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Name Elden Ring
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What is the Elden Ring? In this game, the mysterious Elden Ring, which lies at the center of the Lands Between, will bring forth tremendous power to the Land of the Gods. How can we wield the power of the Elden Ring? The land can be enlightened, and the power to destroy the Gods who go against the will of the gods who are good can be obtained. Then, at the bottom of the deep ocean, the low-lying island called Prospera came to life. Chernobog, whose whereabouts were unknown, reigns over Prospera, his empire. Rabornel, the top-level tribe, protects Prospera. As a result of the crash of the iron ship last summer, the gods Clendenae and Schmiere, who fought with the humans, retired, and arrived at the present time in the lands beyond. Rabornel Tribe first found the Elder Stone lying in the land of the Gods, the symbol of the power of the Elden Ring. Within this stone, the gods once scattered their power, and then, Tarnished was born. The gods, Clendenae and Schmiere took control of the Power of the Elder Stone, and met with Heg, who was destroyed. Heg, a half-breed, was the god who stood up as a rival. He carried out a plan to possess the Power of the Elder Stone. Heg took the Power of the Elder Stone, and fled, pursued by the gods. As a result, Heg, who tried to possess the Power of the Elder Stone, was destroyed. A struggle of power known as “the Awakening” started, which is thought to have continued for thousands of years. The power sealed in the Elder Stone is the power that the gods in the land of the gods want, “The Power of the Elden Ring.” The power of the Elder Stone is indispensable power, and it is said that the gods of the lands beyond want to rule the gods in the lands beyond. It is powerful enough to give rise to “the Gods who control the Dragons,” a great force. With the Power of the Elden Ring, the power sealed in the Elden Ring can be wielded. Rabornel Tribe, which is the origin of the land of the Gods, was the first in the Elden Ring. Lords who earned the name of Tarn


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A THRILLING RIDE IN FULL-SCREEN WORLD Enter a vast world full of dizzying heights and awe-inspiring dungeons and settings. The Land Between has randomly generated elements for a new journey every time you enter!
  • WELL-DESIGNED SETTINGS AND ENEMIES A gorgeously landscaped world expanded with an ever-expanding number of settings, encounters, and items.
  • EXCITING RAGE-FULL COMBAT In using the D&D system that has combined the power of Transcendentalism with Blade & Soul, you can command and control your Dark Knights with the same strength as your Wild Hunt brethren.
  • DIVERSE TALENTS FOR ALL PLAYERS Customize your character with four classes: Fighter, Wizard, Rider, and Archer.
  • PREMIUM EVENTS AND A HUGE MAP See new events and battles with much bigger maps than in a PvP battle.
  • BRAZEN HEROES AND BEASTLY BEASTS Bundle together to become a Hero of Legend, and work together with friendlies to shatter the Elden bonds.
  • COMPLETE CAMPAIGN Bloody battles, thousands of dungeons, and the land among the darkness are the channels leading to the end of your journey.
  • PRIMAL WORLDS AND EPIC TERRAIN The Primal Worlds is a setting where you find rugged steppes, the dead lands, and icy plateaus. Furthermore, in addition to the land among the darkness, there is even an alternate world, Thrice Majestic. The Elden world has high locations and adventures in addition to the main quest.
  • UNEQUALLY TAILORED SEASONAL EVENTS In the different seasons there are a variety of seasonal events that reset every season. They provide opportunities to progress your bond with other characters and give you more power to your Dark Knights.