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“The core gameplay has also been updated to better make it more responsive and feel fresh,” said David Rutter, senior gameplay director at EA Sports. “This new engine will allow us to bring FIFA back to life as a true next generation sports game.”

Among many other enhancements, FIFA 22 introduces “Project Soccer,” a brand new feature to FIFA – Ultimate Team which allows you to “build and manage a dream team of footballing superstars to dominate your favourite teams.”

Still not sold on FIFA 22? Here’s what the new game offers on offer at launch.

Player Fantasy

FIFA 19 was the first FIFA game to offer player fantasy, allowing players to develop a unique fantasy team of real-life football stars, and compete in head-to-head fantasy tournaments with other teams. FIFA 21s player fantasy modes give players the option to be the manager of their favourite team in the future, or they can choose to compete as a player – or coach – using authentic virtual players. Players can also share the unique experience of powering their teams in fantasy manager leagues with friends on the PlayStation Network.

Challenge The best FIFA players will be there to challenge you on the pitch.

Expand Your Library For the first time in FIFA’s history, players can choose to unlock and play as over 900 players across 79 countries from every corner of the globe.

Settle The Ultimate Team Experience Now you can be a part of the ultimate team, building your own dream team and compete against other players’ teams with over 45 distinct customisable leagues to create your most powerful squad.

New Career Mode The most realistic career mode in FIFA allows for many different ways to progress throughout your career. Choose to focus on managing your team, guiding them through the EPL, or you could opt to become the manager of a club and take them all the way to the top of the world.

New Ways to Play And this year there are many new ways to play, including: New Attacking Intelligence – Enjoy a new Attacking Intelligence system that allows players to better anticipate moves to create chances. And once they’ve struck, FIFA 22 lets you decide what to do with the ball and how to get it back.

Player Impact – Create the ultimate player by capturing data from their real-life counterpart, adjusting their behaviour and enabling you to affect the game through your team on the pitch


Features Key:



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Released in August 1991, FIFA is the world’s leading videogame franchise and global phenomenon. The official videogame of FIFA brings soccer to life like never before, letting you create your own player, build your dream team, and play out thousands of real-world football matches.

Start your journey to FIFA greatness today by choosing from 22 of the most iconic teams in the world and in the same world, and experience exhilarating new ways to play with ball control and touch to pull off spectacular goals and saves in all-new shooting mechanics.


New dribbling controls: Distinguish yourself by perfectly exploiting a player’s technique and use any surface as a weapon against opponents

Ball on a Stick: Pull off short, long and dandy tricks or dribble like Messi to dodge the onrushing enemies. Can you take the ball off your feet?

Highlights: See your best plays come to life with the new in-game highlights engine and support for Wi-Fi and PlayStation®4 Pro

New Commentary Engine: Experience a new level of audio and match commentary with new commentary teams and a fully-voiced over-the-top crowd. Use your FIFA Ultimate Team to customize your commentary

Team of the Year: Play with the best teams of the world: 2014/2015 FIFA Team of the Year Elite XI and “The Chosen Club” Team of the Year

Live training: Train your footwork, balance and reaction with the new “Live Training” mode, available in the PES Pro-Specification

All-new FIFA Women’s World Cup Mode: Be part of the FIFA Women’s World Cup™ experience. Get off the sidelines and create your own version of the biggest sporting event on the planet.

The Journey to The Final

The Journey to The Final is a new adventure mode that lets you make the player journey to the FIFA World Cup™ final. Create the ultimate player, team or stadium, by recruiting and developing more than 50 real-world stars. You can also take part in a tournament style mini-tournament and unlock exciting rewards like player transfers and cash.

FIFA in the Community

EA SPORTS FIFA on Facebook lets you connect with the world of FIFA and ask questions to your favourite player, coaches and create your own content such as Online Leagues, Custom Matches, Settings/Match Making and much more.

FIFA in the Community also supports


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Play as a manager and feature unique challenges that can only be earned as a Manager by playing FIFA Ultimate Team. Create a dream squad or take over a club and you’ll have challenges in all areas of the game.

Online Seasons – FIFA 21 will allow you to play for a season online with your friends in FIFA 21. In FIFA 22, you can go online and play each week with your friends for the entire season!

EA SPORTS has advanced its award-winning Frostbite game engine to deliver the ultimate soccer-simulation experience. Frostbite powers the deepest and most realistic team sports competition on any platform. The engine enables unprecedented graphics and physics-based real-world player interaction that delivers players’ movements and actions with the subtlety of real life. Frostbite also renders over 35 times more realistic and detailed players and 11 times more detailed crowds than the engine powering FIFA 2012.

EA SPORTS-MADE EASTERN EUROPEA new suite of features, improvements and modes have been added to FIFA 21:

– The EA SPORTS Player Intelligence System, which allows you to detect for the first time in a soccer game, movements and team tactics as well as identifying key player qualities and skills by using a new Player Traits Meter.

– World-class in-game content in the form of the UEFA Champions League expansion pack.

– New game modes – Pro Evolution Soccer mode introduces the option of creating your own team; with Manager Mode you will now build a better team with training sessions and more. Franchise Mode is an all new mode that lets you play a club from the youth ranks to the top, including managing its finances and competing in tournaments. Franchise Mode will unlock a number of new layers of progression as you gain experience, raise your club from the lower leagues to the UEFA Champions League and beyond.

– The new and improved Training Mode will become a foundation of the FIFA experience thanks to a new method of capturing and enhancing player skills, as well as a new combat training system called ‘Battle Preparation’ which will improve the gameplay and training elements around tackling, intercepting and shielding opponents.

– EA SPORTS VOLTA is the first soccer game to utilize and feature the same presentation engine and motion-capture technology as authentic EA SPORTS FIFA games. The engine enables an incredibly realistic graphic representation of players and pitches, combined with an advanced facial animation system that delivers unprecedented realism.

– A range of new player


What’s new:

  • A new Infinity Engine has been built for more life-like controls.
  • A revamped player system places more emphasis on character.
  • Classic football is back with the return of the Kick Off mode.


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FIFA, published by EA SPORTS, launched on Windows PC in September 1993.

FIFA is the best selling sports game of all time, with over 260 million copies sold worldwide, including more than 170 million units in the Americas.

In FIFA, you take control of a team, then guide that team through a season of real football competition as you build the ultimate team to take on the world. Or beat the world in one-on-one challenges. Or create an ultimate team of 16 of your favorite players, and face your friends and rivals in head to head 5 vs 5 online matches. No other sports game offers you so much fun. No other sports game can make you feel like a true football legend. Only FIFA.

What’s new in FIFA 22?

We are creating FIFA, with you, the fans, at the center of the action. We are building on our innovations and gameplay strides from FIFA Ultimate Team to create the best football experience ever.

The new ball physics mean that every pass you make and every shot you hit has new depth and unpredictability. Every movement on the pitch has great new fluidity. And we are continuously innovating our simulation. Our player intelligence is better than ever, and you have more control over your game, including real time control over player formation and substitution.

We’ve achieved a new level of realism in gameplay, with the introduction of the Fouls System. You can now use the Fouls to manually control the flow of play and guide your team towards victory. You can also make the “Protect the Ball” move during the Fouls to prevent your opponents from being able to take the ball away.

Your Defending

The #1 defense system in football. Interception, Super Defending, and the new Defending Zones function ensure that goalkeepers and defenders get their hands on the ball and can stop counter attacks as quickly as possible.


We’ve worked on the series’ established brand of fast-paced play and made it even faster. The new 3D camera view enables you to track players better at all times, while a faster player animation and simulation has been added to give players more fluid and realistic movement and ball control.

Lions, Heat, and Jets

Bring your fans with you when you play online. The new Ultimate Team Marquee and Lounge feature offers customization options to fit


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