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FCPX’s Actions feature, covered later in this chapter, is less well-known and under-utilized than Photoshop’s layer-based editing system, so this book does not feature training tutorials for FCPX, just Photoshop tutorials. If you are a beginner, you may want to use Photoshop for its many built-in tutorials that cover subjects that FCPX will never cover in depth. Although this book focuses on how to make a photo look “photoshopped,” Photoshop’s editing features can be applied to other types of images, such as drawings, cartoons, and watercolors. In fact, with a little learning and practice you can use Photoshop to create drawings and cartoons just as well as you can create photo retouching. ## About Photoshop Tutorials Photoshop contains numerous built-in tutorials, or tutorials in the program’s Help system. In this book, you find tutorials that teach you how to do basic tasks in Photoshop, but you also find more advanced tutorials that help you create special effects. The tutorials cover all the major areas in Photoshop, including * **Basic editing:** The term _basic editing_ covers some of Photoshop’s earliest-used features, such as basic color, sharpening, and contrast adjustments, as well as cloning and masking. * **Photo manipulation:** A _photo manipulation_ usually refers to creating special effects on a photo, such as changing colors or applying special filters to it. It also covers some editing techniques that were once reserved for professionals but that can be learned through Photoshop tutorials. * **Customizing:** The _customizing_ tutorials include instructions that will teach you how to design web pages in Photoshop, and also include directions for creating websites and even creating websites using a framework such as Bootstrap or Foundation. * **Special effects:** Special effects cover instructions that teach you how to use various plug-ins or plug-in effects to create special effects such as adding artistic lighting or special textures to an image. * **Art effects:** In addition to standard editing and effects tutorials, this category includes some Photoshop tutorials that teach how to create paintings and other art from scratch. You can use the techniques covered in these tutorials to create your own art. * **Advanced effects:** Most chapters of this book include a few advanced tutorials that cover more advanced tools and techniques for editing photographs. A skilled Photoshop user might approach these subjects as a hands-on exercise.

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Photoshop Elements features an image viewer and a series of tools to work on the image and the file as a whole. The toolbox can also be divided into sections, and the areas of these sections can be switched quickly and easily using the toolbar. Some of the main functions of Photoshop Elements are: Stitch, unwrap, repair, blend, and remove red eye. Rotate images using the Euler or skew camera view, and increase the amount of rotation. Add and remove color corrections. Add or remove color casts. Adjust brightness, contrast and exposure. Restore color to pictures affected by the “Falloff” of a Kodak and JPG camera. Apply Retouch tools to make minor enhancements to your image. These are the same tools as in Adobe Photoshop. Make small fixes to help you to improve the overall image or an element of it, such as replacing an object that is not visible in the original image. Blend multiple pictures into one single picture using different transitions to create a movie. Save your file in the JPEG or TIFF format, either as a copy or as a different type of file. Photoshop Elements is available both as a stand-alone program and as an add-on for Photoshop. Like every other computer program, the interface of Photoshop Elements is complex, but after a little practice, you will be able to use the program with ease. While we are not going to go into detail about the Photoshop Elements interface, we will tell you how to work with the program to edit the image and how to perform the most common tasks such as saving your photos as new files. Steps for editing images using Photoshop Elements 1. Open an image Open the image you wish to edit in Photoshop Elements. You can also open a new document directly in Elements. If you are ready to edit the image, click the image icon in the toolbar. If you are already in Elements and you want to open an image you already have, click the image icon in the toolbar, or use the Get Image button at the bottom of the screen. Photoshop Elements allows you to open a document (exclusively a.PSD file) or a web-connected file. In most cases, you will also be able to open a file saved directly from your computer and uploaded to the Internet. Click the open 05a79cecff

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