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That data is then used to provide an AI-driven intelligence, which allows the simulator to know more about every specific situation, when the player can be tripped, when he could be dispossessed or when a free-kick could be directed in a specific direction.

We got a chance to play with the new AI-powered features of FIFA 22 at EA’s Menomonee Falls campus in Wisconsin.

The new HyperMotion Technology gameplay elements are available in-game during gameplay in offline or online modes.

An off-ball AI

The off-ball AI is able to make a quick judgement on which player is the most likely to be targeted, based on numerical and situational factors.

Off-ball AI knows where to go

“Off-ball intelligence can quickly calculate which team is most likely to try and exploit the opposite side; who’s likely to try to take the direct pass; who’s likely to join in; and so on,” says Dr. Carl Olson, executive producer of FIFA.

If the AI thinks a specific player is most likely to be targeted by the opposite team, it will deviate from its average run and try and find a teammate, based on what that data tells it.

The off-ball AI also anticipates where the ball is likely to go. In this way, it’s like any passing football team, and the AI can tell when it’s time to look to make a play on the ball, or to make an off-ball run.

Off-ball AI makes analysis decisions in milliseconds

“The off-ball AI is fully reactive to what’s happening on the pitch, and its decisions are made in milliseconds,” says Olson.

The off-ball AI can, of course, also influence the decisions of the opposition players by making good runs and positioning decisions.

Offline and online AI

FIFA 22 introduces offline and online AI players for the first time. Offline AI is only available when a match is in online mode, and online AI is available when a match is being played online.

Online AI does not feed off player statistics or match performance. It’s a completely new AI set-up, with an emphasis on defensive tactics and pass blocking that adapts to the strengths and weaknesses of both teams.

Offline AI can be enabled at any time when playing offline, and it


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • New Career Mode – On the pitch, live out the career of your dreams as a manager or player, and conduct your own transfer market in a matchday environment.
  • New Touch-Mimic Receiving – Hold the football more naturally with receiving done with a large receiving zone, which enables you to receive the ball any which way, any time.
  • 5-Second Interception – Choose one of two new high-pressure passing animations.
  • Enhanced Player Feedback – Real-life feedback into gameplay.
  • Interactive Goalkeepers – Keep calm at the goal and intuit the best decision and execution with smarter goalkeepers.
  • New Prokicks – Quick, accurate, and precise kicks allow you to dominate possession and open up passing lanes.
  • New Pro Passing – Smarter, more consistent passing in tight spaces, and greater diversity of passing styles
  • Improved Player Control – Balancing power and grace, player control systems have been boosted to allow for much more precise and smart dribbling.
  • Intuitive Controls – FIFA 22 controls in a familiar and stable base with a refined, new tackle mechanic and natural dribble. More intuitive controls give you greater success in FIFA 22.
  • Seamless Connection – Improved connection to the game world and more smooth gaming.
  • All-new Hyper-Realistic Motion Capture – Complete, full-intensity matches driven by real-world measurements, delivering true-to-life reactions, running, tackling, and more.
  • Adjustable Difficulty Levels – Easily switch the game to easy, normal or hard settings to quickly adjust how your player will adjust to the new FIFA engine.
  • New Brilliance Graphics – Create your style on the pitch with clean, smooth visuals in a stunning 3D stadium.
  • Modern User Interface – More intuitive menus, more intuitive play and easy access to all game features.
  • Enhanced World Class Commentary – Intelligent and meaningful sound cues and quality commentary by multiple acclaimed commentators.


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The OFFICIAL videogame of football! FIFA is the original football experience. FIFA has become the number one sports title in history, with hundreds of millions of players across more than one billion registered accounts. FIFA delivers authentic, high-paced, strategic football just like the World’s Game. Featuring cutting-edge gameplay, revolutionary match-day and crowd emotions, and spectacular goals, FIFA is the sports game experience that most closely replicates the drama, competition and pure entertainment of the beautiful game.


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The official videogame of football – FIFA is the original football experience. FIFA has become the number one sports title in history, with hundreds of millions of players across more than one billion registered accounts. With FIFA, you can experience real football passion like never before.

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You’ll have access to over a million Ultimate Team players in FIFA 22. Interact with them, trade with them, and compete with them in mini games and special tournaments. The more you play and interact with players, the more you’ll unlock. Every match also provides some clues about player potential. It’s all about teamwork and chemistry!

Dream League Soccer:
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MANAGER CAMPAIGN – Designed specifically for soccer fans, FIFA 22 lets you live out your dream of managing a soccer club, or competing in the best soccer competition in the world, the FIFA World Cup™. You can live your dream on and off the pitch, starting with small-time matches in the lowest divisions and rising to bigger club competitions as you do well on the field. And you’ll have the chance to represent your country in the ultimate soccer competition as you compete with other best FIFA managers from around the world.

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What’s new in Fifa 22: