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The Elden Ring, a fantasy action RPG for the PC, has a unique story that seamlessly combines exploration, action, and RPG elements. In the “Lands Between,” an era in which magic resides within stone, two factions—the allied party of knights and the evil faction of demons—have divided the world between them. In the story, a mercenary comes face to face with a mercenary who belongs to the mysterious group of Elden Knights. Their paths divide, but fate bound them together in a fight for revenge, and the destiny of the Lands Between is entwined with their fate. A VAST WORLD FULL OF EXCITEMENT Explore a vast world full of excitement. ▼Discover countless challenges and fun dungeons in the Lands Between. ▼Delve into a battle-filled storyline as you play in online multiplayer. ▼Buy, sell, and use items to strengthen your party or gain new skills. ▼Lead your team to victory in the PvP 5vs1 online mode. ▼You can choose to play as one of the two factions (demonic and human), which have different characteristics. ▼Elden Ring Game ■Players can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that they equip. ■There are “Class Skills” that can be mastered. ■Saving during battle is supported. ■You can initiate a “PvP battle” or fight the enemies inside the “PvP battle.” ■You can choose to play as either a female or male character. ■Build your own party. You can even change your character’s gender. ■You can change your party’s name, class, and item name. ■You can purchase new items through both BATTLE and NPC. ■You can use maps. ■You can switch from one map to another. ▼The Story of the Lands Between There are two factions in the Lands Between. ▼The evil faction of the demons is a large organization. It was formed by the governments of the seven kingdoms. Their goal is to subdue the entire world. ▼The Elden Knights were once a group of medieval-like people. Their goal was to fight evil and protect the world. As word of their existence spread, they were


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A fascinating online RPG
  • A vast world to enjoy
  • An epic drama to experience
  • Atmospheric game graphics with a sense of scale and unprecedented fluidity
  • Fantasy? Interesting? That’s it. ^-^

    We hope you enjoy our game and thank you for your support!

    27 Oct 2011 08:10:00 +0000 a trip back to days of old for the new installment in the Infinite series, Knights of the Old Order. Set on a fantastic world inhabited by colorful characters, beautiful landscapes, and impossible creatures. It’s your first date with a fantasy game, a wide world to explore, and a whole lot of stuff to do! You want a date? Fantasy is your gal. ]]> of the old order in new look 1.2 26 Oct 2011 17:30:01 +0000 game is currently in Closed Alpha. The full version will have more features. P.S. How do you like Kaer the ghost?


    Elden Ring [32|64bit]

    • “One of the best RPGs I’ve played in a long time” (RPGWatch) • “Ensure that you sink your teeth in to this one” (RPGBlog) • “Elden Ring is one of the best RPGs available on smartphones, for Windows Mobile or any platform” ( • “If you’re a fan of older CRPGs, but you’ve never tried the kind of RPG that has no turn-based combat and whose story arcs run parallel to the action…” ( • “Can you stand another RPG? The best is yet to come” ( • “Praised by many as one of the most enjoyable games on Windows Phones, the new RPG, Elden Ring, is also one of the most complete RPG experiences available, featuring 13 different classes to recruit, over 60 different spells, a distinct story, and complete weapon and spell descriptions. The game is also extensive enough to keep you playing for hours.” ( • “One of the best RPG apps available on Windows Mobile” (Gamesreview) • “Elden Ring is a rich, epic action RPG, with an engrossing story, and characters who make time to remember you fondly. I highly recommend it to everyone looking for a stellar adventure.” ( • “A deep, satisfying game. I was surprised to find out that it’s actually being developed by a third-party, since the game looks and sounds amazing… I would only suggest that you stick to the Windows Mobile version, but if you can get a hold of the Zune version, it offers some additional features…I haven’t played many RPGs, but Elden Ring is definitely one of the best.” ( 11/09/2010 – Added Note that the game was originally planned for release on Playstation 3, as the studio had a good connection with Sony. 03/27/2010 – Added missing images from the WPS Assets Pack, as well as images for the Tarnished Armor and a list of Equipment. 11/24/2009 – Added Images for the Morningstar and a description of the Bloodline Talent 11/19/2009 – Added Images for the Neverdie Talents 11/18/2009 – Added Images for the Mastery Talent, the Essence bff6bb2d33


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    WEAVER — Masterful Skill, Exquisite Tastes, and Brilliant Power. ** ELDEN RING WEAVER — Computer Gen. Lore: Toride, the ruler of the nation of Manderia, has longed for a nation that respects women’s rights, and thus ruled with the power of the male-dominated country in mind. The country, however, continues to decline, so Toride decides to create a nation that respects women. Why wait? Everyone is eager to fulfill this desire! ** STORY: Toride hands his kingdom to Yurin, the girl who would become the nation’s first queen. But, what follows is an unexpected turn of events: a queen who has been deprived of the ability to bear a child, and Yurin’s heart, left empty, is ready for a monster who will fill it. WEAVER — Masterful Skill, Exquisite Tastes, and Brilliant Power. Welcome to the Lands Between ** GAME: ELDEN RING WEAVER Your main characters are Yurin and Toride. Yurin, a young girl who would become queen, has grown up in a kingdom that respects women’s rights and looks after her. Toride, the king, has no children, and has left the kingdom to Yurin to take charge. However, once Yurin reaches adulthood, Yurin who has led a sheltered life suddenly becomes the first queen. However, the very thought of being forced to lead a country makes Yurin lose her common sense, and she steps on her first lie. Weaver of the Rings: The main battle with Yurin and Toride will take place at the climax of the story. Yurin, who chose to become the queen of a country that respects women’s rights, and Toride, who is uneasy with the changes forced on him, have suddenly been plunged into the Lands Between, the place where monsters dwell. UNDERSTAND THE LAND BETWEEN’S INTERPRETATION OF THE BIBLE THEOCRACY “This is the land of sin. It is the land of deception. Be careful and don’t be deceived


    What’s new:

    Orc Attack Online is free to download, and offers a trial to allow players to play a limited time for free. – Become a leader and protect your kingdom, or become a sneezed upon bait and become the enemy, the Tarnished! – Create your own character and aim for glory! Design your character how you like! – Strategically challenge your friends! Play cooperatively with other players, or go it alone! – Become a memorable character that is favored by the goddess, or become a dishonored! Our story goes as far as it should!

    Looking for more Tales from the Lands Between games? Try A Story of Seasons, which has the same great gameplay and turn-based RPG.

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    Accepted for Android OS 4.0 and above

    Barefeet on the Bow Story


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    Game Features:


    Choose a song to be inserted when you start the game.

    Disable or enable Web API.

    Choose a domain name to connect to when you start the game.

    Install Elden Ring: A Tenebrea Online

    Program Settings

    Edit individual in-game options, such as the camera, environment, music, and voice.


    Enable or disable SDL2 support.

    Accessibility Indicators


    Mute on hearing a sound on the middle button.

    Enables or disables sound on pressing Home or Up, and on pressing Down or Right or Left.

    Sound is turned off.

    Sound is turned on for music, voice only, and basic. Then, the sound is turned off for the music, voice only, and basic.

    SPL oscillates.

    Adjust screen refresh rate ( 60 to 120Hz )

    Program File Size:

    Enable or disable the voice controls.

    Audio output:

    Direct Sound or Dual Audio.

    Choose a voiced or nonvoiced language:

    English (US or UK)



    French (FR)

    Portuguese (PT)

    Spanish (SP)

    Simplified Chinese (CN) / Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)

    Italian (IT)

    Portuguese (


    System Requirements:

    Requires a system with a 64-bit operating system NVIDIA® GTX® 970/970A-based system or NVIDIA® GTX® 980-based system A DirectX 11-compatible video card Windows 7 DirectX® 11 runtime Download the DirectX® 11 Game Drivers. For instructions on how to install the DirectX® 11 Game Drivers, please refer to the installation instructions located at the end of this release notes document. Release Notes for the DirectX® 11 Game Driver Windows 10 Game Ready: This driver supports