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Black River Falls student wins $5K scholarship
2018-11-02 13:07:54

WORTHINGTON, SE. (WHDH) – One student at Black River Falls High School is walking away with a $5,000 scholarship from the Nebraska Book Scholarship Program. The program awards scholarships to students in the state of Nebraska who are nominated by their teachers. That’s just how student Courtney Taylor feels after winning the scholarship.
School: Black River Falls High School Award: $5,000 Scholarship From: Nebraska Student Nominated By: Mr. Taylor Ms. Taylor said, “I’m so happy and I’m already making plans for next year. My mom did a little dance because she’s so happy.
“We just started talking about it at the beginning of the year,” Taylor said. “I wanted to see if I could qualify for the program, and I did.” Taylor said she will spend the money on academics, but also wants to use it for herself.
The creative arts-based program at the school allows students to learn hands-on as they work with different mediums, such as painting, drawing, sewing, and creating sculpture.
“Courtney loves to draw and paint, but in order to do that really well you need quality paper, and it was hard for her to find that right away,” said Darlene Schuster, Courtney’s English teacher.
Schuster said she nominated Taylor because she found her to be a caring student who was dedicated to her studies. She also said that Taylor is a regular poster on a Facebook group called “Who Cares? I Do!” That group helps people in need.
“She’s been very giving to others, and she does it from her heart,” Schuster said. “When she gives to others she’s giving to herself.”
Taylor said she will use the money to buy supplies for her art room and new paper for her drawings. She said it will also help her save for college.
“I’m going to use it to put a little at a time in college savings account,” Taylor said.
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