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The first element of the technology is “evolved Stamina Management,” which includes a new stamina-based behaviour that affects the way a player, when damaged, slows down, leans or gets checked in the air. This allows players to conserve their energy, making them more aggressive in challenges at the last possible moment, and less hesitant to tussle with the ball carrier in open spaces. The second element is “Evolved Tactics,” which sees teams now able to manipulate the ball at different times, with the ball carrier losing possession when a defensive player pushes him to the ground or when the player brings the ball down to himself. A new “Strength Verification” feature allows players to test the strength and resilience of their players by forcing them to perform a specific, unique challenge, a process FIFA players have described as “Possum,” and which is inspired by the real-life “The Possum Challenge.” If successful, players will gain strength which can be applied to their subs in their next game. The feature is also included in the “Possum Challenge,” which allows players to win instant stamina upgrades based on performance. “Whirlwind Possum!” allows players to win a swift stream of stamina upgrades, while “Possum on the Couch” sees players gaining stamina after failing the challenge. An “added emphasis” on tactical skill and intelligence has also been implemented, which allows players to pass the ball before they are under pressure when their teammates are in trouble. “Eye Technique” will also let players move the ball when they are under pressure by looking for a precise angle of pass, and “Sharp Gaps” will allow players to pass the ball quickly in tight spaces. “New animations” have been designed to improve the movement and collisions of players, which are described as “more realistic.” “Improved” “execution animations” will also allow players to play longer, more dynamic and aggressive passes and dribbles. As for gameplay changes, “Backheel Touches” has been improved, which now includes more behaviours, and sees players more often backheeling the ball after bumping into the keeper or another player. Pivots have also been improved, which now increase explosively, can be performed with more intention and while being heavily pressed, and can be a perfect exit for a player in trouble.


Features Key:

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Easier play control
  • More intense & accurate ball control
  • Packed with challenges
  • Boot/Boot Camp – a new free to play mode where you get to pick your ideal teammates, discover new countries and play a beautifully balanced football match.

More than just a sports game

  • A brand new dynamic Global Replays system that accurately determines your accuracy with the ball
  • Dynamic new animations throughout the game – making your shots fly further and strike harder
  • Fluid animations throughout the game – unique to your Pro including: Voluntary Movement, Impact and Explosion
  • Impressive crowd system! Walk the streets of the Premier League and show the world why you’re the greatest
  • A realistic 3D world that plays to the largest stadiums
  • Revolutionary new Time Trial Goals – challenging, precise and more realistic goals
  • Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Connection

How to get started

The launch edition starts in Shanghai where David is aiming to become FA Football World Player of the Year. From there, David takes to the pitch to perform a series of stunning tricks, midfield plays, and overhead kicks. Then, David begins his journey through the FIFA Journey.


Discover the FIFA Journey Mode

Show your friends how good you are with the new FIFA Journey Mode – featuring:

  • The best created player in the world – Peter Rufus Duber
  • Kylian Hazard
  • Enzo Amore
  • César Arias


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EA SPORTS FIFA is the world’s leading football simulation. Whether you play on your PlayStation, Xbox 360 or PC, FIFA allows you to create your own unique Virtual Athlete, take on rival players in unique online leagues, or just take part in a live online game. FIFA’s award-winning career mode offers true-to-life progression, while online leagues and tournaments provide unrivalled competition. Based on the award-winning “FIFA 12” game, EA SPORTS FIFA 22 will see the game hit the heights of human performance. With new features, content and modes, FIFA is the definitive global football experience. For more information on FIFA, please visit: The next gen FIFA games, including FIFA 22, will continue to be powered by the award-winning Frostbite game development engine. FIFA® and FIFA Street™ can be played in a variety of ways and for as long as you like. Customize your Player, select your Team and compete head-to-head against your friends in online games, or show them what you’re made of against the FIFA Network. Compete in official FIFA online games for the chance to be included in the FIFA Ultimate Team™ contest. Earn items for your Ultimate Team™ by playing in Weekly Challenges as well as by winning Ranked Matches and Tournaments. Purchase items and tools for your FIFA Career in the EA SPORTS™ FIFA Premium Store. EA SPORTS FIFA Premium is a standalone online membership service and allows users to play online and compete in official FIFA tournaments, purchase items to boost their FIFA Career, create and share content with Friends and elevate themselves to become virtual football superstars through online leaderboards. via AURONA WOOD DUE TO UNKNOWN REASON THE VIDEO IN HERE IS WITH LIGHTENING FORMAT FOR OUTPUT. I CAN’T USE THE HD TOOL TO DO THIS RIGHT, BUT I COULD USE IT TO JUST RESTORE THE VIDEO TO OPENGL FORMAT. PLEASE DON’T REPORT THIS AS AN ACCIDENT. Remember, everyone will be able to start playing on May 29, 2014. bc9d6d6daa


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Create the ultimate team from the world’s greatest footballers, and take your skills to the next level in The Journey. Get to know your favourite players, the opposition, discover new tactics and train your team with authentic gameplay. This way, you will be able to share your team’s exploits with friends across all formats. In FIFA Ultimate Team, you need to train your team to get better. Improve individual players through match practice in Training Centres, using tactics and player cards that help your team grow and win more often. Play FIFA Ultimate Team at FIFA 22 Online with millions of other players or compete in tournaments. FIFA 22 also brings a variety of new features, including gameplay tweaks and enhancements to create the biggest, best-looking, most authentic football game ever. VISUAL CHANGES & NEW DEVELOPMENT Master all skills that make FIFA 22 smarter than ever with enhanced visuals and a new engine architecture that provides a more realistic football match and brings the best players in the world together to create even more engaging gameplay. New playable locations, visual enhancements and a more responsive camera will boost the re-playability of FIFA 22’s ball physics, while a new player intelligence model will give players more control on the ball and a more responsive behaviour on and off the ball. AI improvements will also help players better read the game and predict their opponents’ movements, giving players the advantage more often. Choose from a variety of new kits on over 25 new teams, including the traditional Bundesliga and other new teams in Japan, China, South Korea, USA, Russia, Scotland and more. Play as iconic kits from some of the best football teams in the world like the legendary AC Milan and Real Madrid. New stadiums and atmospheric matches reflect the diversity and variety of the football world. FIFA 22 will also include 22 legendary players, including Messi, Ronaldo and Sir Alex Ferguson and offer specialised content featuring them as FIFA Ultimate Team Players. ENTER THE NEW ERA Experience the game-changing gameplay innovations that will change the way you play and the way you look at football, including: FIFA Reinforced Wide Player Crease This new mechanic, which is based on the difficulty of the approach, will reward ball-playing players for their creativity, tenacity and hard work to gain possession. It will reward the player who focuses on the game, displaying intelligence, determination and skills more often than those who rely on physical ability. FIFA Touch


What’s new: