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For players of all levels, including children with cerebral palsy, children with autism and veterans struggling with injuries, the introduction of HyperMotion Technology is expected to increase game performance by reducing the need for gameplay assists and simplifying controls.

Now, the standard motion-capture suits will be replaced with an enhanced version of the suits that can detect and report any abnormal movements a player may experience. This advanced version of the suits is expected to be available for purchase in June 2016. For more information on this technology, players can check out or contact FIFA Customer Care on 1-877-558-6567.

The new motion capture suits will also be coming to the most popular team kits. “With the progress of technology over the past few years, the new captures can be used in team kits across FIFA products and teams,” said Wolfgang Slomka, Technical Director. “So the most popular player suits – and the full team kits – will be available for players to use in the 2016 season of FIFA.”

Last month, the Best FIFA FIFI Awards, the global competition run by FIFA that honors the best national teams and individual players of the previous year, announced that it has added a new award category that honours the most exceptional FIFA franchise.The FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is a popular feature of FIFA 15 and FIFA 16 – the chance to create and collect footballers to build the ideal squad and compete in games online. This year, EA Sports has opened up the voting process to the entire gaming community by launching the FIFA Ultimate Team Cup. The public vote closes on August 23rd and the winner will be crowned the 2015 FIFA FUT Best Franchise of the Year.The three categories for the FUT Best Franchise of the Year include Best FIFA Mobile, FIFA Classic, and Best FUT Mobile. The winner will also receive a trip to Austria to attend a special media conference hosted by BERBANKS, executive vice president and managing director of FIFA. The winner will be announced during the Best FIFA Football Awards ceremony on September 2nd.The vote for the category Best FIFA FUT Mobile is now open, so make sure to vote for your favorite FIFA Ultimate Team squad! The mobile market has been heating up in recent years, with the number of apps available growing tremendously. The FIFA franchise has been a mainstay in the market for as long as EA Sports has been around, and with the release


Features Key:

  • A whole new ball physics system, AI and control make dribbling and playing off the ball more realistic and agile. Ball movement has been re-engineered for a more intelligent, unpredictable and adaptable soccer ball behavior.
  • Rebuilt kit, animations and visual effects make players come to life through a ground-breaking new toolkit with dramatic new lighting and environments, authentic crowd and emotions.
  • Master the movement of players, no two match-day’s are the same. Choose your formation to move and change your tactics in real-time on match-day. Want to see the last defender slip the ball to the front man? Do it. Want to counter attack before the keeper gets a look at the shot? Do it.
  • FIFA 18 The Journey gets enhanced with the option to choose your own path from the youth to the pros. You can create your unique player or have your guy play out the entire Journey with the freedom to call out free agents, trades, retire or face different challenges.
  • Re-designed tactics brings a whole new dimension to football. From defensive presses and counter-attacking, to creating those new XIs and switching up the formation from the comfort of your own couch.


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Only in 2K Pro Basketball are you given the full NBA experience.Q:

ST_Intersection is returning the wrong value?

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FROM gis_areal
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This returns the following fieldset:

Which is incorrect because the values should be like so:

Why would the second intersection fieldset return such a different set of points?


This is likely happening because the linestring has two distinct linestrings in it – you can see it clearly as the first linestring starts at (2000,0) and has no end but the second starts at (2010,0) and ends at (2020,0)
The first linestring is being ignored by the server and is not being excluded from the overlap.
To fix this you can try using a bounding box to define the extent or alternatively, change the linestring to be only one linestring by deleting the second portion of the linestring.
If you need more detail about linestrings here is the documentation.

Validating an instrument to measure depression in Chinese older people: development and validation.
Depression is a major problem for older people. Although a limited number of studies have reported on the prevalence of depression and the validity of the instruments used to measure depression in older Chinese people, little information is available regarding the psychometric properties of the Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS) among the Chinese population. The present study focused on the development and validation of an instrument that measures depression in older Chinese people. The GDS was developed in the United Kingdom. The study sample included older people in Singapore and the United States (mean age 73 years). Psychometric properties of the GDS were examined through the use of


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FIFA Ultimate Team returns for FIFA 22, with new ways to build and play with the coveted, customizable collection of FUT players and their premium content, including the new Champions League squad and packs and new ways to create and play with your Ultimate Team. Developed specifically for FIFA Online Live, FUT gives you access to all FUT players and new content every season. Not only can you earn gold by playing matches, you can now buy packs of Ultimate Team cards. Enjoy new ways to manage and progress your FUT Ultimate Teams.

Addicting gameplay that combines your instinctive skills with real-world attributes and responsive controls. Take your first steps as a footballer, experience the speed and intensity of the game, and master the skills needed to play FIFA 22 like never before.

Dynamic, intuitive gameplay – Avoid defenders, make decisive passes and get in the right position to score. The pitch is more responsive, the ball feels lighter and the best players move like lightning.

Real Player Movements – Experience authentic movements and feel as the ball is something you can control.

FIFA Skill Stick – Turn the game in your hands for a more responsive, accurate and fun gameplay. Move your team around with a precision movement on the pitch.

Intuitive, easy controls – A simple stick makes controlling the ball easy and fun. Uncover new ways to bring the team to success.

Variety – Enjoy the freedom of creating your own style of play using unique dribble techniques as you combine moves and variations during the match.

Reflections – Take advantage of the new system that replays your moves on the pitch during gameplay.

TenFIVAX – The all-new TenFIVAX system brings back the true global experience: enjoy a variety of options to play your favorite match.

FIFA 22 presents the most realistic and authentic soccer experience in the franchise. With improved animations, momentum-based ball control, new match-day emotions and reactions, and fully voiced commentary, FIFA 22 delivers the most enhanced sports gameplay experience ever.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the official Call of Duty title in which you can choose from many exciting characters, and your goal is to save the real world in the midst of the war against possible threats. This unique gameplay design includes all new settings such as in the desert or in the mountains of Afghanistan, as well as at sea. All of this makes you feel as if you are at the center of


What’s new: