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You have just been swept up in the never-ending conflict between God and the Elder Gods. As an immortal hero, you journey to the Lands Between in search of the answers you need in order to uncover the truth of this age-old conflict. This new fantasy action RPG boasts an exciting and diverse world. To reach your destination, you will be accompanied by a faithful friend, a great bodyguard, and an arsenal of powerful equipment. CUSTOMIZE AND PERSONALIZE THE EXQUISITE CHASSIS: ▶ Unique Passive Skills The unique passive skill set, which consists of passive skills that are activated without using an action, represent the personal growth you will experience as you fight your way through the Lands Between. ▶ Over 28 Types of Weapon You will be able to enhance your attacks using various equipment. By equipping weapons, you will change your basic attacks into a variety of attacks that are special and extraordinary. ▶ Customize your armor and weapons with many attributes Equip weapons in many ways to change the attributes of the weapons, such as damage, critical rate, and attack. You will be able to change your equipment during the course of battle. ▶ In-depth Equipment and Immersion System The degree of your immersion in the world will depend on the equipment that you equip. CUSTOMIZE YOUR CHARACTERIZATION WITH NUMEROUS WEAPON ATTACHMENTS: ▶ Weapon Attachments Weapon Attachments include attachment-specific attributes that can be used with your weapons and armor. You will be able to enhance your skills by equipping weapon attachments. ▶ Enchantment System Enchantment Armor Enchantment Allows you to enhance the defensive properties of your armor. Sword Enchantment Allows you to enhance the offensive properties of your sword. Magic Enchantment Allows you to enhance the offensive properties of your magic. Weapon Enchantment Allows you to enhance the defensive properties of your weapon. Equipment Enchantment Allows you to enhance the properties of your equipment. Armor Enchantment Allows you to enhance the defensive properties of your armor. CUSTOMIZE THE MULTITUDE OF AVAILABLE ROLE PLAYERS: ▶ Skill Development Missions You will be able to conduct missions from other players to enhance your abilities. ▶ Event Missions Based


Features Key:

  • An Action RPG Full of ExpansiveWorlds and Compelling RPG Elements.
  • Customize your Character.
  • An Epic Drama Full of Secrets and Sidequests.
  • <
  • ******************************************************* Clarifications for this release *******************************************************>>
    • Battle Monsters.
    • Actions you are equipped with, will be applied to each monster as usual. For details on actions and consequences of equipped equipment, see the Equip Guide.
    • Mechanic Arts Skills.
    • Class Skills that have a skill level of AT most in this class will increase the level of a skill upon completion of training.
    • Selective Participation System (SPS).
    • During this previous period, users who completed the 5th Defeat Instance of “Belzerg Blazer” obtained the data that this engagement event has been implemented on this update, in the “Character” section. (i.e. a certain rating will be obtained for select actions and statistics) After the update, upon completion of another instance, the previously viewed data will be updated in the “Character” section.
  • Combat System.
  • You can now obtain EXP (Two types: Normal EXP and Drop EXP).
  • You cannot acquire EXP from monsters outside of Guild Wars.
  • EXP can be acquired by defeating monsters and defeating bosses.
  • EXP will be gained based on class and profession.
  • The amount of EXP acquired will depend on the amount of experience a player possesses.
  • Active skills will cause EXP to be increased. The rates are as follows: 15% for Rose Blades, 25% for Green Battle Expert, and -50% for Expert Generalist.
  • Active skills can be used to increase the EXP gained.
  • Using a staff will cause 15% of EXP received to be lost.
  • A Staff cannot be used if a player’s level is higher than 20.
  • You can obtain EXP from Class Training. Classes EXP Training is different from the EXP gained from


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    Age: Estimation Age (3 to 7 years) Game is suitable for children 3 to 7 years old. However, some of the content may cause fatigue, thus it is recommended to not use for children under 3 years old. Contents of the game • Worlds: In the game, there are four different worlds, and the Lands Between connects them all. • Dungeon: There are a variety of dungeons and traps. In addition, almost all the spells and magic items are obtainable. • Campaign: In the campaign, you will take on the role of a leader of an alchemist’s family. In order to achieve success, you must gather alchemy ingredients and learn to use the items and spells. • World map: The map lets you view the map of the Lands Between with a number of characters. • Map: You can also view the location of the other players and view the map at your location. • Character information: You can view the information of other players as well as your own. This includes the appearance, ability and nickname of other players. • Mine: You can select a mine of which items can be gathered. If you successfully gather an item, you can sell it. • Quest: By completing quests, you can increase your characters’ attributes and level up. You can also enjoy other items obtained in the game. • Talisman: You can purchase a talisman at the merchant. Talismans are items that have various effects including skills. If you can successfully use it, you can get a bonus effect. • Tengu: You can purchase a Tengu at the merchant. You can use it to help you solve puzzles. • In-game information: You can learn more about your character through in-game information. • Item information: You can view the items that you own. • Home screen: You can view the settings and data of the game. • Help button: You can view the help panel in the game. • Affinity: You can view the affinity in the game. In this game, there are four Affinities, “Light”, “Glow”, “Dark”, “Midnight”, and you can change them at the character screen. • Change character: You can change the race and gender of your character at the


    What’s new:

    Name: Neinheart Age: 25Gender: MaleBirthday: 11/24Nationality: USAEmployment: WorkerStatus: aliveOccupation: Athlete Club Affiliation: Supremacy University Rank: Largest resident in the area of Rps City’s Special Administration Office Background: Neinheart, known in Supremacy’s administration in the name of Narliaon. Neinheart dates back to the Cantons of Piridia where he served in the Dwarven Army of Valzwil under the name of Ilvis Nibhyd. During his years in life, Ilvis won many titles from the Dwarf legends of power and estate. Neinheart claims that his father’s name is Adam Tarn, which he never saw in his lifetime. His mother’s name is not known. Neinheart became a leader amongst Dwarves, which he overcame the pressure of his homelands. Neinheart withdrew from Supremacy after his dissertation on the study of Eos’ development on the Cavallese of the Northlands. (Neinheart presumably lived in Largest) History: A comet spawned a rock that landed in the Dark Moon Over The Abyss’s sky. Although the comet was able to survive the impact, in the depths of the darkness inside it a newborn was discovered. It was a girl, a Cub of an unknown life in an unknown land. Astra grew up wondering, aimlessly wandering the Black Forest where the comet originated. After thousands of years, Astra was finally attacked by a wolf and she was rescued by a Mother Kangaroo. The Mother Kangaroo took care of the cub until it grew into a full-grown woman. Astra was taken to a safety zone called Sanctuary to be protected. However, she was curious about the place all the time. Astra got her first quest at the age of 19 years old. In her quest she met Dwarf and Chief of School. The Chief of School told Astra to wait a year to be tested as the blue rank applicant to be considered for the position of student in the College of Science at the Sanctuary. After being tested she became a green rank applicant. At the age of 20 Astra went to the College of Science on a mission to become a top grades student. Her life’s purpose is to search for the Lost Artifact of Eos in the Oraclus Galaxy. (Neinheart presumably lives with his maternal Grandmother) Observations: Neinheart is


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