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# **Accessories**

Using a graphics tablet can increase your speed and accuracy while working with Photoshop. For example, when working in Photoshop, you can use the tablet to define your image on the canvas and then define text and other items in the same area at the same time.

The Digitizing Station (also called the Cintiq) is the most popular graphics tablet in the industry. It enables accurate touch-based drawing, and the image appears on the screen for real-time review. The precise image displays on the computer screen when you’re making edits, so you can go back to the image and make corrections without having to go to the original source material.

In addition to the Digitizing Station, there are four categories of graphic tablets: pen tablets, the Cintiq, drawing tablets, and surface tablets.

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Adobe Photoshop is the professional version of the Photoshop product family. The product comes with powerful features, is packed with functionality and design tools, and has a high learning curve. Photoshop is mainly used by photographers for editing, graphic design, and illustration.

The user interface of Photoshop is very different from that of Adobe Photoshop Elements. Not only do you have to learn a new interface, you also have to learn an extensive list of new shortcuts and commands.

While in Photoshop Elements, you can create, edit, save, and share without leaving the software, and can also open, view, and save files from the web, in Photoshop you have to launch Photoshop to open files (by double-clicking on the file) or access the Cloud from the web.

If you are a beginner you may not have the confidence to use Photoshop Elements. Using Photoshop will be your new favorite feature. You will learn all the shortcuts and commands that make Photoshop work faster and more efficiently.

If you are a professional, however, you will miss the simplified interface and the tools that come with Photoshop. You will quickly find that Photoshop is harder to work with than Photoshop Elements.

We’ll start this guide with a brief introduction to the Photoshop Elements user interface. We will then review the basic functions of the Photoshop Elements interface in a series of screenshots to help you create new images, edit existing images, and work with different features.

Defining a Photo

In Photoshop, a new image is called a document. When you open a new image, it is opened as a new document in Photoshop (like when you open a Word document in Microsoft Word).

If you have opened the image from the file system, the image is opened in an image window (see Figure 1). If you opened the image from the web, the image opens in the web browser and a blank screen is displayed.

You can work with Photoshop Elements in two ways: open a photo on the hard drive, or open an image from the web.

If you open a photo on the hard drive, Photoshop Elements stores all the layers of the image as a Photoshop file. If you open a photo from the web, Photoshop Elements displays the images as image layers or mockups. These mockups or layers allow you to work on the image in Photoshop Elements but are not saved with the image. You can save the image later as a Photoshop document or see the mockups in the Photoshop Elements inspector.

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The Pen tool allows you to select or drag a path across a layer of the image. This is useful for drawing lines or vectors.
The Gradient tool allows you to create different colors for different areas. For example, you can apply a yellow gradient over a part of an image, and create a different gradient for the sky and the landscape. You can also create a linear gradient over a path, a radial gradient along a path, and a pattern gradient.

The Lens Blur tool is used to blur an image or an area of an image. This can be used to remove lens distortions, or make a photo appear more smooth, or as a background blur.

The Paint Bucket tool lets you erase areas of an image, or pick colors from one area and put them into another. This is useful for retouching images.

The Smudge tool is used for painting smears or blurs over an area of an image. This can create the illusion of a damaged or smudged page, or make items look more interesting or realistic.

The Burn Tool allows you to adjust the brightness of an image. This can help save image processing time.

The Dodge and Burn tool allow you to adjust the transparency of an image. By setting the opacity percentage to, say, 20% or 50%, you can make an object appear less opaque, or more opaque. Dodge and burn tools are often used in conjunction with one another.

The Clipping Mask tool is used to mask out areas of an image that are no longer relevant. This can help save time by creating a separate layer for an object that is not important anymore.

The Eraser tool removes undesired elements in an image. You can erase elements to remove lines, and paint over or move color from one area to another.

The Effects menu helps you apply various Photoshop effects to an image. You can apply various filters to create grunge, emboss, emboss crease, drop shadow, glow, grunge blur, lens flare, mosaic, pixelate, radiate, soften, sepia, mosaic, and wood grain.

But not all of the applications in the Effects menu are used for effects. Some are used for special effects, like the inverse, desaturate, drop shadows, and defocus filters.

The Liquify filter is used to slightly change the shape of an object, or to make something seem more cartoonish. For example, you can stretch an object

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System Requirements For Photoshop EXpress:

Operating System: Mac OS X 10.9 or later

CPU: Dual-core Intel or AMD 2.8GHz
Memory: 1GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 4000 (Core 2 Duo) or AMD Radeon HD 6750M
Storage: 1GB available space
Internet: Connect to the internet through Wi-Fi network
Input Device: Keyboard
To begin, make sure to launch the game’s in-app purchase and enter the iTunes Account ID and Password (once you have registered for the game, you can find your account