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* Figure 7-5 shows a sample image from the “Ants” collection at ``.

Figure 7-5: Scrapbooked “Ants” as a ready-to-print desktop card.

A photo found online, this image featured a large group of ants on the windowsill of an apartment building. The original size of the image was 21.99 x 15.84 inches (54 x 40 cm).

> © 2014 AmericanRivieras. Used by permission.

1. **Choose File** ⇒ **Open**.
2. Navigate to your `Desktop` folder. Select the image from the folder and click **Open**. In the main workspace, place the image on the **Canvas** canvas. Then click on the **Background** layer to make the background transparent. Click the **Background** layer to select it.

3. On the menu bar, use the shortcut keys or click the arrow next to **Layer** to access the **Layers Panel**. Select the existing **Background** layer. Then click on the **Layer** menu, as shown in Figure 7-6. Choose **Rename Layer**. Type **Ants.**

Figure 7-6: Rename the layer to the new name, which will become the name the layer is referred to as in the future.

4. Double-click on the **Ants** layer to select it. Then hold down the Shift key, and click the **Layer** menu again. Select **Trim** from the menu and press the letter **A** on the keyboard to trim off the sides and bottom of the layer. The edges will extend through the transparent portions of the **Background** layer.

> Note: Photoshop Elements enables you to trim or copy individual image components and rearrange their position. You’ll find more about this in Chapter 6.

The ants still appear on the image as seen in Figure 7-7.

Figure 7-7: Trim and rearrange the ants.

Adding text to a photo is one of the most common digital image editing tasks. However, Photoshop has some interesting tricks that make adding text easier than ever.

1. Using the **Select** tool, click the **Text** button on the toolbox. You now see the **Text** tool on the toolbox, as shown in Figure 7-8.


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It has version 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Download Photoshop Elements 2019 from the link below:

Click here to download Photoshop Elements 2019

2020 version: There’s no official release yet, but here is the beta site (with an older version of the program)

There’s no official release yet, but here is the beta site (with an older version of the program)

You can find the link below for downloading Photoshop Elements 10:

You can find the link below for downloading Photoshop Elements 9:

You can find the link below for downloading Photoshop Elements 8:

You can find the link below for downloading Photoshop Elements 7:

We have created a table with the list of all the things you will find in the version and you can use it to compare with the newest version of Photoshop. You can read more about things in the section at the end of this tutorial.

Comparison with the recently updated version of Photoshop

The table below is presenting the differences that are noticed between the two versions of Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 vs Photoshop version 2020

Apart from the above changes, the new version will also get some new features.

Photoshop for image manipulation

We can say that most of the Photoshop users are not designers and if you are one, then you can use the newer version of Photoshop for designing images.

Design tools in Photoshop are sophisticated and professional which can be used for designing any type of web page. Photoshop also has Sketch, Lightroom, and even Pre-press and web publishing tools, which are considered as the main tools for designing or preparing business projects.

Smart Sharpen

With the new Photoshop version, Photoshop Elements 2019 also got new features. The most interesting feature is Smart Sharpen. Now, you can make your image look less blurry or noisy.

You can take your time to make your image as sharp as you want. Even when you make your image sharp, it still will maintain the softness to avoid looking too crispy.

Pencil tool

If you are a graphic designer, then you will appreciate this tool as you can make your design work look real even when you make it look realistic.

If you are not a graphic designer, then you can always use this tool if you are having some problem in the picture you have to edit.

Graphic design tools in Photoshop can be used for the designing of any type

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Friday, January 24, 2017

I’m having a big ol’ old panic attack because I can’t find a good prim stammer and stutter replacement. I can see all of my characters doing it and being really obvious in their voice, but it’s like the thing breaks and you have to try a different curse word.

I think I might have just fked it up by not hitting the right button on my preferred audio editor.

Saturday, October 29, 2014

I am a late, late arrival to the link party. Well, at least to the last one. I needed to see it first, since I had a cluster fb of my own in the post a few days ago.

I have been watching Fangirl, which is a Netflix show about a band. There is a spin-off called Fangirls, which is about the school of things, but I haven’t seen it.

Part of me really wants to create a fanfiction of the band because I think they are an interesting premise. They are a band from the middle ages (or they only like to present themselves as from the middle ages) that faked their deaths and are wandering the world selling their songs. They are basically a band from the church wandering the world with a stash of music. I like how they are deliberately trying to look like they are from the middle ages, but the time frame would be pretty modern. It would be an interesting story to tell, especially since I read the digger version of Fables as a child.

I think the show is nice, but it’s kind of shirking its potential. It’s basically adding a bunch of songs to the story, to the point that they are no longer a story. I don’t know if I like it or not. I feel like it’s a big cop-out for them to be real.

Sometimes, stories are best when they are fake. When they are actually fake, it makes them more believable, and that has always been my favorite type of story.

Or I guess that’s not what it is. I just don’t think it’s a good show, and they need to do a better job to show that they are trying to be realistic to the time period.

Oh! And I don’t really like the characters, not because they are not likable, but because I feel like I know how they would act. The lead singer and lead guitarist seem pretty much like

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 64bit or higher
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