ZebraDesignerPro102full |TOP|Version

ZebraDesignerPro102full |TOP|Version



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How to import that files to another converter like converting from.scfg to.wad? A: You can do this with a python script. The script reads the.txt file and writes a new.wad file. Try the following: import os import sys import fileinput print (“Please enter the name of the.txt file:”) outfile = sys.stdin.readline() infile = open(outfile, “w”) for line in fileinput.input(infile): print (line.rstrip(‘ ‘)) infile.close() print (“Done”) You should replace inoutfile with the name of your.txt file. The present invention relates to a power conversion device. Conventionally, a technique using a multilayer ceramic capacitor is known as a technique for reducing power loss of a power conversion device. A multilayer ceramic capacitor is a dielectric element provided with a multilayer structure formed by alternately stacking insulating ceramic layers and conductive layers made of, for example, a metal, and outer terminals are attached to the external surfaces of the multilayer ceramic capacitor. The multilayer ceramic capacitor makes it possible to reduce the power loss and suppress a temperature rise due to heat generated in the power conversion device as compared with a resistor and a copper lead wire. Japanese Unexamined Patent Application Publication No. H8-93141 discloses a multilayer ceramic capacitor used as a capacitor for three-phase alternating current conversion. In the multilayer ceramic capacitor, a capacitor dielectric body formed by alternately stacking a plurality of insulating ceramic layers and conductive layers made of, for example, a metal is provided with first outer terminals at both ends of a portion of the capacitor dielectric body in the direction of stacked layers. The multilayer ceramic capacitor also includes second outer terminals at ends of the capacitor dielectric body in the direction of stacked layers corresponding to the first outer terminals. In the multilayer ceramic capacitor, the first outer terminals and the second outer terminals are connected in parallel. However, the multilayer ceramic capacitor is used to improve the adhesion strength of the first outer terminals and the second outer terminals. Japanese Unexamined Patent Application Publication No. H8-93141 does not disclose or suggest the use of a multilayer ceramic capacitor as