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An epic fantasy RPG with a unique story. The game is set between the Age of Realms and the Age of Mastery.
Character Design
The fantasy world between the Age of Realms and Age of Mastery has been in chaos since the gods died and there was no one to light the way. A paradise called the Lands Between had once been a holy place, but has been abandoned.
In the chaos, the power of the Hells had broken loose and a parallel world is growing, while a group of individuals has appeared who have a mysterious power and the impression of a god.
In the Lands Between, the people have been delving into the darkness and finding something called the spirit, which seems to be connected to the power of the Hells.
Our heroes have allied with the gods and gods’ servants and have returned to confront this evil. The heroes had been set on a journey to confront the evil and the wrath of the gods to save the Lands Between.

Character Design
• 6 different races: Human, Elden, Tarnished, Quori, Val’rya, and Ghoul
• Over 500 different character combinations with each race
• Over 170 different secondary classes that each character can use
• Over 200 types of weapons, armors, and accessories

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Select your character and unleash your power of the Elden Ring. Evolve your character and acquire new items, or attack others in real-time PVP battles.
A unique Action RPG that challenges players to use the battle system to your advantage. During battles, your character will increase in strength, items will be consumed, and there will be attacks that will gain power based on the relationship with the enemy.
Boost the strength of your battle team by equipping your characters and selecting a team from a variety of different areas and races.



VR Screens: VGA (640 x 480)

HD Screens: HMD (1280 x 800)

Desktop Screens: WxGA (1680 x 1050)

・Minimum Requirements

OS: Mac OS X (10.11) or later

CPU: Intel Core i5 2.4 GHz

GPU: Intel HD Graphics 5300 (Radeon HD 5xxx)



Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Great RPGs that Emphasize Flexibility and Gameplay
  • Fantastic Fantasy Game that Knows What You’re Up To
  • Perfect for Those Who Love RPGs
  • RPGs Allowed for Everyone
  • RPGs That Emphasize Simultaneous Online Play
  • RPGs That Emphasize Skill Build Up
  • Elden Ring Overview:

    “The Land Between” RPG.
    The Lands Between is a world between the World of the Present and the World of the Past where people search for the answers to their questions of life and destiny in exile.

    Players choose a god, and take the role of a hero of the lands between.
    Travelling in the Lands Between, you answer various quests to discover your purpose and put an end to tragedy. In order to do so, you must first play the role of a god. You begin your adventure among other gods, until you gain the power to become a god of your own, and become the hero of others.
    “RPGs Allowed for Everyone” means that anyone, even those who have never played an RPG before, can enjoy this game.

    Share your experience with others!

    Metal Gear Solid Is Also A Social Game

    The Elden Ring ideal is to expand the global network of RPG players who create and experience new roles. “Multiplayer” and “Asynchronous Online Play” are interrelated elements that have strengthened in the years following the release of the first Metal Gear Solid.

    The player can play RPGs within the Public Game Area by connecting an account. At the same time, players can play RPGs that are only available to those with special accounts.

    The Global Network created by the Elden Ring includes many players who enjoy creating their own roles. Not only within the world of games, but also within the real world, the Elden Ring is focused on creating the “global entertainment network of players who unite.”

    FILE PHOTO: The Goldman Sachs company logo is pictured in the company’s space on


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    A massive fantasy world with several huge dungeons in it, the world of Novia. In this world, which has no King and no capital, each of the four nations is searching for the legendary object Arcus who has the power to protect the world. And one day the player’s character who came from the Lands Between came into the world and became Arcus.

    The world of Novia is vast, and the areas that differ greatly depending on the nation are separated by impassable mountains. Along with the world, new contents are also added. For example, if you increase your fighting ability, there will be a chance to hunt a monster of higher level than usual, or if you increase your magic power, there will be a dungeon with a more difficult dungeon system.

    In addition to the continuous quests, there are quests that unlock special items and other advantages. If you collect a certain amount of experience, you can fight a monster of a special level.

    The massive world and the quests are not the only new content in this game. The main character can be freely customized, and the monster or equipment can be customized to greatly customize the appearance.

    The main character is a character who has been tamed, and the player can change the appearance and skill of the tamed character. The customization of equipment, weapons, and accessories are possible. For example, if you increase the strength of a weapon, that weapon will have a higher damage.

    There are also features to be able to freely customize the appearance of a character in the game. For example, some of the extra skills that you can choose as the development plan include changing the hair style, the face style, the face shape, and the armor style. You can improve the character’s appearances with this kind of customization.

    There are also a lot of similar features, including stat boosting skills, equipment of different color and class, the specific color of equipment, and the ability to put effects of skills on equipment.

    The detailed character model from the game will be widely used to display characters with an amazing 3D effect. It’s easy to follow the storyline with the moving images that you can freely customize.

    There is also a unique online element in this game that allows you to connect with other players and travel together. The transfer fee for items or items of other players can be stored in the inventory, and you can exchange items. And there are


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    ► The game’s story will start off in the continent of Jomon, but if you arrive at an NPC shop in-game, you can begin the story by paying 200 gold to each NPC in that shop. The story that you will receive in this form will be roughly the same story as that of the other heroes.

    ► As the story progresses, you will be able to change the character’s gender and appearance. You can freely customize your character.

    The game system.

    ► A battle system that utilizes various gears, skills, and techniques is integrated.

    ► The game features an item creation system that allows you to create the skill sets of your characters freely.

    ► In addition to leveling-up, you can create new equipment.

    The multiplayer game.

    ► The game allows for both online (between players) and offline (between computers) multiplayer.

    ► In the online multiplayer game, you can be connected with people that you meet in the game world, and you can interact with them.

    ► In addition to directly connecting to a person, you can also use a chat function.

    Here are some of the characters included in the game.





    ○ DESIGN

    Tampus’s design is that of a peculiar and small elf, and his skin color is red.

    In addition, while his skin color is white, Tampus’s eyes are red.

    ► He is a level 30 power-class of the Power Character class.

    ► He has an ATK of around 3000 (70%) and a DEF of around 1500 (31%).


    ○ His moves consume a large amount of actions and his attack is lightning-fast.

    ○ His movements are fixed.

    ○ His attacks are fixed.

    ○ EFFECT

    ○ Tampus’s Critical Damage is high.

    ○ Tampus’s DEF is high.

    ○ Tampus’s Aqua-Refreshment is high.

    ○ Tampus’s DEF is high.

    ► Tampus is fixed to C4A4K5.



    What’s new:

    by SETFE and INSIDER (InTheory)

    Tarnished is a game about a mage who is trying to avoid the wrath of a god that is currently upset with him… …but not really.
    It’s the dark and slightly unsettling tale of a young mage walking through a constantly falling dream. The story of a young mage walking through a world that appears more dream than real.
    Here comes the creepy stuff!
    • How Do i Gather Resources?
    You’ll need to work with those whose presence resonates with the god of Tarnished: Journalists. Because these high-ranking, influential people fuel Tarnished with knowledge that exist in the form of hidden snippets.
    To gather those resources, you’ll need to decide whether to befriend, antagonize, or pursue them.
    • How Do i Get Them to Tell Me the Truth?
    You’ll need to exploit their fear to coerce them. Learn how, and when.
    • What Do i Need to Do to Get the most out of Tarnished?
    You can tell people the truth, but it’ll have the opposite of the desired effect. And you can shout and beg people for support, but they’ll tell you no.
    So you need to start having earwitnesses.
    Because if you start a quest to equip people with weapons, kill monsters and finish sentences, it’s difficult to determine whether or not their quest is helping you. It’s always best to begin quests and ask them to help you with your tasks.
    And as mentioned before, you’ll need resources. You can passively gather resources to buy better in world equipment, or you can actively seek them out.
    Resources can be gathered the old-fashioned way: by killing monsters or from the passive gathering of information.
    • Why are these Seriously Creepy User Reviews So Hilarious?
    Reviews like this are hilarious because they’ve captured the essence of why horror works. Blood, murder, and things that make us scream.
    Their scatological humor, or sense of alien-ness is a similar experience.
    These terrible truths are hidden away from plain sight. The terror of the unthinkable is said in the deepest way possible. And from there, we bond with the characters.
    These reviews convey the thrill of discovery. The same feeling you get when


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    Features of The NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    • Customize your own character
    Customizing a character is a key part of the experience. In addition to changing the look of your character, you can freely combine different weapons, armor, and magic that you equip. The more power you have, the more different and useful skills you can select. (About the skills…)
    • Creating a world that you can live in
    A vast world that stands apart from the world. Enjoy the scenery as you freely travel to fields of different situations and gigantic dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs.
    • Take the role of a strong hero
    You can become an influential hero and gather followers. Fight enemies and challenge others.
    • A world full of actions
    The action adventure title ELDEN RING combines these 2 aspects. A legend from the past comes to life in the world of the game. A drama unfolds in the world of the game and the dramatic actions that take place in the world of the game affect the rise of the hero.

    Gameplay Mode:

    Explore the vast world of The NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG.
    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    How install and crack ELDEN RING game:

    Features of The NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    • Explore a vast world
    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.
    • Show your strength
    You fight with the power of your body and soul, and it is possible to acquire followers and allies. With your power, you can defeat others with powerful magic.

    Gameplay Mode:

    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.

    How install and crack ELDEN RING game:

    Features of The NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.


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    Just updated to the latest Monday, and now I cannot connect to the server. It just freezes. I have not been online today. I check the server status and it says “Unavailable”. What can I do? I do not have the old.A1 that many websites where giving people to use, and I cannot access the Epoch mod. I have EUR 949 in my account, with 399 in the purchased The Dark Mod. In addition, I have mods such as Mute button, and some others.

    Hello everyone. Trying to get Elden Ring v 1.7.11 on my Mac. Tried other v1.7.xx and they wouldn’t install. Then found a Mod called smultron. Runs like nothing. But then now wont play. It is a mix between Arms Race Mod, and the Dark Mod. It is supposed to have a function called Eternal. It looks like a mix of a Battle Royale Mod. Is this a problem? This mix allowed me to get a supposedly fixed the Elden Ring problem at one point. That was in the version on the dark website.

    Tell me what version you have and the problem may not be solved but maybe a workaround. Are you struggling to get it to work? Opening DosBox you should be able to see D:\Elden Ring v1.7.11\t den.apk file, Create a new folder there named.Android.

    Open Finder. From time to time the.apk file may disappear. You can leave the folder open in the directory as you take a look at a couple ways to load the.apk file into Android.
    1. You can just use SMultron. It’s so popular that it comes with a built-in "phone emulator".
    2. You can use RetroEmu to run the.APK. I just tried it and it does work.

    tamita_jw wrote:


    Hello everyone.


    System Requirements:

    Supported input:
    Microsoft/Steam Controller
    (tested on Windows 10, Steam Controller, and Win7)
    Steam OS (and Steam Big Picture) NOT supported
    Mouse is not mandatory (for Keyboard support)
    Keyboard is NOT mandatory
    Installation video:
    (May or may not work with other operating systems)
    The following guide will be updated when new major releases of the steam launcher is released.
    An older guide can be found at: