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S-soft Wordpad is a simple-to-use text editor that comes loaded with basic and handy options for helping you create, edit and save word documents.
It's accessible to all types of users, whether they have previous experience with text processors or not. Supported output formats include DOC, TXT and RTF.
Simple setup and familiar UI
The whole installation operation is speedy and uncomplicated. S-soft Wordpad is packed in a standard interface which reminds us of Microsoft Notepad.
Standard text formatting options
It's possible to cut, copy and paste text, make text selections and change the font color (even multiple colors in the same document), use a basic function to locate a particular word, or insert pictures from external files.
The utility also lets you create bulleted lists, embed the system date and time, as well as change the text alignment. The doc can be saved to rich text (.rtf), Microsoft Word (.doc) or S-soft Wordpad format (.swp). There are no other notable options provided by this software application.
Evaluation and conclusion
As we expected, the tool left a small footprint on system resources during our tests, using low CPU and RAM, so it didn't hamper the machine's performance. An error popped up whenever we attempted to create a bulleted list. Other than that, S-soft Wordpad remained stable throughout our evaluation, without hanging or crashing.
Although it doesn't come equipped with richer options and customization preferences, S-soft Wordpad proves to be an effective text editor that doesn't require previous experience to work with.


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S-soft Wordpad is a simple-to-use text editor that comes loaded with basic and handy options for helping you create, edit and save word documents.

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S-soft is a line of open source software products with the mission to promote digital freedom and improve people’s lives. All S-soft software products (many of which are free) are written in the open source programming language C with the goal of leaving no footprint on your system resources. Some of the software products include the snipping tool, clipboard, text to speech, terminal emulator and RSS reader.
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What’s New in the?

S-soft Wordpad offers users the unique opportunity to customize the application to their liking.
It has full support for Unicode and it gives users the ability to create customized document templates.
S-soft Wordpad is optimized for use with S-soft Office suite.
This shareware version of S-soft Wordpad does not include any form of warranty.Q:

Check if a number is an integer and can be factored

I am trying to check if a number is an integer and can be factored.
For example, 1213 is an integer because it can be factored as 1213 = 12 (3 * 4) + 13 (3 * 2). Therefore 1213 can be factored and is an integer.
For example, 2314 is not an integer because it cannot be factored.
Can someone write me some Python code for this?


Here is one way to do that:
def is_integer_and_factorable(value):
value = int(value)
return bool(value) and value.is_integer_number()


How to animate with one-to-many relationship in Core Data

Lets say we have a table of fruits.
Each fruit has a color.
How do we animate between their colors?
I’ve seen this example here:

but I’m not sure where that is in the actual data hierarchy.
We’ll have two entities: Fruit and FruitColor.
But there will be an many-to-one relationship between Fruit and FruitColor.
I’m looking for some tips to get started.


You can use the traditional color attribute to relate the Fruit entity with the FruitColor entity, and then animate the color of the related item.

Fruit entity


FruitColor entity



OK, so I think you need 3 objects: FruitColor, Fruit and Color.
FruitColor is one to many to Fruit, but it is not many-to-one to Color.
So, Color’s managed instance will be retrieved from the Color attribute in your Fruit entity (or whatever appropriate foreign key), and

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard)
Intel processor
2 GB of RAM
iTunes 9 or later
OS X 10.6 or later (9.0 required for upgrades, 10.6 and later recommended)
Apple Quicktime 7 or later
9.5GB free hard drive space
iTunes 9 or later is required for this update, if you do not have it on your computer, you will not be able to upgrade to Catalina.