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This technology allows for more accurate decision making and more realistic action – results that will be apparent to fans of the sport. For the first time, players are able to go beyond just running, dribbling, heading and shooting. They can now use their body as a weapon by using their wider areas of the body to achieve greater mobility around the pitch. The player now feels and acts more natural in a variety of situations.

FIFA 22 introduces a complete re-engineered dribbling system, with players being able to change direction and speed while in-motion. For the first time, players have new options when attacking – making a turn when a forward is chasing down the ball, or looking to pass to a team-mate before an opponent gets to the ball.

Career Mode in FIFA 22 introduces a number of new enhancements that make the experience feel more authentic and dynamic. The introduction of ‘Career Transactions,’ allowing players to take control of the transfer market, is a first for football games. Players are now able to make complex decisions like buying a player or selling him, or selling and buying players at the same time.

The new ‘Career Transfer Target’ mechanic allows players to decide if they want to buy or sell a player using their budget as a deciding factor. The new Transfer Deadline day mechanic is inspired by the transfer market in real life, giving fans and players the ability to make big decisions.

The match engine in FIFA 22 will also impact how fans experience the game. Most notable is the introduction of the brand new ball to the game. The ball now features a better overall feel – including improved touch, better rolling and durability. A new Fouls system also guarantees that players will not break the rules, even if the ball touches the ground.

The new ball is the result of a close partnership between the developers at EA Canada and the FIFA and UEFA football associations, and over a number of years has been tested in competitions and training sessions. The ball in FIFA 22 will be tested in upcoming EA Sports competitions – including the FIFA World Cup this summer.

“FIFA and EA Canada have worked closely with the FIFA and UEFA football associations to bring fans more authentic football. The addition of HyperMotion Technology allows us to deliver more realistic and immersive gameplay,” said Alistair White, Creative Director on FIFA in a statement. “The new ‘Career Transfer Target’ mechanic is inspired by the


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Brand new FIFA stadium/facility designs
  • Keeper, full-back, central defender and midfielder improved kits, shorts and socks
  • 24 official club jerseys, four new alternate jerseys
  • Updated atmosphere modes, kits and Stadiums
  • Career and Ultimate Team expansion elements: mix and match tactics, kits, ability cards and experience
  • All-new 3D Player Model; includes optimized animation data and coverMetrics. New animated running animation based on in-game data recorded from professional players. All-new natural ball movement and trajectory. All-new Pro Player model.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team best-in-class rewards system
  • Skin tone technology for enhanced facial and body variation, and authentic head and skin textures


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FIFA (from FIFA/Futebol de Intercâmbio e Amizade, the Portuguese word for Football/Soccer) is the best-selling sports video game franchise, and the leader in the sports and entertainment world for the last 20 years. The game has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide and earned more than 120 Million dollars in the U.S. and the UK since its launch.

How can we create the feeling of the sport?

Real-life players animate the game better than any other sports game, and with more accurate animations, more intelligence in the gameplay, and more animation and detail in the graphics.

What is included in the game?

Like the real sport, FIFA 22 includes the latest uniforms for more than 600 players, clubs, and federations of more than 50 leagues from around the world.

What’s new in FIFA 22?

FIFA 22 is featuring new innovations in every aspect of the game including midfield play, improved passing, new advanced ball control, new goalkeeper styles, new physical capabilities, new gameplay controls, and new improved interactive challenges to help you master the sport of soccer.

Intuitive Passing

A new simplified passing system will help you connect and pass the ball with more control, and see your teammates more accurately.

FIFA Ultimate Team

Collect and play more than 300 real-world players – from superstars to legends of the game, to improve your squad with more than 5,000 possible player combinations, and rank them in the order you choose. Customise your stadium and locker room, create your own tactics, and play one of the biggest sports games online with new Rivals features!

New Seasons and Leagues

Introducing a new season with improved gameplay, more authentic action and more game modes in FIFA 22.

In the new season, you can play matches in 60 official competitions from across the world. Brazil, Argentina, England, Germany, Spain, Portugal, the United States, Mexico, Russia and more.

Where can I buy FIFA?

Buy FIFA is fun, soccerto, and easy. For starter.

Where can I find more information?

Check the FIFA website.

How is the game rated?

Good job!

Play the game!

Play on a Pc or console.

How many people enjoy the game?


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Unlock new cards to create the ultimate roster of your favourite players, utilise your star potential, combine over 2500 teams and compete in massive friendly games to battle for bragging rights. Become the ultimate soccer manager by unlocking your dream team to challenge the very best players on the global stage.

Gameplay Features
New FIFA Ultimate Team modes – Construct your ultimate virtual squad of players, and then pit it against other FUT teams in massive friendly games.

Enhanced Player Career – The player’s career paths are more varied, and players can extend their careers as a versatile forward, midfield or defender.

Ball Physics – Every official ball feels totally responsive, reacts more dynamically and spins more naturally to players’ skills and natural movements.

Teammate Interaction – Create and develop personal bonds with your teammates on the pitch.

New Ball Controls – Pass, shoot, dribble, and slide, using the highly responsive ball controls to gain an edge on your opponents.

World-class Team Content – Play with over 12,500 teams from more than 80 countries around the world, including all 12 clubs in the English Premier League, and all 20 in La Liga.Recent findings in opioid and cannabinoid system research.
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