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To-do lists are meant to remind you about certain appointments or activities you have planned in certain days, as well as chores or job deadlines. In order to avoid writing them down in an agenda, you can make use of a software utility that, in addition to keeping track of a large number of tasks, it can also alert you using sounds. Quickly create task lists and start the timer todoTimer is a lightweight application that enables you to easily create to-do lists and set up alarms to notify you when the timer runs out. The tasks you add are arranged in a table featuring two columns, in order to store the number of desired minutes and a description for the task. A first drawback would be the fact that the main window is rather small and you cannot fit more than one word in the description field without having to use the scroll bar in order to read it. After you populate the task list, you can start the timer and return to your regular work, leaving the application to do its job in the background. You can, however, display it on the screen at any point and see the amount of time that has passed. Save the task list as a plain text documents and add custom alarm sounds The created to-do lists do not have to be discarded once you are done with them, in case you want to reuse them later. The utility enables you to save them as plain text documents on your computer, along with the task description and the number of minutes for each item. You can bring them back later by making use of the load button, which allows you to open the aforementioned text files. In addition, after the timer for each task runs out, the application can render a sound in order to alert you about its completion. This sound can be replaced with any compatible MP3 file from your computer. Furthermore, you can enable the confirmation dialogs, which pop-up every time an item on your list expires. In conclusion Despite the few drawbacks, todoTimer is a friendly and potentially useful application to have around on your computer, especially if you want an utility that does not affect your system memory. It is, however, a bit too small and crowded to be properly used as a task reminder.







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Although the application comes with a few limitations, its to-do timer is still a very useful and handy tool to have. The application does not require any third-party software to run, just a browser and a bit of patience to write down the task description and store the time at which it should expire. The task list can also be saved as a plain text documents and sound alarms for each task. The application also allows you to import and export tasks in a database format. Overall, this utility is very easy to use and a cheap alternative to the more complete task managers. Subscribe to What On Earth via Email How to Stay Organized: 2 Books In order to follow a tasklist properly, you have to be organized. I believe an orderly home, creative space and a sound task management system are the key to achieve this purpose. There is a wide variety of organizational methods ranging from paper based to software based, as well as from simple to very complex. In today’s post I will share 2 different organizational methods in order to keep you organized: In case you don’t use a notebook, a pen and a planner, you can buy a small pocket desk planner. You can either buy these from your local department store or you can get one online for a cheap price. The first book is basically a tool to keep track of your daily tasks. In addition, it is also a great tool to help you organize the rest of your daily life, your to-do lists and school projects. The second book is an e-book called “How to Stay Organized”. This book is a very practical guide to help you organize your daily life and tasks. It contains a very logical step-by-step approach that will guide you to organize your personal space as well as your living space. It is designed to be a guidebook for parents, students and colleagues. It is a very comprehensive guide that offers a great variety of advice and tips on how to organize your day to day life. It makes sense but it is not for the faint of heart. I recommend each of these books to anyone who wants to stay organized, but especially to readers who suffer from ADHD. They are both a good idea, but the How to Stay Organized book will be your best companion through this challenging and interesting journey. I would love to hear what do you think about staying organized. What has worked for you so far?Antarctic science from

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todoTimer is a simple little application that does double duty. You can use it to create to-do lists in order to keep track of your daily activities and, at the same time, set up an alarm to notify you when a certain amount of time has passed. Once you have created your task list, the application is able to run in the background and, every time a certain amount of time elapses, render a sound and show you an alert window with the remaining time on the timer. While event-tracking software is not new, I am presenting this particular offering because it is hands-down the best event-tracking software, at least on an intuitive level, I have ever seen. This is a new entry to the event-tracking category. A combination of extremely simple yet very powerful features, “Calendar-App” will appeal to those who like to make lists of things like appointments. Calendar-App overview: With a very limited set of features, “Calendar-App” is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to remember appointments and all the other things to do on a daily or weekly basis. It is a standalone product, not installed with the Microsoft Office Suite (except when Microsoft Office itself is installed), and is available for $30 (or less). Please see “Calendar-App” for a quick review and your thoughts on the product itself. [FF4579] – Favorite Links I needed a simple tool for use with my blog, but I couldn’t find anything that did exactly what I wanted – or more importantly, that did what I wanted it to do. – Dave “Shut up and take my money” Winocki 9/10 Type – Online ArticleAffects – My Blog (I used it with my blog) My Experience It’s very simple and probably not what most people who read my blog would use, but I wanted a quick and simple tool for my blog. I can’t say that I really like it, since it doesn’t save the links that I click on, which I thought would be a nice feature. But, after a couple of days, I switched back to “most popular” because of the ease of use and the fact that it doesn’t save my clicks. So, what is this thing

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* Easy to use – Simple to create task lists, sounds and alarms * Create multiple lists in order to manage many tasks at once * Add and edit tasks easily by selecting from a drop-down menu * Multi-user support – Easily manage multiple user’s task lists * Highlight tasks – Easily click on an item to delete it * Highlight a task to make it the current task * Keeps a list of completed tasks and their alarms for future use * Generates and saves task lists as txt files Download todoTimer Task Manager for Windows is a task management software for Windows that helps you to keep track of all of your pending tasks, also known as your to-do lists. The windows task manager is a program that shows all the currently running applications on your system, its respective memory usage and CPU usage. It is also used to keep an eye on all the background processes on your computer, their status and how long they are running. The task manager runs in the background, so when you shut down your computer it can still monitor and process the status of all the programs and processes. You can access the windows task manager by clicking on the Start button and then typing in “task manager” in the search box. Once the task manager window is shown up, locate the processes tab that contains a list of all the processes on your system and ensure that all the currently running applications are displayed on that list. You can also click on the processes tab to see the current status of the processes, including their CPU usage and memory usage. The task manager provides a list of running processes that you can terminate and the ones that are running for the long term. You can terminate these processes from the task manager by clicking on the “End Process” button at the right-hand side of each process listed in the task manager. You can also switch off a few processes from the task manager by clicking on the “Turn Off” button. You can either select the “Turn Off All” button that will turn off all of the programs listed or the “Turn Off Specific Program” button will be more useful if you want to turn off just one particular application or process. All the applications and processes listed on the task manager will be started back up automatically once you close the task manager. More Features The task manager is very useful, especially if you want to see if your computer has any problems with programs. The task manager can also tell you what the memory usage and CPU

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