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When I use the term “photoshop,” I mean the version of Photoshop that is the flagship program for the company. Also, for the sake of readability, I’m also referring to Acrobat Photoshop and Windows Live Photo Gallery. I don’t mean Photoshop cs6 or Photoshop Creative Cloud, which are web-based applications that contain a slightly different version of the software than the offline programs such as Photoshop CS6. I cover using web versions in Book II, Chapter, “Office Programs.”

Photoshop used to come in two versions, Photoshop CS (Creative Suite) and Photoshop Elements. Unfortunately, with the discontinuation of Photoshop Elements, the creative community has been split into Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CS6 Elements. Fortunately, it doesn’t matter which version you use; each program offers the same tools and works with a similar philosophy.

Although there is Photoshop for Mac, I don’t cover it because it’s too different. Mac users can use Photoshop in two versions: the free iLife suite (discussed in Book V, Chapter ) or one of the paid options for the professional version. (Check out the next section to find out more about the difference between iLife and Photoshop CS6.)

Adobe Photoshop CS6

Adobe Photoshop CS6 is a powerful image manipulation program similar to the version that came out in the mid-nineties. It offers powerful tools and features for both professionals and beginners. If you’re in the latter category, you can find an abundance of tutorial videos on YouTube. If you’re in the former category, the product features hold more value than tutorials because you can usually find tutorials on YouTube that are written for the current version.

This version of Photoshop contains many new features, including the following:

Content Aware Fill: This is a powerful feature in Photoshop that fills the background with similar colors in a picture. It’s like magic because it fills in the background with things like a silky couch. I include a tutorial on Content Aware Fill in Book I, Chapter.

Healing Brush: This brush is one of the most useful tools. You use it to remove blemishes, scratches, and lens flare from an image. It’s like magic because it restores image detail that’s already in the photo (unlike magic erasers). I cover it in Book IV, Chapter.

Adjustment layers: This is a feature that enables you to edit and experiment with your image. For example, you can use color correction techniques and then apply

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Adobe Photoshop and Elements 11 are both powerful tools for photographers, graphic designers, web designers, photo editing, and so on. Since it costs about $100, it is expensive compared to some other programs, so here is an overview of what each program does, and what you may use them for.

General Applications

Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 (PSE 11)

Originally created as a replacement for the Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite program, but Adobe decided to discontinue it in 2012 and only supply patches and bug fixes.

Nevertheless, there are so many differences between Photoshop and Elements that it’s probably worth creating a short comparison between the two programs. These include:

Adobe Photoshop is $1199, while Adobe Elements is $169

Adobe Photoshop is 32-bit, while Elements is 16-bit

Adobe Photoshop has a huge number of fonts and other features, while Elements only has 90

Adobe Photoshop is highly customizable, while Elements is more limited

Adobe Photoshop can be used to do 3D graphics and such, while Elements can’t

Adobe Photoshop comes with many plugins, while Elements has none

Adobe Photoshop is much more powerful

Adobe Photoshop works with a large number of online services, while Elements doesn’t

Adobe Photoshop has more features, but much of them can be achieved with Elements

Adobe Photoshop is easier to use and has a cleaner interface

Photoshop has many special tools and features, as well as powerful features that can be used with layers and masking and easily move and resize photos and other elements. The interface is cleaner and organized.

And last but not least, Photoshop is usually installed with the operating system, while Elements is not.

Adobe Elements (PSE 10)

Adobe updated the base program in 2014, making it an excellent choice if you need to do both easy graphic editing and advanced photo editing.

Adobe Elements is as powerful as Photoshop but a simpler interface, and is available for free.

Adobe Photography, Graphics & Multimedia (Adobe Photography & Design) is where Photoshop and Elements are actually created. Adobe designers work with both programs, but Photoshop is usually used for higher-end graphics, such as creating logos, making brochures, designing print materials, and so on.

Adobe Photo Editor (Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6) is a powerful

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System Requirements For Photoshop 2021:

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or i7-7700K (Intel only)