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If you are thinking of developing an advanced graphics editor, CAD app or perhaps a video game, then we don't need to tell you more about the importance of fully optimizing the performance of the CPU and GPU. NVIDIA Nsight is a comprehensive, yet intuitive development platform that packs several debugging and profiling tools to help you achieve this goal and provide users with the ultimate experience. Generates CUDA code for convenient project building A further noteworthy feature of the platform is the integrated CUDA editor and samples, both of which speed up the generation of code for a wide variety of projects. Not only does the automatic code refactoring allow an effortless porting of the CPU loops to CUDA kernels, but you can also get detailed performance analysis at the same time. In the eventuality that you happen to run into errors, then the app provides you with a step-by-step guide to help you fix the errors or bottlenecks in the code. Moreover, thanks to the syntax highlighting, you can easily differentiate between the CPU and GPU code. Seamlessly profile and debug CPU and GPU code If you already wrote the code or prefer to use snippets for this purpose, then you can take advantage of the debugging tool to check it thoroughly. Thanks to the powerful debugger, you can view the variables across several CUDA threads, view and filter track execution, analyze the execution state, map the kernels and CPU, set breakpoints or include memchecks to help identify memory errors, for instance. Lastly, it is worth mentioning that the program comes with a profiler that enables you to detect performance bottlenecks various versions of CPU and GPU. The tool can track down potential problems at specific source-lines in the kernels, so you can address them early in the development stage. A handy IDE for anyone developing for heterogeneous computing Regardless of the type of GPU-accelerated application or project you are working on, NVIDIA Nsight packs a robust set of tools with support for dynamic parallelism and extensive library support for developing apps faster and easier than ever.







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NVIDIA Nsight combines the best tools that GPU developers need in a single integrated IDE environment, which provides features such as the integrated Profiler, CUDA Profiler, CUDA toolkit, CUDA samples, CUDA samples suite, integrator, compiler and Kernel Analyzer. Nsight is a software platform that offers GPU developers a comprehensive set of tools for high-performance computing. NVIDIA Nsight combines the best tools that GPU developers need in a single integrated IDE environment, which provides features such as the integrated Profiler, CUDA Profiler, CUDA toolkit, CUDA samples, integrator, compiler and Kernel Analyzer. Designed for professional GPU developers and advanced users, Nsight enables you to easily build high performance applications that use GPU computing technologies. Nsight integrates profiling, debugging, and analysis tools for developers and advanced users to improve productivity and design systems that harness the power of the GPU. Nsight is the culmination of research and development by NVIDIA, academia, and developers around the world. Nsight is a core technology of NVIDIA’s Tesla™ family of GPU-accelerated computing products, including NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, NVIDIA Tesla C1060 Systems, and NVIDIA Tesla Systems. It is available to the public as part of the CUDA™ 5.0 Developer Program. Key Features: – GPU profiling and debugging: NVIDIA Nsight enables GPU developers to debug and profile across the entire CUDA API. It lets you visually break down and follow CUDA API calls, view variables between threads, map CUDA kernels and CPU, and find bottlenecks in code. – Full CUDA toolkit integration: Developer tools for CUDA development include CUDA samples, CUDA samples suite, integrator, and compiler. Nsight also integrates the Python and Fortran scripting languages for creating sophisticated applications. – Comprehensive library support: Nsight supports Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and Microsoft Visual Studio. It includes sample libraries that are compatible with CUDA 5.0, SDK 4.3, SDK 4.2, and SDK 4.0. – Full accelerator debugging tools: Nsight lets you use the integrated profiler to profile across the entire CUDA API, detect and debug bottlenecks, and enable you to write your own CUDA programs for systems that include NVIDIA GPUs, Tesla systems and NVIDIA-based systems. – JIT code generation support: AMD Radeon GPUs and NVIDIA GPUs that support DirectX Compute support JIT, and that enable the


NVIDIA Nsight is an IDE for all things CUDA. It is a complete development tool that combines debugging, optimization, interactive profiling, code generation, and CUDA code analysis. It’s a combination of a powerful Nsight Studio Editor and a development framework optimized for GPU computing. It is a single IDE that delivers everything CUDA developers need in one product. As a result, they can spend less time switching between tools and more time completing their projects. Supported and Integrated Tools: Nsight Studio Editor: It’s an integrated, extensible C/C++ code editor that provides a complete integrated development environment for CUDA software development. It combines the following features: A powerful C/C++ text editor that offers syntax highlighting to speed up compilation time and code analysis to provide developers with insight into their programs. A visual debugger for step-by-step viewing of the CUDA execution state. A CUDA syntax checker for static analysis of CUDA syntax. A graphical execution recorder that enables developers to graphically measure the execution times for CUDA kernels and loops. NVIDIA Parallel Studio Tools for Developers and Researchers: Its code generator tool, Nsight SDK, generates CUDA code for a wide range of GPUs and CPU architectures. It provides a unified interface that makes it easy to switch between devices that can execute the code. A powerful, integrated profiling tool: Nsight Profiler is an integrated CUDA profiling tool that provides support for collecting, visualizing and analyzing data. It enables developers to view the results of application profiling. This is a powerful profiling tool that will help you optimize code and automatically identify areas of high overhead. The Nsight SDK is a complete development framework that provides all the tools developers need to develop CUDA software including: The Nsight Driver: The Nsight SDK comes with the Nsight Driver that provides support for CUDA device code. The Nsight Driver is the central component that enables the SDK to access CUDA devices and provides the ability to emulate, measure or deploy CUDA applications. The Nsight 3D Acceleration API to speed-up common tasks that can be done faster in the GPU. NDIS 5.0 : The NDIS 5.0 API makes it simple for developers to access Windows drivers and other NDIS components. Nsight Runtime: The Nsight runtime is a set of CUDA libraries that contain interfaces and common components for the SDK. It provides you with 91bb86ccfa

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A powerful GPU profiling and debugging tool for developing applications for heterogeneous computing. Developed by NVIDIA, NVIDIA CUDA (pronounced kWoD-zu-lay) is a framework for accelerating applications on a GPU using parallel processing. CUDA is the language used to express the algorithms that make up the most demanding applications. CUDA provides an easy way to harness the power of a GPU. Using this framework, programmers write their algorithms in a high-level CUDA programming language. CUDA then provides the APIs, runtime libraries and tools that enable the algorithms to be executed on the GPU. What makes CUDA so powerful, and different from traditional parallel programming, is that parallelism is not specified by the programmer. CUDA defines a CUDA kernel that you can use to parallelize your CPU algorithms. This automatically creates the parallelism without needing to write any special code. In addition to providing access to the GPU, CUDA also provides an efficient model for interfacing with the CPU. GPU Performance Features NVIDIA C/C++ Compiler: NVIDIA C/C++ compilers automatically convert CUDA C/C++ applications to GPU architecture-aware code. NVIDIA Visual Profiler for CUDA: Provides comprehensive performance, thread, object and buffer profiling tools for CUDA applications. Profiling is essential to the development of efficient algorithms. NVIDIA CodeXL: The technology behind CUDA enables the Nvidia CodeXL GPU debugger to efficiently interpret and debug CUDA programs. The developer’s ability to interact with the GPU is essential to debugging. NVIDIA CUDA Runtime Library: A full set of runtime libraries are included in the CUDA toolkit for executing CUDA applications efficiently on the GPU. 6-Core, 1333 MHz, 11 MB memory, PCI-E BUS expansion and optional graphics support, designed for price/performance. Driver version allows maximum speed at the cost of decreased stability. ROC Price/Performance Plus by NVidia is a high-performance modular graphics/graphics-accelerator and system board with built-in 6-core CPU. ROC is engineered for the demanding 3D graphics market including professional applications such as film and game developers, professional editing programs and interactive content creators. ROC supports multiple platforms including PC, workstation, and mainframe systems. This board offers the PCIe-PCI expansion bus flexibility and features to support multiple platforms and form factors. ROC supports Nvidia Display Ports for connection to DVI, VGA

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“NVIDIA Nsight is the only program that brings together a set of tools for integrated development of multimedia applications that are compatible with both CPU and GPU architectures. NVIDIA Nsight makes coding and debugging of different types of accelerators, CPUs and GPUs faster and easier than with any other tool on the market.” 4 hours ago 10/10 10/10 NVIDIA Nsight 3.2 Review: What’s New? Here’s a full run down of the new features of the NVIDIA Nsight 3.2, including performance improvements and new tools for CUDA programming. The NVIDIA Nsight 3.2 is a comprehensive, yet intuitive development platform that packs several debugging and profiling tools to help you achieve this goal and provide users with the ultimate experience. Follow Us! GreatHelpful $50 Free With the NVIDIA Nsight development platform, getting up and running is much easier than before. This demo program includes both an NVIDIA GPU-accelerated Application (or GAAP) module, which runs multiple CUDA code segments, and a CPU application module that’s suitable for computationally intensive applications. Plus, you get the essential tools like CUDA Profiler, CUDA Code Generator, CUDA Compiler, Assembly, Debugger, CUDA Samples, CUDA Builder, CUDA Profiler, CUDA Reference and U&I (Interactive User Interface) that enable you to successfully convert the CPU applications to GPU-accelerated ones. A NOTE ABOUT CUDA The NVIDIA CUDA® SDK is NVIDIA’s proprietary software development environment for targeting NVIDIA GPUs. The SDK is installed on workstations around the world. In the unlikely event that you are developing for Android and need CUDA support for Android, then download the CUDA SDK Android Package (from the Android SDK Manager). Intel® Compiler 12.1 for C/C++, C#, and Fortran For Build/Debug/Run/RUN a GPGPU Code in parallel Unique to NVIDIA Nsight 3.2, you can create CUDA code for GPU-accelerated applications (GAAPs) as part of your project. GAAPs are made up of multiple CUDA code segments that are executed in parallel on the GPU. NVIDIA Nsight 3.2 runs multiple GAAPs in parallel on a single GPU, with a simple click of a button. To create multiple

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You need: OS: Windows 8, 7, Vista Processor: Intel Dual Core 2.0GHz or higher RAM: 2GB is recommended Graphics: Intel HD graphics Video: DirectX 11 compatible video card Hard Drive Space: 500MB free space How to Install Download the latest version of Veracity from the link below. Then extract the downloaded file to a location of your choice. Run the setup and follow the instructions to install Veracity. Note: If