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Here’s what developer EA Sports told us about how HyperMotion is used in FIFA 22: “One of the biggest complaints about the previous versions of FIFA was that, while the on-field action looked incredible, players moved in slow-motion compared to real football. We wanted to get players moving faster with more aggression, so FIFA 22 is powered by ‘HyperMotion’. HyperMotion is an enhanced version of the already-incredible on-field animations from the previous versions of FIFA. But we did more than just simulate the movements of the players. We put all of that data from the motion-capture suit into our FIFA Creator, and gave it a name. When you played in real-life, your movements captured by the suit were called ‘HyperMotion.’ When we put this data into our game, we ran it through a technical process called ‘animotion.’ By combining data from a football match and the motion-capture suit, we were able to capture all the physical actions that happen in an entire game in real time. No player could run faster, jump higher, or hit harder. The result is a more accurate, more-realistic, and fun-to-play sport.” This gameplay trailer shows you what HyperMotion looks like in FIFA 22: We are excited to play the new game ourselves, and we look forward to seeing how this new technology changes the physics of gameplay in FIFA for years to come. To celebrate the launch of FIFA 22 today, here’s a bonus multiplayer video of the All-Stars match: And here’s another bonus video of Alex Hunter “scoring” a goal in FIFA 22:Mario Stadelmann Mario Stadelmann (born 10 June 1969) is an Austrian former ski jumper who competed from 1992 to 1999. He won a bronze medal in the normal hill at the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer. Stadelmann also won four individual World Cup events. He also won nine other medals in the World championships, including three golds (Team normal hill in 1993, 1994; individual normal hill in 1995). World Cup Standings Wins References Category:1969 births Category:Austrian male ski jumpers Category:Living people Category:Olympic ski jumpers of Austria Category:O


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Play The Best FIFA
  • Easier to pick Up and Play
  • Improved Commentary and New Fans Commentary Customisation
  • Premier League Comes to Life in The New Player Ratings System
  • FUT Draft
  • Completely Customise Your Season with FUT Ultimate Coach
  • Best of the Best features in Career Mode

Exclusive Bonus Content on New-Gen Systems
Exclusive bonus content includes:

  • 4 New Stadiums – including a BMO Field (MLS), The Old Trafalgar (Aston Villa), The Emirates Stadium (Arsenal) and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium (Tottenham Hotspur)
  • 2 New Kits – including a Juventus (Juve) and a Juventus Stadium (Juventus)
  • New National Ad Sets


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More players, more careers, more ways to play: that’s what FIFA is all about. FIFA is an award-winning, football management game powered by the award-winning Frostbite™ Game Engine that features the most authentic and realistic gameplay, as well as career progression and the deepest roster of footballers and teams ever created for a videogame. The most complete and authentic football game: Play as any country or club in the world and compete in a wide variety of leagues and tournaments across real-life leagues and competitions. The ultimate game of football meets epic ambition with a brand new experience, career and player progression system. Goals are the heartbeat of football: Play FIFA on every pitch with even more authentic football moments, dribbling, heading, shooting, tackling and more, while using an all-new 10-second engine to create a dynamic and realistic experience. Master your football management: Master your team’s tactics, player skills and tactics to win all of the world’s major competitions. The world’s biggest stars: Play with the world’s greatest footballers, including Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and others from around the world. Brands and sponsors: Whether it’s your club, country or commercial organisation, have a virtual team, stadium and tracksuit, while making a name for yourself on the football field by managing your brand across various competitions and promotions. FIFA is the football simulation that has stood the test of time for over two decades, with over 13 million FIFA players from around the world. FIFA 20 The FIFA series is back! FIFA 20 is a football game that’s all about winning the beautiful game. FIFA 20 pits 1,977 clubs against 11,984 real-life international teams, and 48 National Teams against 192 Clubs, in a new era of competition and innovation. Live your best life, in your very own football stadium, and share your passion for the beautiful game online. Features: FIFA 19 standard Play the game the FIFA way: 11,984 worldwide participating international teams, 192 National Teams, 48 International Cups, all leagues and cups, new Club and Country progression systems and hundreds of new skills, tricks and passes. Play online with friends: Enjoy a rich, new, social experience. Whether you’re playing as a Club or a Country, go online bc9d6d6daa


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What’s new:

  • Expanded Screen Size: Presenting new intuitive controls. Improved graphics and new player models. Customize your pitch and your teams with new stadium design possibilities. Beautiful detail in the load of over 600 official licensed uniforms and kits. What’s more, expanded screens make it easier to follow the action and take on your role.
  • Real Player Joes: Authentic team listings, charting and set piece action. All 32 major European football associations are accounted for, with further expansion in the works. Sign your nation’s principal strikers and fixed attackers. While on the pitch, customise your players all the way down to the position of your subs.
  • A New Variety of Goals: Spike the level of attacking ambition with a fully customisable round-ball. New animations. New motion that will make your strikers zap and streak past defenders. The variety of shots from set pieces will rattle your goalkeeper’s cage.
  • Improved Active Batting Highlight the moment of responsibility for your strike partner. Well trained improvement can be gained by taking on and completing timed set pieces. Attackers suddenly erupt into a sprint, sometimes left vacant by opposition.
  • Improved Player Careers Review your transfer strategy for nurturing, developing and promoting the players of your heart. Future teams and scouts will offer a more nuanced approach to helping you improve your players and hone your methods through the talents of the virtual world.


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Since 1996, the FIFA series has been at the forefront of videogame football. This year marks a new era for the franchise, with a focus on innovation across the game modes. What’s more, in FIFA 22, each team is constructed and balanced to play differently to what we’ve seen before. FIFA 22 also features fundamental gameplay advances that bring the game closer to the real thing. Key Features CONFIGURE YOUR PLAYER FIFA 22 makes the depth and potential of your player available before you even step onto the pitch with a new Player Creator. Customise your player down to every last detail, including attributes, hairstyle and hairstyle update, and kit. Even choose where you want the face to be printed for the player on the new 3D chestplate – a feature which has never been available in the series. POWERFUL NEW KICKS AND PENALTIES With some of the most advanced physics-based animation in a videogame, FIFA 22 delivers football like never before. Players will feel more powerful in off the ball situations, and FIFA 22 introduces many new moves and deliveries to add greater variety to the beautiful game. Break your opponent’s legs, face a defender down with a thundering header, or get on the end of a long diagonal ball to make the final movement with a raking and curling shot. CRACK IT FIFA 22 introduces the new One Touch Control, which lets you choose the exact moment when your player meets the ball. If you know a certain shot is going to be vital in a certain situation, select One Touch Control and you’ll be able to call on your player with the touch of a button. Either play exactly how you want, or alter a pass by selecting the near and far options. DRIVE IT FIFA 22 introduces a new Take On style of play, letting you set up a powerful shot directly from the opposition’s half of the pitch. In a battle to win the ball back in midfield, either keep the ball and prepare to pass to a teammate, or aim for a through-ball with a powerful drive of your own. LEAD IT LEAD YOUR PLAYERS Step up to take control as a team captain. Your entire squad now can be led in new ways, including forming a team from the mobile app, or having multiple off-ball players controlling individual players while you take control as a leader.


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