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The Windows Audio MIDI Editor allows you to modify sound files according to your personal preferences. You can remove the audio track, add a new track or split up an existing track into multiple parts. You can change the sound quality to choose the sampling rate and bitrate. Select the number of channels and the sampling depth. The number of milliseconds for each sample and the playback rate for the tempo can be changed. The sound quality can be upgraded in order to create new tracks. You can even convert the MP3 format into a WAV file. The program can split or merge files in order to perform complex editing tasks. The Windows Audio MIDI Editor uses less memory and power than the previous versions. The files can be edited only at a time and you need to press pause while working with large files. Windows Audio MIDI Editor is easy to use even for first time users. All the necessary parameters can be changed from the interface and all the necessary tools can be accessed from the menu. The audio file can be saved to a different location. There are three output file formats available: MP3, WAV and AIFF. The file can be saved in the following formats: APE, APE CD, COM, FLAC, MP3, OPUS, PCM, WAV and WMA. The application gives you more control over your images. It has a number of features that should help you improve your pictures and adjust the images to your liking. First of all, there is the selection of Filter, Red Eye and Effects that can be applied. These options should help you adjust an image to look good. The available adjustments are Black and White, GreyScale, Sepia, Color, Blue Eye, Red Eye, Saturation and Contrast. You can also adjust the brightness of the image in order to make dark pictures look brighter or bright pictures more faded. The program has five tools for retouching in order to remove imperfections from the image. Photo Healing, Sharpening, Blur, Red Eye Fix and Clone are used to remove imperfections from the picture. The Sharpening tool is designed for sharpening the image as well as for increasing the contrast in order to remove the images from a poor contrast. Photo Healing removes the noise from the image using an algorithm that adapts to the image contents and the noise contrast. Photo editing continues on the next tab where you will find the adjustment of the brightness and the contrast. The Brightness tool ranges from 0 to 99 and the Contrast from

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PCDJ MixBook – Free Mp3 Player and DJ Studio is a digital music mixing software which allows you to browse thousands of MP3 audio files from your computer or online, play, mix and record your own tracks in seconds. This music mixing software has all the great features you need to produce fantastic mixes with next to no effort. PCDJ MixBook provides a complete package of features that lets you easily create professional-grade mixes. Now you can pull out your laptop computer or portable MP3 player, connect to the Internet, and start mixing. PCDJ MixBook is designed for people who are beginning to learn how to mix music, but are looking for an affordable way to start. It’s a very easy to learn, and user-friendly program that enables you to work with audio files online. There are many great features that are included as standard, so you can turn your PC into a professional DJ. PCDJ MixBook includes all the tools you need to turn your PC into a professional-grade DJ and music mixer. You can start creating mixes right away; with no need to install a bunch of 3rd party music software, you can start right away and enjoy a variety of settings that will allow you to make great music. You can also loop, split, solo and mute any part of the song, turn any part into a completely new song, share your tracks with others, and even put together unique music collections. You also have the ability to add your own music, so you don’t need to depend on the preloaded music to create your own new songs. The tracks are stored on your computer in order to provide you with a faster loading time, and the files can also be played back on video or audio players. You can save songs to a special playlist to play in order to make more powerful mixes. You can also use the program to open even larger music files, such as AVI, MP4 or MPEG, which can be played in full screen to make it look more attractive. PCDJ MixBook can play all the files you want, and all of these can be loaded into the program and used simultaneously. The program allows you to use an MP3 or other audio file for playback, and you can use a folder to load multiple songs at once in order to allow you to mix and create a playlist quickly. The files can also be sorted by file name, meaning that you can quickly set up the mixes. The program also allows you to load an entire music database from b7e8fdf5c8

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PCDJ DEX is a professional application designed for disk jockeys but also for casual computer users that want to mix songs. Weather you mix songs for a living or just want to try some combinations for your friends this program allows you to get quick results. The program emulates a DJ turntable and features two digital audio players that can play different tracks at the same time. The audio database browser enables you to organize the audio files and to quickly select the ones that you want to use. It can provide with a full range of audio files since it can handle MP3 files, playlists and songs from the iTunes library. The program can also load an entire folder or browse the local folders in order to load a certain song. You can use the program to open MP3 files but also video files such as MPG, AVI or MP4 in order to play the audio track. The video files, such as music video clips can also be watched in full screen. The songs are loaded in the computer’s memory in order to provide you with a shorter response time when performing a scratch or looping a song. The files stored on the local hard disk are loaded almost instantly while loading a CD track can take about 20 seconds. For the experienced DJ’s the program offers a wide range of features that intend to transform any computer into a virtual turntable. The vinyl simulation includes features like scratch, pitch, reverse play and brake that enable you to create professional grade mixes. Two of the four DJ decks are designed for karaoke and allow you to use this program at parties. If you prefer to use the mouse and keyboard the interface provides access to all the important functions. The owners of a hardware controller can take advantage of the support provided by the app in order to quickly apply effects. During playback the program uses about 400 MB of memory, depending on the number of songs and the sound quality. PCDJ DEX is a reliable solution for any user that wants to mix songs. Although the price clearly points to professional use, you can also try it at home to entertain your friends. What’s new in this version: • · New slide-show-program (available from inside application) Suggested Read • · Read the User’s Manual or Search the Internet for Helpful Info. Download PCDJ DEX PCDJ DEX Pro is a professional application designed for disk jockeys but also for

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Pc DJ DeX is an application intended for DJ’s and computer users that mixes songs. The application can be used by computer users and DJ’s in order to mix songs. PC DJ DeX is designed to speed up the routine activities of the musician or DJ. The application has most of the DJ features and can also act as a complete music library manager. Pc DJ DeX features DJ features such as: 2 decks: able to play two different audio files at the same time Scratch: apply scratches, fades and fades in a crossfade Loop: repeating a song indefinitely Mix: play only the song with the most popular lyrics (karaoke mode) BPM detection: detect the beat using the bpm of the song or the BPM of the last bar Pitch: adjust the pitch of the song if it’s out of tune Break: apply a beat REVERSE: reverse the song or drum roll if the song is playing in the wrong direction INDEX: set a specific track to the index With PC DJ DeX you can also take advantage of the features of a CD player. To organize your music, the songs can be imported from a CD (including MP3, WMA and AAC files), iTunes, Windows Media Player and many other music applications. PC DJ DEX offers a wide range of effects that allow you to modify the sounds of the music being played. While the program is suitable for DJ’s and computer users that mix music, the users that only use the application to listen to songs can also take advantage of the features of this application. Pc DJ DeX features a wide range of technical features that include BPM detection, reverse effects and more. The program is designed to be used as a CD Library and a full DJ Deck. User Interface: The application is designed to be simple and easy to use. The interface offers a simple operation mode in order to allow novice users to use the application to its fullest. Track Selection: Track selection is easy and you can easily find the song you want. You can also jump directly to specific tracks such as “So Beautiful”. File Browser: The File Browser allows you to choose the file you want to play. You can load songs from an external CD, Windows Media Player and iTunes. You can also select songs from a hard drive and listen to songs that have the same name. Track Options: The options window provides a comfortable and simple way to organize

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Win2K SP4 .NET Framework 3.5 .NET Framework 2.0 .NET Framework 1.1 Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 Additional Notes: The game uses the Unity 3D API which is available for free on the Unity website. The Steam game client will detect the steam client, and login automatically with your Steam Account. The Steam game client will auto-update your game files to the latest version without any further action. This week, we have just