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It is likely that you installed a third-party service (like Windows Update) which installed an update for Python. Any of those updates may have removed the.py files from your C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Temp\ directory.
You can view the list of updates installed with Python 3.8 in File -> Versions and install the version of Python you want to start with from the list.

Southern Pied Trigallus

The Southern Pied Trigallus, or Southern Pied Chat, (Patagonus erythrocerus) is a species of chat native to southern Brazil and far eastern Paraguay. It is a conspicuous bird, with long legs and a pointed head. The wings are black with a white trailing edge. The eye is red. The upper parts are black with a small black patch on the wings and tail. The legs and feet are blackish-brown. The song is a loud, penetrating, raspy chacking.


External links
Southern Pied Chat videos, photos and sounds on the Internet Bird Collection

Southern Pied Trigallus
Category:Birds of Southern Brazil
Category:Birds of the Atlantic Forest
Category:Fauna of the Amazon
Category:Birds of Paraguay
Southern Pied TrigallusThe present invention relates generally to a fabric for an air-laid non-woven fabric used as an air-permeable gas barrier film or air-permeable skin bag, a method for producing the fabric and a

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] 0.002) \[[@CR12]\]. In the present study we found that non-diabetic kidney disease patients had significantly lower serum calcium levels compared to diabetic kidney disease patients (*p* = 0.049) and in the univariate analysis we also found higher FGF23 and osteoprotegerin levels to be associated with chronic kidney disease, but only in non-diabetic patients. Furthermore, the multivariate analysis showed that non-diabetic CKD patients had a FGF23 level that was more than twice as high as the FGF23 level of the healthy controls and the FGF23 levels of diabetics were about the same as in non-diabetic CKD patients (Table [4](#Tab4){ref-type=”table”}). Diabetic kidney disease patients also had higher CRP levels compared to non-diabetic CKD patients, but no difference in FGF23 levels or markers of inflammation compared to non-diabetic CKD patients. This indicates that the CRP levels are influenced more by inflammation than the FGF23 levels, especially in patients with diabetic kidney disease. These data indicate that FGF23 and CRP levels are higher in non-diabetic patients with CKD than in healthy controls, and even more elevated in non-diabetic patients with CKD compared to diabetics with CKD.

An earlier study showed higher FGF23 levels in patients with CKD than in healthy controls \[[@CR9]\], and this has also been shown in this study. Furthermore, we found a significant increase in FGF23 levels, which rose further in patients with GFR-D. Even though most of the patients with GFR-D are older than those with GFR-D, this difference was not significant (data not shown). Diabetic patients had higher FGF23 levels than non-diabetic patients, and this was also found in the multivariate analysis. These results are in accordance with a previous study in which diabetic patients had higher FGF23 levels \[[@CR4]\], although patients with diabetes were younger (mean age 58 vs. 70 years in this

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The total length of my text file is 60,000,000 (60 million). But there are only 301 million lines of text, because only the last 301 million lines are written by the first statement.
I want to identify the first line of the text which it is written by the first statement.
Desired Output:
There are hello in line 1


You can use awk or sed:
sed ‘/^$/{h};/^$/d;h’ file
There are hello in line 1

awk ‘/^$/{print;next}/^$/{print}’ file
There are hello in line 1

/^$/ {

awk will print all lines matching /^$/ (from top-to-bottom) and then skip to the next line. When the file ends, it will print all remaining lines. The next line command will let it do nothing, so if we have any line that doesn’t match the regex, it will print that line (and go to the next line), otherwise it will only print what isn’t a line start.

Transport of water molecules through cytosolic vestibule of a plant water channel is differentially influenced by polyamines, polyammonium ions, and protons.
The extracellular vestibule of the Arabidopsis plasma membrane H(+)-ATPase (AHA1), an aquaporin homologue, is responsible for rapid exchange of water molecules with the cytosol. In this study, the interplay between cis and trans vestibular protons and the transmembrane permeability of water was investigated using maleic acid and the fluorescent probe, 6-methoxy-2-naphthylamine. The increase in the concentrations of different cations and anions resulted in changes in the rate constants for water transfer through the vestibule. The effect of protons on the water exchange kinetics of AHA1 was found to differ from that on the aquaporin HvPIP1;1. The increase in the external pH caused a hyperpolarization effect on the vestibule-limited water transfer. The data obtained in this study emphasize the importance of electrostatics in the