recording as either a.cue file or a.mp3 file
25. Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit platforms
26. Intelligent detection of MS Office version:
27. Non-supported Office versions: 2010, 2013, 2016
28. Configure how many icons should be displayed on task bar
29. Erase small icons from taskbar
30. Erase only the window content from taskbar
31. Hide application tray icons from taskbar
32. Hide application tray icons from start menu
33. Hide application tray icons from the system tray
34. Change the window color in the taskbar
35. Replace the default window color
36. Disable the taskbar menu
37. Disable the menu bar
38. Highlight selected task in the menu bar
39. Hide desktop menu bar
40. Add a second menu bar (right side of menu bar)
41. Lock taskbar
42. Display an animated logo and icon
43. Automatically display a fixed taskbar menu
44. Show a menu bar on the top
45. Hide the menu bar in the systray

System Requirements For ExeDesk Professional Edition:

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