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The game is the first fantasy game that features an innovative online environment that can be enjoyed by players anywhere and anytime. It uses a fully integrated, low latency game client that supports simultaneous play.


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Features Key:

  • Action RPG Using a Barter System
    Following the order and strength of your character, use the items you obtain as a means of bartering with the people in the Lands Between.
    You can use skills, such as items, and items plus skills to deal out damage in battle.
  • Customization: Co-op Equipment and Appearances
    You can freely combine the weapon, armor, and magic that you equip, and you can upgrade these items as you progress.
    You can also freely change your appearance, along with your hair, color, and strength, after you have obtained the world’s items.
    Equipping a Glorious Coat allows your character to display their rank as a multiple of 10.
  • Automated Job System
    Automated jobs, where you are given tasks to accomplish, allow you to enjoy yourself while progressing smoothly.
  • Materials and Aesthetic Scenery
    The world, which is being built, features a loamy forest of trees, and the texture of dirt and rocks in each area has been carefully researched and created.
    Items that are scattered in the world disappear after a certain time and do not become trade items.
    Materials that disappear after a certain time can be retrieved as quest items once they reappear, or can be used as a trade item if the time period has not expired.
  • Features will be revealed throughout the month of August (…).
    In case you would like to know more about Rave Master, please be sure to check out the

    reveal wip

    The return of the Player vs Player system

    • Player vs Player (PvP)
      • Actions and equipment that you obtain can be traded to other players.
      Using cash acquired by selling items, you can trade items with other players or join tournaments.
    • New PvP Weapons and Items
      Using Cash, you can obtain new and powerful weapons and items on the battlefield.
      We are also planning to prepare many competitive events. In addition to items, you


      Elden Ring (LifeTime) Activation Code

      “It’s very challenging and fun!”

      “Before, I wasn’t sure if I could be a good hero, but now I feel confident!”

      “The battles get harder and more challenging!”

      “I can enjoy running around in The Land Between so much!”

      “The graphics are beautiful!”

      “The variety of weapons is good!”

      “The equipment can be improved by switching out old items for new ones!”

      “The map is fun and convenient to use!”

      “I’m finally ready to become an Elden Lord!”

      “I want to keep on playing this game!”

      Kaidan Threspire “The Dreamer” (voiced by Junichi Suwabe)
      The Dreamer is the first character created by the members of the development team. He is a person who is dreamy, as well as brave and energetic. As a game protagonist, his appearance is delicate and refined, with a youthful and innocent personality. He is an idealist, and often looks at the world from a distance. He is a person who stands in the front line in order to protect people and lead them forward. Even when it is dangerous, he works alongside others.

      By combining his love for beauty with his desire to protect people, he seeks to become a worthy Elden Lord. However, he has fallen in love with a noblewoman who can’t be his equal. Both are working to overcome their problems and face their future.

      Mammon “Mother of Monsters” (voiced by Hirokazu Kobayashi)
      The figurehead of the Black Beast army, she is a reincarnation of the mother of “Stone Beast,” who was slain by the Elden King. She has not forgotten this as she has fallen in love with the “Princess of the Elden Country” that the Elden King and Commander used to protect. As a result, she intends to break the Elden King and his allies from using the “Two Elden” method.

      As the commander of “The Knights of the Black Beast,” she gives orders without a moment’s rest. As a deity


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      ● First and foremost, the Tactical RPG Battle System that enhances the feeling of control when battling mobs.
      ● Tactical RPG that enhances the characteristics of the battle system, such as the flexibility in the battle point allocation and the control that guides your moves.

      ● Powerful Equipment that improves the characteristics of your weapon and armor

      ● The Exploratory Action System that challenges you to choose your own battle methods that exploit the various elements around you, and you get to experience the excitement of battling from another angle.
      ● The Exploration Action System is based on the Exploration Action System that Tarnished World introduced, making movement across vast spaces more interesting.

      Combat ELDEN RING game:

      ● Strategic Party Formation System that enhances the strategic element of the RPG battle system, allowing for you to direct your team to act while planning the entire course of the battle.

      ● The RPG Battle System that enhances the feeling of control.

      ● Better World Map that expands with the timeline of the game, and provides a unique approach to enjoying battles.

      ● Introducing the Path System that allows you to change party members freely during battle.
      ● The Infusion System that lets you communicate with your team when participating in battle.
      ● The Raid System that lets you engage in combat with a powerful party during special events.

      Attack ELDEN RING game:

      ● Powerful Weapons that support the strike of a single unit, and work on heavy armor.
      ● The Capacity System that enhances the feeling of control when dealing damage to the enemy.
      ● The Advanced Artillery System that enhances the characteristics of your base artillery.

      ● The Class System that lets you equip one character to strengthen the specific characteristics of your character.
      ● The Alternate Class System that lets you learn all the characteristics of your class and unlock the class skills by leveling up your character.

      Class ELDEN RING game:

      ● Classes and Characteristics that allow you to directly express yourself in combat.
      ● Characteristics that give you a distinct feel of strength and magnanimity that are unique to an ELDEN LORD.

      Combat ELDEN RING game:

      ● Random Match: Every player automatically puts their character in the game. Battle with your partner for victory.
      ● Matchmaking: You automatically enter battles with other players that you have made matches with.
      ● Battle in Lobby: Create your own match and enter into battles with as many players


      What’s new:

      Screenshot from a virtual game room.

      The gameplay starts as normal in an Ark, where you ride a dragon to fly up in the sky and attack monsters. You walk and run around a map, witnessing the story scroll. Click on an NPC to listen to them and discover what you’re doing.
      As you progress through the story, you learn new skills and form bonds with the characters through the role playing elements. Most important, your emotions influence and change the appearance of the light gauge on your character. While there are many other factors such as bonuses from weapons and armor, skill degradation, and your growing hunger and exhaustion, the Emotion Gauge (エモートガウン) appears in the lower left corner of the screen. As you gain experience, the more intense your emotions become, making your rating of 1 to 5 (little to intense) rise.

      As your rating of the emotion gauge grows, you will undergo a chain reaction where your emotions rise and you go into a trance-like state and become enraged. When your rating reaches 4, a dragon will appear. You gain experience points by befriending and defeating them, and your rating of 5 will become irreversible.

      As you develop bonds with the other characters, they will ask that you vote on their decision. If you cast your vote correctly, they will return the favor. If you choose to not vote, they won’t listen to you and will keep on doing their plan. Although each of them has their own ability, the story will continue. If you choose to not listen to your friends, you lose all your value as a hero.

      There are many choices between good and evil, and ultimately it comes down to you.

      “You are a hero.”
      You are a hero. Pick a path, and maybe you’ll be an adventurer next time you log in.”

      In this single-player CMMORPG, you can be a hero or evil.



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      *Title: ELDEN RING

      *Version: 1.0.10

      *Size: 2.3 GB (298535397 bytes)

      *Run time: ~6 Minutes

      *Original developers: Smart Egg, Inc.

      *Players: 3

      *Published: November 12, 2014

      *Language: English/Polish

      *Online & offline modes : Single – Play only Online

      *Online: Yes

      *Offline: Yes

      *Game guide : Yes

      *Play : PC

      *Genre : Fantasy Action RPG

      *Category: PC Games

      *Languages : In

      *Release Date: November 12, 2014

      *Copyright : PC Games

      *Manufacturer : Smart Egg, Inc.

      FileSharing is DUMB and illegal… ShareONLY at places you find legal and ok with the Creators. If you don’t know, or are not sure if the location is legal, don’t share it. Always use a file host such as 8Media, FilePlanet, Uploadrocket, Uploaded, etc.

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      How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

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    • Midor


    • Background: Open Between:
    • GAME LINK: >


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    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 7/8/10
    CPU: Intel® Core™ i3-2120, Intel® Core™ i5-2540M, Intel® Core™ i7-3770, Intel® Core™ i7-3820, AMD® FX-8320E, AMD® FX-6300, AMD® FX-6350, AMD® FX-8350, AMD® Ryzen™ 7 1800X
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