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LayoutSw is an Autocad plugin designed to switch the LTSCALE automatically on every layout / modelspace change.
Make your Autocad work easier with this extension! The VLX extension is Autocad specific and all you need to do is to add it to the existing plugins


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– It will switch the correct units in which LTSCALE is set on the fly.
– It will keep the values (1/10/100/1000) on the LTSCALE scaling setted on the Startup Manager.
– It will keep the values on the LTSCALE setted on the Units. (Autocad let you change the unit but the scaled value stay in the same unit)
– It will not stop, change or stop the autocad rendering process! The only thing it does is just changing the value on the LTSCALE to the correct one.
– It will work on any current/future Autocad version.
– It will keep the latest used units on the LTSCALE value of the layout.

The LTSCALE automatically changes by itself (unlike the LTSCALE for example) : When the width / height of the model/space / layout is changed, the LTSCALE will be automatically corrected.

The LTSCALE can be set in three different ways:

– The LTSCALE can be set on the Units under the Units tab.
– The LTSCALE can be set in the ABAP interface window (Windows > Options > Options > Units tab).
– The LTSCALE can be set in the Operating System menu.

The layout sw LTSCALE window is shown in two ways:

With the “Show Units On LTSCALE” option checked (default).
Without this option.

The LTSCALE will be used (when checked) only when the Scale Text Size is set to Auto.

The layout sw LTSCALE selection value is kept in the data module. So, next time you start to edit the
layout sw extension, if you do not want the LTSCALE to be changed, just save a copy of the layout sw tab, it
will not modify the LTSCALE, and, when you close it, it will keep the LTSCALE selection value.

Have a look at this gallery example:

How to add this plugin to Autocad:

– Copy the LayoutSw folder to your Autocad plugin folder.
– Unzip the LayoutSw folder.
– Open Autocad.
– On the

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This extension automatically switches the LTSCALE to linear. Changes to other switches are not undone in case they are active.
How It Works
With LayoutSw, it is no longer necessary to re-import an LTSCALE from scratch. Whenever a new layout or model is opened, LayoutSw automatically switches the LTSCALE to linear.
The extension is installed with your Autocad by the Updater. Start the Autocad Updates and a dialog will pop up with all the installed plugins. Click Install. After installation, you need to restart Autocad (CTRL+SHIFT+F5)
1. Fully integrated: Autocad automatically starts with LTSCALE of linear
2. Fully customizable: To change the LTSCALE, you can choose the LTSCALE tab in the LayoutSw properties
3. Undo switch: If you switch back to linear the LTSCALE you were on before you switched it back, changes made during the switch are reset
4. No additional hardware needed: The LTSCALE can be switched without additional hardware.
5. No downtime: The LTSCALE switch continues to work even if a layout is open.
6. Works for all users: The LTSCALE switch is independent of which user is logged in.
7. Uses native Autocad LTSCALE
8. No downtime: if you switch back to linear, changes made during the switch are reset.
9. Fully compatible with the LTSCALE switch: no problems when manually switching the LTSCALE
10. Fully customizable: you can specify the LTSCALE setting for each layout or model in your project.
1. You can configure the LTSCALE on each LayoutSw properties. You can choose to disable the LTSCALE switch for some layouts.
1. To work properly, the LTSCALE switch has to be registered. To register the LTSCALE switch, go to Autocad, Plugins, Updater and click on ‘Reset the Plugin Store’.
2. Always close all open layouts before starting the updates, because all layouts need to have the updated plugins. Close the LayoutSw properties and then close the Autocad main window and restart Autocad.

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What’s New In?

-Automatically switch LTSCALE every time a layout or modelspace change
-Works with a folder structure and with an activate-docked window, no need to open the plugin
-Works with structures inside Autocad and with modelspaces (2DS, 3DS)
-Autocad version up to 2019

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System Requirements For LayoutSw:

Run-Time: T2
Tables Required: “Click to begin with” and “Data: Hi.”
(Tables included in the manual)
Workstation Required: Windows 98SE or newer
Laptop Required: Windows 98SE or newer
The program is not compatible with the Windows 2000 / XP operating system.
The program is not compatible with Windows NT 4.0 (or Windows 95).
It is highly recommended to read the readme first!
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