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Skins 5 Stagione Completa Ita Torrent Ita

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Skins 5 stagione completa ita torrent ita
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“Fishsticks” began as a duo of brothers, Trevor and Adam Cuthbert, playing an instrument they called the Streep Gun. They had a background in jazz and played at The Basement in Toronto. In 2009, The Basement closed and it was time to take their talents to a new night in the city. “Fishsticks,” the name of the band, first took shape in an amateur jazz jam at a private home party. “I had a hard time explaining to my record label what I was doing with the name, but it was my own name,” Cuthbert recalls. “I had this idea that instead of having a crowd, we could have a bunch of fish, that would come together to watch the show.” Jonathan Newman, Cuthbert’s brother-in-law, “described the band to me as what it was when it was happening; someone was looking out at this boat, this bubbly, and it was like ‘there’s a record label, and there’s some people just playing.'” Cuthbert was into the idea of evoking food as part of the entertainment; he’d seen a show that mixed fish at a NYC gay pride event, where entertainment was fed to the audience by a group of fish chefs, and thought it would be a fun concept to emulate. That night at the apartment, Fishsticks began to make their way around Toronto performing at parties and folk events. They would have a band, a saxophone player, a drummer and Cuthbert on keyboards, playing the Streep Gun, a replica of a 1950s-era piano that Cuthbert had made by carving it from wood and covering it with leather. “We were recording all kinds of jazz and folk songs,” Cuthbert says. “When I sat down at the piano, I knew we would be doing jazz. People were saying, ‘What? There’s a band who plays jazz?’ And I would say, ‘No, we play folk music,’ and they would have no idea what I was talking about.” On Cuthbert’s first record,
“Fishsticks” was released on June 22, 2011 to critical acclaim. “Fishsticks” received two major awards at the 2011 Canadian Independent Music Awards: The “best folk act”

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