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• Developed by Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment

• Awarded RPG of the Year 2016 by RPGFan

• Rated ‘a-’ (‘Excellent’) by Gamepot

• Rated ‘a’ by Japanese RPG Site (Magazine)

Eden is born, and the lands between are full of wonder.
The Elden Ring is a series of fantasy action role-playing games that adopt a revolutionary turn-based battle system that will be new to gamers. Now, Roles and Weapon are coming to the Elden Ring: ‘Tarnished + Pixel’ that further sets it apart from other games.
Roles and Weapon is set for release on August 8, 2017 in Japanese game stores for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system.


Players and Settings
The new game includes a wide variety of characters and settings, with an extraordinary variety of monsters. In the game, which can be played alone or with up to four people, players can freely change their settings and take on an unstoppable band of monsters.

Roles and Weapon expands on the storied and intriguing story that began in Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment, with the new characters Roles and Weapon plus four bonus characters from the original content, as well as a new male main character Male.

This game features a wide variety of settings. Starting from the Highlands of Dornkimmel, you can visit majestic castles, awe-inspiring forests, ancient ruins, and lush countryside. Moreover, the maps have been redesigned to include a variety of locales that let you enjoy a new adventure and a different experience for each game.

Roles and Weapon creates a unique mix of tactical battle and action that features intuitive and fun controls. In this game, drawing on the series’ turn-based battle system, you can freely customize your party and equipment to become the ultimate party.

1. Backgrounds that look like sword art:

The wide variety of unique background art lets you enjoy a realistic experience that brings Sword Art Online to life.

2. Layers of utility:

The unique layered system allows you to customize your character in a wide variety of ways. You can freely set the level of all weapons and armor, and you can freely set a


Features Key:

  • This is not RuneScape.
  • Instant gameplay.
  • Various great features that most action RPGs lack are included.
  • Upgraded graphics and lighting effects.
  • A new formula of combat.
  • Based on the newly developed “action RPG” formula.
  • How to Play

    In “The Elden Ring”, “the Lands Between”, you play as a character who strives to complete the leaderboard in the game.
    You can review and change the unlocked quests in town with the Quest Log. You can purchase a variety of equipment and accessories in the Item Shop, and use them to boost your stats and skills.
    You can train your character’s combat and magic skills in the Combat & Magic Training section.
    In this game, you are free to travel around the Lands Between and meet new people to chat with. In addition, certain people have quests to give when you visit them.

    There are also features to conveniently access other areas like the defense battle fields, the returning battle guild, the employment screen, and the world map.

    You can also add friends and go to festivals with them.

    Equipping, equipping, equipping – we’ve prepared lots of equipment, and you can also directly control the equipment by selecting the button that matches the equipment color.

    You can also move equipment via the backpack button. Even though the number of equips has increased, the amount of space remains the same.

    Even in the battlefield, you can steadily wield a sword and dagger with a real sword and bladed weapons.

    You can also select and combine different combinations of equipment and it is possible to use a combination that is visually different from the others.

    There are parts that allow for exceptional usage of equipment. A part such as a face shield allows you to take the hit and not be knocked down.

    In addition, you can also acquire experience to enhance your character’s stats.

    When your mission is completed, you will receive an invitation to the World Map when the player’s role


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    Elden Ring License Key Full Download For PC

    The “Elden Ring Game” uses “compatibility” which refers to the making of a game for multiple systems that support it.

    * The games for smartphones: We will divide the content in a set number of pieces according to the smartphone screen sizes and gather them together for submission. However, the content is not yet determined in detail and the release timing for smartphones is unknown. It will also be difficult to make the design scalable according to the smartphone screen sizes.

    * The games for tablets: We will divide the content in a set number of pieces according to the tablet screen sizes and gather them together for submission. We will also make an appearance mode as an accessory feature that can be played without being connected to the main game.

    * The games for PlayStation®4: For the PlayStation®4 game, we will divide the content in a set number of pieces and gather them together for submission.

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    What’s new:

    Pre-Requisite for possible downloading: Vita click here – For an even better experience, you can of course buy a physical copy instead of downloading it from their site.

    Development Team:
    The Creative Frontiers company has 20 years of experience as a game development studio. Along with its in-house development, it has developed various titles such as Elden Ring, Aldan, and


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    The freedom of choice exists only in freedom. The simplicity of choice exists only in simplicity. Achieving simplicity is not easy. But I decide not to make the games easy. Games are entertainment, there is no goal or victory or loss. We enjoy them for the sake of enjoying them. No different from the sun’s radiance “the day of our lives.”


    Editor Comment: The Elder Ring has its own API that registers war efforts in the database of your rune space. Issue a distant token, and you will have the option of liberating the area by sending war efforts. You can also destroy several cities for free as long as you are not using war efforts.


    Enjoy your time on the game world!


    Elder Ring GO! Build your village! Uphold the law! Protect your land!


    Install OS




    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Android devices
    iOS devices
    Xbox One
    Full Version
    Humble Bundle
    Humble Indie Bundle
    I’m not sure what kind of deal this is, I got a free copy of the game for me and my partner. It’s probably a good deal, since I’m really enjoying it.
    The graphics are lovely, and the gameplay is very solid. The only minor complaint I have is that I’m missing a few things to


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