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New to the FastReport report generation tools product suite, FastReport Server is a powerful reporting solution for creating, delivering and managing reports. It is used as the foundation of a broader Business Intelligence (BI) strategy by providing the most requested pieces of information reliably and securely” via the web or embedded in enterprise applications. It includes a collection of reporting services that addresses all steps in the reporting process: data access and report design, report delivery and management, portal integration and standalone deployment, and reports access administration tools. Designed for use on a single server, FastReport Server is the ideal small-scale report-delivery solution for all size businesses.







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FastReport Server Crack provides the means for you to create, deliver, and manage reports. It includes a collection of reporting services that address all steps in the reporting process: data access and report design, report delivery and management, portal integration and standalone deployment, and reports access administration tools. FastReport Server gives you the ability to access your data from virtually any database, data model and dataserver. FastReport Server Features: Built-in IDE for report design: Write an in-memory, efficient, specialized object-graph representation of a report definition and generate real reports with the ability to quickly add and rearrange pages, format options, fields and other elements. The IDE also enables you to test reports and generate resulting images of report layouts. Portal integration: FastReport Server can be used as a reporting portal for your business applications to easily view and interact with reports. Custom reports and dashboards: Each report or dashboard can be personalized by the user. Customization includes user profiles, dates, filters, and field names. You can also create previews of reports and dashboard layouts so that reports and dashboards can be viewed as soon as they are generated. Reports administration: Manage report properties, images, previews, and layouts. Reports parameter management: You can add or edit a report parameter to modify how report data is retrieved. Reports access, oracles, stored procs, and databases: FastReport Server supports almost all popular relational database systems, both open source and proprietary. It also supports as many as 8 servers. Support for multiple report engines: Report engine, oracle, as well as schema in object and file formats are supported. Extensible: FastReport Server is extensible allowing you to add new reports, or any existing report engine, properties, orators, or servers, and new collections, views, and properties. Database, ODBC and SQL dataservers are supported: FastReport Server is compatible with a large number of data sources including Oracle, SQL server, SQLite and the Microsoft SQL Server ODBC driver. FastReport Server can send data to multiple database formats: If you already have data stored in your SQL Server database, FastReport Server can import this data in many common database formats, including SQL Server, Oracle, OLE DB, DB2, Sybase and PostgreSQL. FastReport Server can also send data to ODBC and SQL dataservers. FastReport Server Pricing: FastReport Server Server $79, Single SQL

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FastReport Server 1.6 is the next generation release of FastReport Server. The report generation engine, shared source components and collaboration tools are integrated to provide improved performance, reliability, accessibility and manageability. FastReport Server also includes a broad suite of reporting services that makes it easy to deliver accurate, informative data. The e-report engine provides capabilities in report design, delivery and management to help teams produce accurate and timely reports. The APIs (application programming interfaces) for the e-report engine can be accessed directly from within.NET applications and other scripting languages. FastReport Server e-reports are submitted via the Internet or shared with other applications and web sites directly. FastReport Server is licensed for use in stand-alone deployments, on a single server, and as part of a FastReport Server deployment. A onetime license fee is required for each user – there is no annual fee. Support and upgrades are included at no additional cost. Core Reporting Services iManage WLC 6.0 iManage WLC provides a complete business office management solution that is web-based and has full Internet access. Business owners and managers can control their office from any Internet device and use the system to manage everything they do to run the business. Businesses can access iManage from anywhere, any time with a simple Web browser and password. An extremely easy-to-use system provides businesses with automatic electronic receipts and invoices, manages customer and vendor details, provides reports for daily and month-end reporting, and helps automate routine business tasks. Businesses can also give clients and vendors access to their client or vendor information via the Internet. With the ability to accept online payments using your credit or debit card, offer invoices and help customers with online payments, you can offer clients and vendors a wide range of services and make collecting money more efficient. iManage WLC provides a fully integrated and complete solution that allows both standard and customized reports to be generated in real time and which can be delivered by email. Customers can be sent a daily report of invoices received, paid or unpaid and whether any payments have been made on their behalf. Customers can also be provided with a monthly report of their current accounts receivable. The system also supports vendor management, for example giving customers an online option for making a payment that is accepted directly, to avoid delays. In addition, each client’s order and order history is available 91bb86ccfa

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FastReport is designed for use on a single server, regardless of the number of users or size of the business. In addition to the usual core functions, FastReport Server has been enhanced with features specifically targeted at small- and medium-sized businesses. FastReport Server is an integrated product that manages reports, views, portals, and multiple support tools for helping users produce, administer, and manage their reports. FastReport Server can be deployed in three modes: • Standalone: FastReport Server is installed on the customer’s server and is managed by the customer, who can configure report access and print drivers as well as manage his or her users, groups, printers, and settings. • Cloud-based: FastReport Server is installed on a server owned and operated by our partners. The customer interacts with their FastReport Server via a web browser, download a software client, or uses the FastReport Server dashboard and tool set to manage reports and user permissions. • System Integrator: FastReport Server is installed on a server owned and operated by our partners. The customer interacts with their FastReport Server via a web browser, download a software client, or uses the FastReport Server dashboard and tool set to manage reports, user permissions, and the FastReport Server settings. FastReport Server Products & Services: • FastReport Server is part of the FastReport suite, an all-in-one reporting, data access, and portal solution. • FastReport Server has three deployment options. • Standalone: A stand-alone FastReport Server can be installed on any server, using any operating system, anywhere in the world. • Cloud-based: A FastReport Server can be deployed in our cloud-based infrastructure or a customer’s own infrastructure, using any operating system, anywhere in the world. • System integrator: A FastReport Server can be integrated with any existing System Integrator solution to provide reporting capabilities. FastReport Server provides the following products and services: • FastReport Server is a report generation, management, and access product. • FastReport Server comes with the following reporting services: • FastReport Server Writer: a report-generation tool, based on XML standards, that connects directly to an underlying database or data source and allows for report design. • FastReport Server Manager: a reporting administration tool, based on a graphical interface that is used to connect to and manage FastReport Server. • FastReport Server Renderer: a report-delivery component that provides the capability

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With FastReport Server, FastReport is a reporting tool that lets you create and deliver elegant web-based reports with ease using the FastReport Report Builder, and the FastReport Data Visualizer. FastReport Server is the report and access management component of FastReport. FastReport Server enables information workers to gain valuable business intelligence (BI) at anytime and from any location. Its web-based interfaces makes it easy to create and distribute reports to users in their desktops and laptops. FastReport Server is an easy-to-use component of FastReport and FastReport Server is a true reporting solution, not merely a data warehouse. The report and access management component of FastReport Server lets you build, deploy, and manage reports from a single location. With FastReport Server, you can create reports using the FastReport Report Builder, and use the FastReport Data Visualizer to provide a common experience for all users regardless of their hardware and software configuration. FastReport Server is an all-in-one reporting application that provides a single point of access for all reports across a multi-tier reporting infrastructure. FastReport Server includes a web-based reporting interface called FastReport. This product interface is used to build reports in FastReport and then upload and distribute the reports to users in the form of PDF files. The PDF distribution format is familiar to information workers who use it as the primary way to get reports. FastReport Server is a full-featured reporting solution that delivers reports through a variety of delivery mechanisms and provides a rich set of tools and components for managing reports and administrators. This solution is available as a centralized installation or with a reporting service that creates the reports and distributes them securely. FastReport Server Components: • FastReport – the reporting engine that is used to build reports using the FastReport Report Builder; • FastReport Server – the reporting system with a web-based user interface for creating, delivering, and managing reports; • FastReport Administrative Agent – a fast, lightweight component designed to reduce administrative overhead while performing backup, restore, administration and reports; • FastReport Server Reports Security – A new set of authoring and administrative tools and features, such as reports security that provides an additional level of security for your reports; • FastReport Data Visualizer – A tool that visualizes the data in the report, regardless of the source of the data; • FastReport Report Builder – A tool to create reports with a familiar report designer. New to the FastReport Server product

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