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EA Sports will reveal details of the new gameplay technology at Gamescom, with the game slated for release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on Sept. 24, 2018. Today’s announcement comes one day after EA Sports announced Sebastian Giovinco as the cover athlete for FIFA 19, the first time a soccer player will appear on the cover since David Beckham in FIFA 15. GAVINCO has played for Toronto FC, Juventus, and the national side of Italy. For more on the FIFA franchise, check out the FIFA Mobile Guide here and the FIFA Universe Guide here. We’re extremely excited to introduce the first of our new play styles, HyperMotion Technology, into FIFA™ 22,” said Matt Bilbey, Vice President of FIFA Brand and Marketing, EA SPORTS. “The new pace of play and precise ball physics that we have tested with this technology makes the game feel very real. Because it is an internal rating system, we can rely on our own data to identify what works best for FIFA gameplay. We are confident that this will encourage new players to pick up the game and play with a completely different mentality and set of expectations. HyperMotion Technology was developed in the FIFA Studio in the UK and the Middle East. Teams carefully analysed player movements and then built versions of their game on this unique data in order to optimize the next iteration of gameplay. The overall goal is to ensure that gameplay continues to evolve and improve while players develop in the game and grow in their ability as they get further into the game. To ensure an optimal experience, EA SPORTS didn’t just rely on the key developers in the FIFA Studio in London to develop this new play style. Game data was recorded from 22 different real-life players across all positions playing a full match. Once the data was collected, it was then fed into the FIFA game engine. FIFA 20 players had access to basic and precise gameplay with the previous iteration. With FIFA 21, two new tweaks were introduced with the addition of dynamic weather, player interaction and shotstopper technology. Dynamic weather allows rain, snow or sun to effect gameplay by changing the rules of the game, making more difficult for players to control the ball. Player interaction is now possible in Ultimate Team modes, allowing players to stay in the game if they get injured, and also transfer some of their ownership of players if they go on to score a goal.


Features Key:

  • The World’s Game.
  • Live the Rivalry – Take your pick from the most iconic battles on or off the pitch and Experience the Rivalry.
  • New Ways to Play.
  • New Players with Move Sets.
  • Improved Commentary.
  • Updated Texture Detail and Improved Presentation.
  • Introduction of “HyperMotion” Powered Player Telekinesis.
  • Editor Improvements

Other exo-centric features

  • Move Sets for the Newest Talents.
  • All the New Talent added in FUT OPTIMUS EDITION 1
  • All the New Talent in FUT OPTIMUS EDITION 2
  • All the New Talent in FUT SIZE 1
  • All the New Talent in FIFA 17 SIZE 2
  • All the Newest Talent in FUT 17 EZ
  • Icons updated for all players in FUT
  • Level-based motivation and exp for FUT
  • Improved Cover Sticks for FUT
  • Improved Foot Tackles for FUT
  • New attributes for FUT
  • On-ball Interventions and Clearance Controls for FUT


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FIFA™ is the world’s most popular sports videogame franchise, with over 300 million copies sold to date. Every year, more than 100 million players choose FIFA to celebrate football’s epic moments. EA SPORTS FIFA is the official videogame of FIFA and includes the EA SPORTS™ FIFA World Cup, and the official videogame of the UEFA Champions League™, UEFA Europa League™ and UEFA Super Cup. What is Football? Football® is played with the feet, offering a fluid and natural experience, and Football is evolving globally. The best football on the planet is created by the game developers at EA SPORTS. Every game is free and on foot, offering a natural and fluid experience in which to enjoy a beautiful game. What is FIFA 20? EA SPORTS FIFA 20 comes with legendary instant gameplay and new ways to play. Take your club on a global tour in an all-new Road to FIFA adventure where you can challenge other players in a global league structure. Play to your club’s strengths with authentic and meaningful tactical feedback as you build your team around your club’s DNA to dominate the competition. From the World Cup™ in Brazil to Club World Cup™ in Abu Dhabi, feel the rush of living the dream as you lead your club to become FIFA 20 champions. What is the difference between FIFA, FIFA 19 and FIFA 20? FIFA 19 had a revolutionary, one-touch passing mechanic that made the game play fast and fun. FIFA 20 will feature a revolutionary, one-touch passing mechanic that makes passing and crossing even easier. FIFA 19 was built around a new, immersive Frostbite engine and integrated all-new, lifelike animations. FIFA 20 features all new 3D player models and animations. For the first time in franchise history, FIFA 20 will feature more than 500 licensed players and teams. What can I do in FIFA? FIFA has revolutionised the way we play and watch football, delivering a captivating, dynamic, and authentic experience like never before. PLAY – FIFA 19 introduces a revolutionary, one-touch passing mechanic that makes passing and crossing easier. Cross the ball like the pros to complete a pass or shoot a goal. TALK – FIFA 19 introduces a revolutionary, one-touch passing mechanic that makes passing and crossing easier. Cross the ball like the pros to complete a pass or shoot a goal. DANCE – FIFA 19 introduces a revolutionary, one-touch passing mechanic that makes passing and crossing bc9d6d6daa


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For the first time ever in any FIFA title, become a virtual manager by managing real players and buying packs of players with real-world cash. Build your dream squad or take charge of a professional club and become a FIFA legend. Win your league, challenge for the biggest trophies in the world, and earn your place in the Hall of Fame! Online Soccer – Play your soccer matches online against human opponents from around the world. Play in eight international online leagues, with millions of competitors worldwide, in 12 different languages. Online Soccer mode also features the all-new Online Pass, which allows players to start playing online almost immediately. Defect Mode – This unique mode is designed for players who are new to the FIFA game series. Create a custom created dream team of the current top European players and compete against others for a chance to become the next big time champion. So, what do you think? Are you ready to play? How do you want to play? Updated gameplay The all-new “Kicks & Chops” system requires players to approach soccer matches and competitions tactically. FIFA 22 also includes all-new intelligence, decision-making and movement systems. This means that players now have more tactics at their disposal and soccer matches now play more like an actual soccer match. Improved player movement, tactical intelligence and new formation systems will keep players on the edge of their seats. New Skills With FIFA 22, Pro Clubs has introduced a host of new skills, giving players new ways to give them an advantage on the pitch. Whether you are playing online or against your friends, be sure to practice these new skills before you step on the pitch. The new Precision Acceleration system allows players to control the speed and direction of their runs more precisely. Players can now make more accurate tackles by using new collision detection and physics algorithms. New Decision Making FIFA 22 introduces a host of new decision making systems, based on the new “Kicks & Chops” system. These systems will decide who is in control of the match and how the game should be played. Players will now have access to more ways to change the outcome of a match. New formation systems New formation system allows players to play in more formations, including an additional formation for the very small number of players who struggle to move through the defense of their opponent. Smart Player Vision It is now possible to take the ball with the eyes of your opponent. In FIFA


What’s new: