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The Elden Ring is an ancient religion that has been passed down the generations since the dawn of civilization. Of all the gods and goddesses, they believe that a symbol of love and compassion – a divine being known as the Overlord, Artemis – was at the forefront of their history. They lived in harmony with the world around them, believing that they were given a special ability to bring about the order that exists in the Lands Between. The current Elden Ring headquarters is located in a famous city called Asos on the Aetolus continent. Their belief is to produce and spread knowledge of the Holy Book among all humans, imbuing the Elden Ring with great power. It is said that as long as the Holy Book exists, the Elden Ring, and the Lands Between, will endure. In a different world, a group of followers of the Elden Ring known as Elden Knights began to gather a power that may threaten the world. They introduced the Knights’ Law to those who were still confused, but it is unknown if they received the Elden Book to see through their ominous goal. In a present day, the Elden Ring and the land which they once lived in have been absent for a thousand years. In a world devastated by war and where the only way to survive is through illegal activities such as stealing and robbery, Granny, a pastime lady, is the new protagonist of this fantasy adventure. For her, the new land of Oranda is her one and only dream. With a brave yet innocent attitude, Granny will venture into a vast adventure filled with various unexpected situations to unravel the truth behind her roots and the lost Elden Book. The new fantasy action RPG, Rise of Tarnished, is the story of one Granny’s journey. Features: 1. A Vast World – Soaring Mountains with a Wild Wonderland Explore an endless fantasy world that provides new challenges every time you go to a new area. As you travel through massive landscapes, your mission is to save the lost heroes, the Elden Knights, who have been sent into the Land of Death. In this world, you can enjoy the expansive gameplay of both open-ended RPG and the thrilling action of an action RPG, as you use your swords and magic to attack. You can enjoy the spectacle of discovering various monsters with unlimited customization of weapon and armor. You can also look forward to different situations that change from area to area


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • ==================== 1. Adventure Instantly becomes Reality When you log into the program, not only is the scale of the Lands Between immediately before you, but you can immediately create an avatar, customize its appearance, and move on to action. You can experience these settings up as you wish in the game environment. * You can easily add your own fantasy world to the game by creating an NPC without having to spend time on detailed work. * When an NPC is created, you can customize its appearance freely. You can change the font color, size, and so on. You can also give them a name. * To visualize your creations, you can shoot the screen image and display it on the monitor on the right side of the interface. * Areas with a high number of the settings that you want to reproduce can be created in combination. * You can create a simple narration in the form of “The Lord X was born.” using the palette on the right side, and inject it into the story. * You can create a movie using the timeline part. You can move forward and backward to easily create a movie. * You can even choose artwork for a timing and display options to feel the atmosphere.
  • ==================== 2. Campaign Storyline based on Lore The objective of the story is in accordance with the Elden Ring’s code. In other words, various scenarios will unfold depending on the battle ability, and your in-game achievements. You can create and get feedback as to whether the scenario was resolved during play.
  • ==================== 3. Powerful boss battles The third week of each Month is an opportunity to have a powerful boss battle. The boss that you defeat will appear in the parade on the top screen in a specified order. When the battle ends, you’ll learn who defeated whom, and whether it was successful.
  • ==================== 4. Dungeon crawling-focussed World The scale of the Lands Between is of a size of which the adventurers, who bravely defeated the monsters, could only dream. The behemoths and monsters of high levels appear, and as you conquer each one, you’ll be able to wander to areas called Garrison._Garrison

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    Reviews game: AMAZING GAME. FANTASTIC STORYLINE My first review, and I’ll be honest: this game is extremely hard. The controls are highly unintuitive, some of the encounters are excessively difficult and the stats don’t give you the utmost amount of information on enemies. However, the game, in the end, is a very satisfying one. The constant story threads and well-designed levels ensure that you will play it to the end. I love the Elden Ring series. I hope that they give us an expansion to the final game, but more importantly, I hope that they continue to release even more surprising titles for this franchise. Amiable servant. Loves to read adventures. Grew up in the woods. If you want to see all my reviews: Achievements obtained through playing: 30 Attack User Welcome to the Royal Castle. Received a nickname on one of the accounts on Heroes Kingdom. Was nice. My Hero will be someone who I will live with and love. I used to think that things always have to go one way. Only someone like me would try to make a living with a hero. I don’t like the feeling of defeat. I don’t have any orders. We will meet again. Thank you for playing the game. Disappointing. A truly disappointing ending. Better luck next time. Feels good to be victorious. Overworld Map of Skyrim Additional Screen Shots: Red Mage Protector bff6bb2d33


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    ◆ 4-player online co-op (PC only) ◆ 10 areas ◆ 33 large scale dungeons ◆ Hand-drawn graphics (2D) ◆ Mixed stories where the story is constantly evolving ◆ 4-player co-op (PC only) ◆ 10 areas ◆ 33 large scale dungeons ◆ Hand-drawn graphics (2D) ◆ Mixed stories where the story is constantly evolving Character Customization: ◆ Change your appearance ◆ Choose your class at the beginning of the game ◆ Equip over 360 pieces of equipment, weapons, and armor ◆ Acquire runes that expand your skills and become stronger Shootouts: ◆ Find the right play style in one-on-one duels ◆ Deal massive damage to the other player with your melee weapon ◆ Enjoy powerful special techniques as you fight with other players ◆ 4-player online co-op (PC only) ◆ 10 areas ◆ 33 large scale dungeons ◆ Hand-drawn graphics (2D) ◆ Mixed stories where the story is constantly evolving ◆ Increased level cap from level 60 to 70 ◆ In-game System Updates ◆ Changed the character creation process ◆ New items and missions added to the game ◆ Various bugs fixed Guided by Grace: ◆ Explore the various regional locations and meet the people living there ◆ Defeat monsters in the various towns, where you can meet the people who live in them ◆ Gain honorable rewards in exchange for slaying various beasts ◆ Explore the various regional locations and meet the people living there ◆ Defeat monsters in the various towns, where you can meet the people who live in them ◆ Gain honorable rewards in exchange for slaying various beasts ◆ Fight against various monsters and bosses ◆ Acquire the items that are scattered throughout the regions ◆ Explore the various regional locations and meet the people living there ◆ Defeat monsters in the various towns, where you can meet the people who live in them ◆ Gain honorable rewards in exchange for slaying various beasts ◆ Fight against various monsters and


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Tue, 02 Mar 2012 15:55:14 +0000articles45768First Public Demo Landscape View At

    Hello! In the beginning of this month, we released the first public demo of “Lands Between”, a huge fantasy role-playing game that we’ve been working on for a while. We are happy to announce that the game is now available for a free trial.

    The game is available in Japanese only now, and we plan to release it in English at some point. In the mean time, if you enjoy it, please give us some feedback at or our Facebook, Twitter, and Land’s Between on Facebook.

    The first public demo is available to download on our PlayStation network’s servers. If you are interested in playing it, then please select the trial version. Link:

    Land's Between (Version Trial) demo

    Above: Land’s Between (Version Trial) demo



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    • DVD Insert the DVD into your computer and extract the installation file. • Windows Double-click the *.exe file to start the installation. • Note It is recommended that you use Windows Vista or later. • Caution 1. Please don’t extract the ELDEN RING game from your computer. If you do, please install the game to your computer. 2. When you play online, please log out or disconnect from the server before you extract the game. (Game is a demo version. It is not full version.) Download ELDEN RING Game (Demo) with Crack Free Elden Ring game crack/full download link free, safe and fast download. I will help you to get patch, key, serial number and patch crack. I’ve found that you can not find your Need a crack or serial number of Elden Ring game, You can download it directly from the server that has been cracked, You must select the crack or patch with the serial number Exclusive Bionix Episode 2 news! First of all we’d like to thank all of you who helped us in finding this games files in their original locations. The reason why we made this a big project has 2 main reasons: first of all we are aware that it won’t be really easy to find all the files and second, we want to share it with you. You’ll find at the link above all of the needed files and codes. If you encounter any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Also we’d be glad if you don’t forget to rate our work in this episode. All the best and may the God protect you. Exclusive Bionix Episode 2 Secrets Exclusive Bionix “Episode 2” Revealed! Episode 2, the EP that will top the previous one, it’s the one that everyone was waiting for, the one that’s going to take your breath away in an unbelievable way! With our exclusive source, we have the access to the manual that reveals for the first time all the secrets of the game, the one that’s gonna turn EBD2 into a masterpiece. If you want to know more about the Bionix franchise and what’s the story of the second Episode, keep reading! – Bionix is a new action


    How To Crack:

  • Download the setup file from the official site.
  • After downloading, open the setup file and click on the begin button.
  • Once installation completes, simply run the game and wait for the product to load.
  • At the main menu, click the button labeled “Create a new account” from the menu.
  • In the “create new user account” window, select whether you’re creating a new character or creating a new guild and then click the “Next” button.
  • Completely fill out the “Character data” form.
  • Click the “Next” button to continue.
  • After entering the information, click the “Create User” button.
  • Once logged in, click the “Submit” button to complete.
  • Select the account you just created, you need to add a Title.
  • A prompt will appear on your screen: Please enter your Guild Name.
  • Type the name of the guild you want to join and then click the “Join” button.
  • After logging in with the name of your guild, scroll down to the Game Mode section and change it to Custom Game.
  • Choose the only current game mode, “RP”.
  • Once the custom game is launched, you will need to leave the main menu by clicking “Quit” at the title bar, then click the “Join” button to start the Game.
  • When the game starts, select “Continue” to select one of the four normal monsters which are always there in the game.
  • You can quit the game anytime by clicking the “Quit” button from the menu.
  • If you enter the recent chat window, you can press the F6 key to display their features.
  • Choose the first of the monsters you just chose and click on them to begin.

    Features of Elder Sky world: