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A number of iSkysoft’s older versions used a VGA to VGA adaptor. It did not allow the use of several monitors with the earlier models. Customers who purchased it received a free license of Solar Rising Free that could be used on any number of computers.
Manage your resources and build the teams you need as you duel the Solar EMPs, race to the reactor and battle in epic battles with the new Solar 2.4 Engine!

Once again Joe Ruggenberg, who we already knew to be an “excellent” programmer, has gone out his way to create a program and interface that does what it is supposed to, but nobody will use.

Dear Joe, I have to be completely honest with you. “The interface is user friendly??” Absolutely laughable. Firstly, how does anyone expect to use something called a “GUI”? The concept of a GUI is to get the user (YOU!) involved in the interface and change the interface as the user wants it. You should be familiar with the thinking behind a GUI. Much of the above is a real head scratcher. The idea is that you use a computer to perform your tasks, not that you use a computer “to provide an interface”. If you want to be able to use this, use a terminal. To get a GUI on a terminal? That’s just ridiculous.

Secondly, you have a Windows version, a MacOS version and an Linux version. Even if you think the interface is simple enough to use, you’re insulting MacOS and Linux users by making them use the windows version. You can’t get away from the fact that you have two different interfaces, one for each platform. That’s how it is and you’ve offered no way to change that. And Windows is just a piece of CRAP, but I’m sure you’ll tell me that that’s what makes it so user friendly.

Man this really gets me tired. In fact, I had no intention of going into this thread, but after reading some of this garbage I have to say “Run for the hills, cowards!” That is all.

Solar’s interface is incredibly simple and straight forward. There are a few things that need working on (specifically some of the units you’re not able to use like the radioactive waste) but you have a lot of room for improving.200




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