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It is possible to perform a variety of actions with the mouse click. If we choose an action that is directly related to the working we can enter a list of commands with mouse double-click, this is the easiest way to do that. The program allows the users to create their own lists of commands in a group and save these lists as EXE or other files. We can work with the saved lists of commands in the normal way, like executing them from the shell console. Features: Create a list of commands with mouse double-click Save the list of commands to EXE or other files Now it’s possible to work with your newly created list of commands that was previously stored as an executable list of Windows commands. You can execute an unlimited number of commands with a simple mouse double-click If you have to run an action with a large amount of data or programs, you can save a list of commands in which a mouse double-click is sufficient to run the desired action. There is no need to call the application with the command line to perform the task. The custom made made executable lists of Windows commands are created as CD images (.IMG) or as EXE files (.EXE). With an IMG file Ultimate Runner image running does not get any additional software or hardware required. The image files can be opened with most image viewers and directories. This software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1 and 10. Application Size: 70 MB. Note: This is a not a trial. 5. AutoHotkey Keyboard – new v5.0.4 (Windows XP/Vista/7/8) by Deluxe Pack Solutions 5. AutoHotkey Keyboard – new v5.0.4 (Windows 10) by Deluxe Pack Solutions Clipify – Windows Keyboard Clipboard Commands by Brady Black Version: 2.7 File Size: 7 KB 6. Clipify by Sean Byrne 6. Clipify (The Keyboard Shortcuts Database) – Final Edition by Rodney M. Edmunds 7. Clipulous by Anthony Kioz 7. Clipulous 1.0 by Anthony Kioz 8. Clipulous 1.1 by Anthony Kioz 8. Clipulous 1.2 by

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Ultimate Runner helps you to automate the execution of several commands with a mouse double-click, so now you can create lists of commands and save them as executable groups in its format files. This software will help you create unlimited lists of Windows commands that you want to be executed as groups. You will be able to execute unlimited commands or programs with a simple mouse double-click. Execute any list of commands by double-clicking the appropriate saved file without the necessity of Ultimate Runner to run in the background. Unlike other programs, this application’s associated files execute the action instead of calling the software. Actions Open program with arguments (optional) Execute the program with arguments Run program Delete the program Run program with arguments and include parameters from a text file (optional) Create files or directories (optional) Copy/Paste files or directories (optional) Create/Delete a sub-directory in the current directory (optional) Remove all files in the current directory Copy files in current directory to files in another directory Delete all files in the current directory Run the program with arguments and include parameters from a text file (optional) and include parameters from an another file with a list of files or directories. Run a selected group of commands (optional) Create a list of commands and save it as executable file Execute the file as soon as created or when you select it Save the file as a group Run the list of commands Ultimate Runner Features: Multiple lists of commands Multiple files with lists of commands Single commands with arguments Multiple executable commands (optional) Run the program instead of run the command Create directories and files (optional) Create directories Create files Combine folders (optional) Combine files Split folders (optional) Separate the files (optional) Remove the contents of directories (optional) Remove the files (optional) Remove the folders (optional) Open the group in a new folder Find a specific file in all the folders and sub-folders Find files within files (optional) Replace all files (optional) Filter the content of folders (optional) View the file contents (optional) View the contents of the folders and sub-folders View the file attributes View the file size (optional) View the file creation time (optional) View the file last access time (optional) View the file last 91bb86ccfa

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Ultimate Runner is a cross-platform command line applications that does not depend on external servers, such as an HTTP server or database. All data are stored locally on your hard drive and without any central database or server. You can download and install Ultimate Runner on any windows platform, including Windows 7, Vista, and XP. Ultimate Runner system requirements: Windows 7, Vista, XP Universal binary executable files Features – Run any command or software without a web browser or external program – Supports single-click control over multiple command lines or folders – Automatically detects, monitors, and executes all Windows commands in the system folder – Support for all Windows CLI commands – Support for all Windows commands Universal binary executable files Nuclear Installer technology is used to optimize the installation for Windows 7. This project does not use any third-party technologies or external servers to install. We use a technology called “Nuclear Installer” that is fully integrated into our application and use as a fully trusted installer. When installing, ULTIMATE RUNNER starts a binary program called “Ultimate Runner” without a user interface. Ultimate Runner executes a command line program that checks for an appropriate version of the.NET Framework, downloads the necessary files, and configures and starts the software. After the installation is complete, Ultimate Runner allows you to browse through the contents of the programs that are installed. You can customize the installation of Ultimate Runner: – You can download and install Ultimate Runner without activating it. You can install it just like any other binary executable file. The only difference is that the software is not activated when installed. – You can install Ultimate Runner and activate it at the same time. – You can install Ultimate Runner and activate it from any location. – You can download and install Ultimate Runner and activate it later. – You can allow or prevent the installation of Ultimate Runner and then activate it. You can also use the “Allow” function to launch the application’s associated files at the same time as the execution of the list of commands. Additional Information – Ultimate Runner Program: File name: C:\Programs\UltimateRunner\UltimateRunner.exe – Installation wizard file: C:\Programs\UltimateRunner\UltimateRunnerMain.cpl – Exe file name: C:\Programs\UltimateRunner\UltimateRunner.exe Ultimate Runner Control Panel: File name: C:\Programs\UltimateRunner\UltimateRunner.c

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