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Accelerate Software Development and Testing with Virtual Lab Automation Provision complex development and test environments in seconds, rather than days, with VMware Lab Manager. You’ll be able to shave man-months off software development cycles through rapid, automated setup and teardown of even the most complex multi-machine environments. On-demand access to a shared library of complex system environments will give your developers and testers instant use of the resources they need, while leaving IT in administrative control. You will also save money by pooling networking, storage, servers and other resources that can be shared across development and test teams. Rapidly Set Up Multiple Test and Development Environments Automate the setup, capture, storage and sharing of multi-machine software configurations with VMware Lab Manager. Development and test teams can access them on-demand through a self-service portal. With its shared library and shared pool of virtualized servers, VMware Lab Manager lets you efficiently move and share multi-machine configurations across software development and test teams and facilities. Provision any Environment with a Single Click of the Mouse With the single click of your mouse, you can provision new machines nearly instantly with VMware Lab Manager. Eliminate the painstaking multi-hour process of gathering machines, installing operating systems, installing and configuring applications and establishing inter-machine connections. Now software developers and QA engineers can fulfill their own provisioning needs, leaving IT in control of user management, storage quotas and server deployment policies-achieving the best of both worlds. Reduce Test Lab Capital and Operating Costs Allocate resources on an as-needed basis instead of maintaining multiple static systems that are only used sporadically. VMware Lab Manager lets you pool and share resources between development and test teams for maximum utilization-and increased cost savings. Capture and Reproduce Software Defects-Every Time Quickly reproduce software defects and resolve them earlier in the software lifecycle-and ensure higher quality software and systems. VMware Lab Manager enables “closed loop” defect reporting and resolution through its unique ability to “snapshot” complex multi-machine configurations in an error state, capture them to the library, and make them available for sharing-and troubleshooting-across development and test teams. Ensure Secure, Flexible Outsourcing Give your outsourced partners secure, remote access to your software lab and maintain your flexibility to rapidly add, remove or replace outsourced resources as your needs change. Your intellectual property remains securely in Lab Manager’s environment, and you eliminate time-consuming and costly replication of equipment in your partner’s labs.







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VMware VMware Product Description VMware VMware Product Description VMware vCenter Lab Manager Activation Code When an organization’s software development or test efforts are done in isolated test labs, IT departments must allocate scarce servers and networking equipment to the labs, manage expensive and complex upgrades and purchase machines for each team’s use. VMware Lab Manager Enterprise Software Platform Cracked VMware vCenter Lab Manager With Keygen provides a shared virtual laboratory platform that keeps test and development environments centralized, connected and governed in a single self-service portal. Admins can now rapidly deliver a complete development or test environment in minutes and pass configurations on to remote users without requiring large teams of administrators. With over 15,000 companies using VMware software, VMware has a proven track record of delivering server and networking solutions that deliver stability and security while simplifying the process of running complex computer systems. With VMware vCenter Lab Manager Crack, administrators can effectively pool resources across teams and facilities; and test engineers can flexibly access and use any existing or newly created server or network configuration, providing a self-service portal that IT can manage to deliver their own test and development environments. VMware Lab Manager is the VMware solution designed to replace the need for multiple user and administrator-controlled labs. With the purchase and ongoing management of a virtual lab environment, test and development teams no longer have to be tied to a physical laboratory. They can now work within a self-service environment that requires no expensive hardware or costly upgrades. VMware Lab Manager lets test and development teams access a library of complete software environments in their own self-service portal. In addition to testing applications that run on a variety of hardware platforms, development teams can quickly deliver test machines that consistently reflect a specific environment. Teams can also share libraries of common configurations with their peers in a private or public network, reducing the time, effort and resources necessary to create and maintain physical labs. In addition, VMware Lab Manager is a multitenant virtual environment that gives IT the flexibility to manage unique user access permissions for each client within a network. VMware Lab Manager reduces the risk of costly disasters and unplanned downtime while providing a more comprehensive view of a customer’s entire IT environment. With VMware vCenter Lab Manager, users can easily and intuitively customize their labs, adding or removing virtual machines, storage volumes, servers and software, as needed. They can also connect individual VMware Lab Manager instances with a variety of other systems and configurations-including various VMware solutions- to achieve a customized combination of flexible development and test tools, out-of-the-box business solutions, graphics and Web services. VMware vCenter Lab

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VMware vCenter Lab Manager Download With Full Crack unifies the capture, control, storage and sharing of physical and virtual servers and network devices across development and test teams. VMware Lab Manager instantly captures and shares complex configurations without requiring a complex deployment infrastructure or in-depth knowledge. Shared VMs are managed in the same way as physical servers, allowing multiple teams to efficiently share and manage them. In this way VMware Lab Manager bridges the physical and virtual worlds, allowing teams to develop their software using the same tools and capture their test results as easily as they use vCenter. VMware vCenter Lab Manager Cracked Accounts Features: – Centrally Manages Test and Development VMs – Instantly captures Virtual Servers and Network Devices Across Development and Test Teams – Instantly Shares Virtual Servers and Network Devices Across Development and Test Teams – Builds On vCenter Server 2005 v6 – Allows for Network-Based Access to Shared VMs – Sharing Groups Can Be Created and Shared by the vCenter Server Administrator – Supports Storage vStorage-Attached VMs – Can Manage Multiple Hosts in a Shared Group – Ability to Add, Delete, Edit, Repartition and Clone VMs – Allows for a Network-Based Architecture to Open Shared VMs via Direct Connects – Provides Secure Access to Shared VMs – Allows for SSH Access to Shared VMs – Displays the Host, VM and the Host-VM Networking Information – Shows the General Requirements for Shared VMs – Displays Disk and Memory Usage for Shared VMs – Ability to Snapshot a Shared VM and Share it to Another Shared Group – Provides Full Browser Access to Shared VMs – Displays Shared VM Options – Provides Queue Support to Shared VMs – Retrieves the Existing Shared VMs from a Shared Group – Displays VLAN Assignment to Shared VMs – Can Control VM-to-VM Connectivity – Supports Remote and Stand-Alone Settings, VirtualMachineAgent/HostAgent Support and View/Edit VMs – Restores a Shared VM to a Different Group – Provides a Cleaner Way to Share VMs – Allows for Custom Configuration Files to Be Retrieved – Centralized Management of Multiple Groups and New Shared VMs – Ability to Define Virtual Host Security Groups – Allow Shared Groups to Have Additional Restrictions – Enables for Different User Group and Virtual Account Roles – Ability to Add Windows Service Accounts to Different Groups – b7e8fdf5c8

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Lab Manager is a Software as a Service solution for virtualized software lab management and provisioning, offered as a part of VMware vCenter. It includes an easy-to-use software user interface, as well as a set of tools and utilities for managing lab infrastructure. The product is offered as a subscription service. VMware Lab Manager functionality, included in vCenter, is shared with the VMware vCenter Web Client. The vCenter Web Client, which is available as a part of VMware vSphere, is an HTML5 Web-based application for managing vCenter-based virtualized infrastructures. Here are some key features of VMware vCenter Lab Manager: Allowing you to build, deploy and manage virtual lab environments by creating, capturing and sharing labs; Automation with as few as 10 clicks; Eliminating the need to manually build lab environments by automatically capturing, restoring and sharing configurations between teams; Simple, intuitive UI with a focus on speed; Provides a link to the vCenter Web Client for easy access to the same functionality and management; Configuration management and reporting; And the ability to deliver fully virtualized labs. You can get started with VMware vCenter Lab Manager with a free 30-day trial version. VMware View VMware View is a hybrid cloud management software that is built on top of vCenter. It gives you the ability to deploy your virtualized environments on VMware’s vCloud Air and vCloud Air Network services. VMware View provides a centralized view of all your infrastructure and the ability to deploy and manage your VMware virtual environment quickly and easily. VMware View includes the following: Deployed VM and machine views that provide a consolidated view of your physical and virtual environments, including a history of your deployments and maintenance of your assets Migration tools that streamline the process of migrating Virtual machines between virtual infrastructure and physical infrastructure Power optimization tools to maximize the performance of your virtual machine VMware vSphere as a service (vSphere) that provides your physical infrastructure with the ability to support virtual machines. This service is built on vCenter, and it uses APIs that are exposed by the API server to create and manage your virtual machines VMware vCloud Air Network that is built on top of vCenter that provides an infrastructure that supports VMware View, including a control plane and access layer that provides protection against network failure and allows fast network recovery for every virtual machine VMware vCloud Air that is built on top of vCenter

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VMware vCenter Lab Manager is built on industry-leading vCenter Server, the software-defined data center. VMware Lab Manager tightly integrates with vCenter Server to provide a single console that allows you to run development and test tools in virtualized lab environments, without the need for additional operating systems or physical machines. VMware vCenter Lab Manager makes it easy for you to: Automate the setup, capture, storage and sharing of multi-machine virtual lab environments for the software development and testing lifecycle Build VMs and configurations to support production releases-and measure compliance as a service on demand Rapidly scale test and development lab sizes, increasing capacity and reducing infrastructure costs VMware vCenter Lab Manager is built on VMware vCenter Server, the most widely adopted virtualization management platform in the world. With VMware vCenter Lab Manager, you’ll be able to: Consolidate development and test environments in a single virtual lab Capture and store multi-machine virtual lab environments for use across development and test teams Define and capture complex lab configurations in seconds, rather than days Share configuration libraries that let you quickly relocate test environments and replicate them to different development and test environments Install your choice of development and test environment Virtualize your test and development systems on demand Provision and standardize new and existing virtual environments-VMware vCenter Lab Manager’s unique virtualization platform makes it easy to quickly and easily virtualize any available system with VMware products, including vCenter Server. With vCenter Lab Manager, you can: Create and manage shared pools of virtual machines on demand for test and development environments Configure and manage platforms, including Linux, Windows and Mac OS X Configure and deploy VMware vSphere hypervisor and guest operating systems Simplify the definition, configuration and management of development and test environments with a single management console that supports many virtual machine and software vendors Build applications, manage data and services, and integrate IT infrastructure as a service VMware vCenter Lab Manager supports a broad array of workloads, including: Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group (SVMG) Autodesk Arecibo Radio Observatory The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Education Development Center The Federal Trade Commission Jet Propulsion Laboratory Killer robot developers NASA Ames Research Center Nest Labs NVIDIA The Transportation Research Institute VMware vCenter Lab Manager is available in the VMware Cloud on AWS in the US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon) and US Central

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