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“In our interactions with the Professional Clubs, it’s clear that the most important thing to them is Total Player Control. In order to achieve this, they need a football simulation that is accurate and intuitive.” said Tobias Schlitt, Director of Product Development at EA SPORTS. “By focusing on the ball position, in conjunction with our partner’s tracking data, we were able to achieve the same attention to detail on the pitch as players experience in a game, but now with a completely new dynamic and nuanced presentation of players’ actions.” “The addition of the Total Player Control element in the gameplay allows the player to have more control of the ball and the pace of the game,” said Carl Martin, CEO of TOAD Sports. “The tracking data we provided to EA SPORTS was used to transform the player animations into more natural actions.” The new HyperMotion Soccer engine is a key component that brings new realism and player control, both inside and outside of the field. From out-of-bounds, free kicks and throw-ins to the ball’s trajectory as it travels into the ground; the player is in complete command in the new-engine player models, with unprecedented timing and physics. The extra speed also means that the player moves even more quickly, leaving the attacking players with more space to work and defenders with fewer options to challenge the game’s more agile player models. “FIFA is one of the world’s most recognized brands – and the most-played game in the world, with an estimated 100 million copies sold,” said Craig Duncan, Vice President and General Manager of Electronic Arts. “With fans and players regularly raving about how beautiful the game is on every platform, this technology brings that experience to a new level. I can’t wait to hear our fans’ feedback as they start getting their hands on FIFA 22.” The introduction of the new technology, combined with the impact of the Smart Coach, provides fans and gamers the ability to coach the way the pros do: pick play calling, make strategy decisions and best use of in-game tactics by training their players through motions and simulations. FIFA Ultimate Team players will be able to collect movement data from different player models to customize each squad member, in a new set of unique animations and skills. This also means players can better understand their game and, learn about their


Features Key:

  • Play Now – Join the best in the world as 32 clubs – including Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Liverpool – compete in 32 competition modes across four game modes. Realism introduces a range of new touches, including…
  • Contact between players and the ball – Launch stunning solo feats, or full-on clashes, as you’re able to mash an unbelievable 5v1, or side-slinger the ball into the corners. Improved ball physics ensure a more responsive environment, and the ball behaves like you’d expect a ball to behave in real life. Skills dekes, dummies, through balls, and longballs are included – not to mention improved traps and dodges that leave you expecting the ball to make…
  • The feel of real life – Dynamic, precise ball physics underpin everything, ensuring that the connections between players and the ball are all treated in a completely authentic manner, and movements are captured in the most modern way. You see the hits, the misses and the flicks that inspire the crowds – even if you’re still struggling to score with some of the world’s best.
  • Speed and skill – Every aspect of player movement has been recreated with high levels of precision. You move at a quicker pace, and players have more control over how they use that speed and control to adapt their playstyle to the game. Tackle, pressure and defend are just some of the new ways players can express themselves through their style of play within the gameplay area.
  • We caught up with the fans behind the scene to get to the bottom of how the beloved game developed. A variety of content like screenshots, facts and videos tell a glimpse behind the scenes.


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FIFA is one of the most popular, established sports games on the planet. FIFA gives you the chance to live, breathe and play as your favourite club, country or team, whether it’s the passionate world of football, the explosive energy of rugby or the spectacular athleticism of America’s professional ice hockey. From dashing dunks and glitzy goals to the never-ending torrent of dominant, insurmountable odds, FIFA brings the game’s most famous elements to life like never before. FEATURES Football — the Beautiful Game The paces, styles and unpredictability of a football game are brought to life in an incredibly authentic way. The physics of the game are dynamically recreating a true sense of the momentum of the ball, as players can defy gravity with bullet-punching, head-kicking and dashing dummies. Simultaneously, FIFA 20 recreates the frantic, “hop-and-run” style of the on-pitch game, and the tactical nuances of the pitch with key moments in a match recreated using a multi-dimensional physics engine that is more realistic and responsive than ever before. All Play Together The whole team is in the game, and they all play together in 4v4 matches, as well as in games of MyClub. When you play MyClub matches as a manager, you can encourage and lead your team to victory! Team chemistry and player-to-player intelligence are high on the agenda in MyClub mode, and you’ll be able to manage the individual performances and attributes of every single player in the squad. On the pitch and off it, FIFA makes it easy to pick up the game, play it with friends and feel like you’re involved in the on-pitch action, from fighting for possession and collecting the ball to heading a penalty and throwing in some tackles. The smooth transitions and responsive game-play keep you at the heart of the action and make FIFA a game that you can enjoy with your friends for any length of time. The Game is the Player One of the game’s biggest improvements is the new ability to follow the ball in incredible detail. Thanks to the addition of the cutting-edge Frostbite™ Animation System, FIFA allows players to see how and where the ball moves in real-time, rather than just as a static picture, allowing you to see the bc9d6d6daa


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Create your very own squad of over 350 players and challenge other Ultimate Teams, players from all over the world, in the all-new Club Battles and Ultimate Treasures modes. Partners UK retailer GAME has reached agreement to be the official retail partner of the FIFA franchise in Europe, having previously handled the franchise in the UK. References External links Category:FIFA (video game series) Category:Video game franchises Category:Sports management video games Category:Video games developed in Austria Category:Video games developed in Germany Category:Windows games Category:Windows-only games Category:EA Sports games Category:Sports video games with career mode[Vascularization and oxygen metabolism of the kidney in the late development of hypertension in the rat]. The growing body of evidence suggests that neuro-hormonal and hemodynamic factors are responsible for development of hypertension. In such a way, the role of the renal microcirculation in the rise of blood pressure in hypertension is of particular interest. In spite of frequent changes of systemic haemodynamics the renal arteriolar resistance remains constant. In different models of hypertension the renal vascular tone was found to be normalized. In rats with spontaneous hypertension from the Wistar strain, the blood flow changes in the glomeruli, medullary pyramids and cortical pyramids measured by the radiolabelled microsphere method. In the hypertensive rats the renal blood flow decreases in glomeruli, reno-medullary pyramids, but it increases in the cortical pyramids. It has been shown in the same study that the activity of antioxidant enzymes is disturbed in the arterioles of hypertensive animals. The disturbances in antioxidant enzymes activity in the kidney of hypertensive animals depend on the type of pathomechanism involved in the genesis of hypertension. In the kidneys of Wistar rats with hypertensive strain the activity of catalase was decreased and superoxide dismutase activity was enhanced. In the kidney of Spontaneous Hypertensive rats hyperactivity of superoxide dismutase and depressed activity of catalase were observed. Therefore, hypertension in rats with various models is accompanied by increased oxidative stress in the kidney. is a fundamental right to preserve one’s life, and yet the Supreme Court has ruled that a separate Indiana statute places an unconstitutional burden on the right to life. The defendant, Todd Beamer, wanted to run away from his lover after learning he was


What’s new:

  • Create your own club from scratch and progress it through the international divisions all the way to the World Cup final. Build your own stadium, kit and squad. Choose your fans and your crest.
  • The ways to enter the tournament have been updated for the first time since 2006, and teams now earn points based on their performance in their previous World Cup campaigns.
  • Longer European Championships: The length of the UEFA competitions will now be 22 matches, the maximum length for any competition in FIFA 20.
  • Goalkeeper traps – often an overlooked skill in the past, F22 will now feature goalkeeper traps (when the goalkeeper commits two fouls within 0.5 seconds of each other.)
  • New Goals: New types of goals have been introduced, based on the penalty taker’s style of shooting, including penalty takers scoring from long and short distances.
  • New Pass System: The new pass system in FIFA 22 takes players’ ball skills, ball control, creativity and timing into account when building a pass. Passes made under pressure have more intelligence, ball fakes get rid of the pressure on defenders.
  • New Agent Testimonials have been added to the leaderboards in Career mode, showing you what your matches looked like when systems and tactics were improved.
  • You can now switch to your Pro Coaches in Champions League and FA Cup games where they can give you tactical feedback.


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Available Now FIFA22 is the most authentic soccer experience to date, featuring cutting-edge gameplay innovations, commentary from real-life soccer experts, and new ways to play. Key Features – For the first time, universal attributes, skills and attributes are represented in the game’s Player Intelligence; players have faces, ages, hair and skin tones, and clothing. – Overhauled Player Animation System and Player Trajectory System brings real-world skill development to life, and impacts player movement and positioning, as well as appearances when in possession. – New Pass, Shoot, and Dribble mechanics give players more control, with more authentic on-pitch movement. – New Player AI will create league-leading tactics, and learn the tactics and strategies of you to attempt to win the game. – New Everything Modes: The 2v2 Mode features a larger pitch, multiple cues, and new tech. The 3v3 Mode is a new way to play online against other teams. And the Combos Mode is like a jigsaw puzzle that challenges you to figure out how the ball will move. – Unified Player Traits and Customizations. Use Traits to unleash characteristics to change your play style. Use Customizations to make your team look more like your own and more like your favorite players. Commentary from Real-Life Soccer Experts – New Commentators from all around the world add to the authenticity of the game. Commentary from Real-Life Soccer Experts – New Commentators from all around the world add to the authenticity of the game. Modding tools – Unmatched modding tools. Create, play, share, and trade mods using any available FIFA22 DLC. Modding tools – Unmatched modding tools. Create, play, share, and trade mods using any available FIFA22 DLC. New Game Engine – FIFA 22 features the new engine, which delivers a new interactive mesh surface that changes shape to adapt to the state of play and each step on the pitch. New Authentic Stance System – Every player will have unique feet, and different take on the ball, depending on what position they are in. New Authentic Stance System – Every player will have unique feet, and different take on the ball, depending on what position they are in. Innovative All-New Game Modes – New and enhanced game


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