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## **Using the Tools Window** The Tools window (shown in Figure 1-1) provides easy access to all the tools in Photoshop. These tools are organized by groups and subgroups, which is very helpful for finding the right tool fast. You also can use the menu commands at the top of the screen to access the tools.

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Installation of Adobe Photoshop Elements You can download both of the Adobe Photoshop Elements software versions individually. But if you prefer to have one package with all the features, you can simply download the software bundle. There’s also a link on Adobe to install both versions at once if you want to update your existing. Open up the installer link and proceed. Allow the installer to download the latest version and then install. The app will ask you to agree to the EULA. You’ll see the ‘’Home’’ icon at the top-left corner of the app and nothing else. You have to tap on the ‘’Home’’ icon to change views and move to different parts of the app. Let’s look at some of the features of Adobe Photoshop Elements. 1. Browser: You can use the browser of Adobe Photoshop Elements to look at images. It allows you to manage and access images and files like your desktop software. Using the file browser, you can: Access files stored on your local hard disk and organized in folders. Open files from memory cards or digital cameras. Connect to a digital photo gallery you have stored online. Open files from the local network. Browse networked drives, FTP sites or websites. You can also: Add and remove items from the gallery. Delete items from the gallery. Send items to a removable storage like a memory card. Delete a file in the browser. Double-click a file to open it in the editor. Hold your finger on the image to bring up a Quick Search box. 2. Library: Using the library, you can manage and open all the images you’ve previously downloaded or edited. Just navigate to the desired folder of the photos you want to move from the gallery to the editor. Select the files to be moved. Then, use the menu to: Open the selected photos in the editor. Open selected images in a browser. Preview, edit or delete the images. You can also: Rename images. Move files to another folder. Use the browser to view the photos. 3. File Management: The File Management section allows you to import and delete images or video files a681f4349e

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